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How Does Hong Kong Post Tracking Works?

Hong Kong Post tracking is a renowned service provided by this prestigious Chinese postal company serving the people of Hong Kong. Just like other services offered by Hong Kong Post, using Hong Kong Post tracking is quite easy. As we proceed, you’ll learn how this service works. 

How Does Hong Kong Post Tracking Work?

Hong Kong Post tracking is a part of Hongkong Post’s E-express service. It offers online tracking for ordered items throughout the shipping period until they arrive at the recipient’s address.

Sellers as well as e-commerce businesses also get to patronise this impressive service when they have goods to ship to their long-distance customers.

The Hong Kong Post tracking service is available in d3 destinations including Hungary, Austria, Lebanon, and Mexico. Keep in mind, however, that tracking of items is only available for deliveries sent through registered mail.

This is applicable for all mail, regardless of the destination country. Items are tracked using the Hong Kong Post tracking number. 

This number is comprised of 13 digits that start with the letter ‘R’ and end with the letters, ‘HK’. Note that all letters in the tracking number are capitalized. An example is RB573764246HK.


How Can I Track My Hong Kong Post Package?

There are multiple ways to track shipments sent through Hong Kong Post. The most popular way to initiate a Hong Kong Post Tracking on your package is online.

This can be done either on the Hong Kong Post Tracking website or any tracking website made available by third-party service providers.

To track a package, a person simply has to visit any online parcel tracking platform of their choice, which provides tracking services for Hong Kong Post. They must then enter the tracking number of their package in the appropriate space.

With Hong Kong Post tracking, package senders as well as recipients are able to monitor the real-time location of their package until it arrives at the recipient’s doorstep.

How to Use Hong Kong Post Tracking Website?

While there are many parcel tracking websites that can be found using a simple Google search, tracking your package using the tracking tool provided by Hongkong Post itself.

If you are the recipient of a mail sent through Hongkong post and you live outside of Hong Kong, ask the sender of the package to send you the tracking number of the package.

The Track and Trace website is Hongkong Post’s Official parcel tracking website. Simply visit the page and enter your item tracking number in the provided box.

After that, enter the captcha code in the appropriate space next to the box provided for the tracking number. The captcha usually contains letters and numbers just like the tracking number.

Also, keep in mind that the captcha expires after a short while. Simply reset it and reenter it in the provided space. Upon completing this, click on the ‘Track’ button. Your package’s tracking update should pop up in a few seconds.

What Destinations Can I Track?

The Track and Trace website can only track mail sent to select international regions. Luckily though, you can track a variety of mail including Speedpost, registered mail, and parcels.

For locations not included in the tracking coverage list, you can only track packages before their departure from Hong Kong. The regions are broadly divided into three:

1. Asia Pacific

2. America and Africa

3. Europe

Some allowed locations for Asia Pacific regions are Australia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, and Mongolia.

Covered African and American locations include Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Colombia, Ethiopia, the Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Kenya, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, the United States, Zimbabwe, and Tunisia.

European locations include Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, and United Kingdom.

Why is Hong Kong Post Tracking Number Not Updating?

While this occurrence is rare, it happens. This could result from the tracking needing to be updated in several hours or days. Most likely, the parcel registration process has a hand in this.

If this happens, you could take a few actions. First off, you should double-check to confirm that you entered the correct tracking number. You may have to wait if it still doesn’t reflect.

The courier is probably yet to register the parcel. Tracking updates regarding any parcel usually get updated after the courier has registered the shipment on the system.

You’ll have to wait for a few hours for this to be effected.

What Should You Know About Hong Kong Post?

Hong Kong Post was founded in 1841 under the name of “Post Office”. It later had its name changed to “Postal Department”. It had its final name change – Hongkong Post – in 1997.

If not for any other thing, then you should choose Hong Kong Post for its reliable, efficient, and fast services. To cap it all up, it all comes at an affordable price.

Boasting a wide coverage of more than 200 countries and regions around the world, Hong Kong Post offers exclusive services that include tracking and shipping for e-commerce. 

The company enjoys the patronage of notable e-commerce businesses including Alibaba, Tmall, DC Fever, etc. Some countries within the coverage of the Hong Kong Post are Mexico, South Africa, Hungary, Lebanon, Austria, and Hungary.


Bottom Line

Hong Kong Post tracking is one of the many perks that come with being a company in the shipping space with over a hundred years of existence.

Hong Kong Post is one of the oldest known shipping companies and has solidified its reputation over the years with satisfactory services to its customers.

If you’re looking to track parcels sent to locations outside the US, do well to check out the list of international locations in which Hong Kong Post operates.

To track your packages, you can use the Track and Trace website provided by Hong Kong Post or one of the many third-party websites available on the internet.

If your parcel’s tracking number isn’t showing on the tracking tool, you may just have to wait for a few hours for the courier to register. Otherwise, call the customer care line.

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