Running Q&A from Wellesley, MA

Running Q&A from Wellesley, MA

7, March 2013, posted by TriJake

I recently received an e-mail from a young lady in Wellesley, MA about how to start running. Her questions were spot on and I wanted to share the Q&A with you.

If you have questions, please e-mail me Below is the conversation.


Hey jake!

“So I’ve been reading things on ur blog as well as other articles u post on ur TriJake Facebook page. Good for u! It’s pretty interesting. Anywhooo since spring and summer are approaching i am working on getting in shape and I have a few questions: I’ve never been the best runner (it just doesn’t come easily to me) so instead I use the elliptical. Would u say a treadmill and the elliptical provide a similar workout? I’ve heard running is better for getting a person in shape but I’m really not sure. I guess my other question piggybacks on that one: what short of cardio workout is the best use of time? Also, because I’ve heard running is so beneficial I’m going to give it another try. How would u recommend I go about that as to not overwhelm my body? Finally (I promise!) what r ur thoughts on “healthy” smoothies? I’ve heard they are really good for u but I feel like they can also be high in calories if not made properly/with the right ingredients. Take ur time with responding! I realize I’m kinda bombarding u with questions!”

Thanks Jake


Thank you for your questions.

Okay, Let’s get down to business. Running provides the biggest bang for your buck. You will burn more calories, lean out your body fat %, and increase mobility, stability, and functional movement. Ellipitical machines get you moving, however with it’s low impact function you don’t build the strength you do with road resistance. I would say running and using an elliptical machine is not the same. In fact, I recommend you stay off the elliptical all together. When you are on the ellpitical you legs and hips are forced into a fixed position, think of railroad tracks. Your knee and hip are not allowed to find their natural stride. So I recommend a running program for your cardio butt kicks. Speaking of butt kicking, a pretty big myth about running is it’s a great way to shape your butt. Not true. When you run, the range of motion (ROM) it takes to properly fire your glutes is rarely met. So a good idea before you run is to attempt to activate your glutes by doing low stress exercises i.e. Bridges. (see photo)

When you start running your goal should be to maintain running for 30 minutes. I like to do this work on a track. You can also run laps around your neighborhood. I like these close-quarter options because when you start out as a new road runner you don’t want to end up stranded miles away.

A lot of people run, but few were taught how to run. Running is not the act of moving your feet an legs forward at an increased rate, rather it’s the act of catching one’s self before they fall on their face. This can be confusing, so I’ll explain. Stand up straight, and lean forward from the ankles until you start to fall forward. This is the angle you should carry yourself on the run. Constantly leaning forward and catching yourself with stride. There is a lot of preparation modern man must complete before the run starts. True, man was born to run, but that was BSS (before seated society) In today’s world our shoulders pronate forward, our core is weak, and our glutes don’t fire properly. Proper strength and conditioning is in order to return the body back to it’s natural state, thus reducing the chance of injury. Exercises as shown in the pictures i.e single leg bridge, Scapular retraction, and pectoral stretching all help running form.

Lastly, Shakes. As I think you might know I sell Shakeology at I believe in this product. Shakeology is a well balanced, high nutrition, meal supplement that kicks your metabolism into high gear. I drink it morning, noon, and night if needed. A lot of shakes on the market are full of artificial and chemical compounded proteins. They make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Shakeology uses real food, and with it’s natural ingredients, high protein count, and low calories it is the best shake on the market. You can watch videos, read articles, and learn more at

I hope this helps. You are a rockstar. Drop me a line any time. Thank you Anna.



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