US Postal Service Tracking

How to Monitor Your US Postal Service Tracking?

After you send your package out through USPS, you can monitor the movement of the package through the US Postal Service tracking. Interesting, right? In the next few minutes, you’ll be learning how to monitor your USPS shipment until it arrives at the intended destination. Stay with us!

US Postal Service Tracking

The US Postal Service tracking is a digital tool that enables end-to-end monitoring of domestic deliveries across the country. This includes the delivery of commodities such as USPS parcels and letters. 

The tool is widely used, boasting thousands of users around the United States. People track their packages using tracking numbers assigned to the package after they send it out for delivery.

Different items are assigned a unique set of numbers referred to as the “tracking number” after they have been booked for shipping with USPS. 

To track the package, senders can then use the tracking number on the Parcel Monitor’s tracking tool to monitor the movement of the package until it arrives at the intended destination.

Keep in mind that you can only use the US Postal Service tracking tool to monitor packages intended for delivery within the US. Other USPS services that use label numbers include

1. Collect on Delivery

2. Priority Mail

3. Priority Mail Express International

4. Signature Confirmation

5. Certified Mail

6. Registered Mail

7. Global Express Guaranteed


What Can I Do With The USPS Tracking Number?

Aside from monitoring the progress of your shipment, you can perform other tasks using your package’s unique US Postal Service tracking number. You can:

1. Have access to real-time tracking updates internationally through the Parcel Monitor tracking tool.

2. Perform a range of actions depending on the class and services applicable to the package

3. Request proof of delivery by email and/or text message

4. Give delivery instructions regarding a change of destination address 

5. Leave delivery instructions for the carrier in the event that you won’t be available to receive a package on the delivery date and at the location.

How Does US Postal Service Tracking Work?

The USPS tracking tool operates using an end-to-end system. It is available for most domestic mail packages that have the applicable size and are addressed to domestic locations.

The locations include select Fleet Post Offices (FPOs), Army Post Offices (APOs), Diplomatic Post Offices (DPOs), as well as other ZIP codes with physical locations in the US.

After dropping off a package at the post office, USPS assigns it a set of numbers that is referred to as the tracking number via the US Postal Service tracking page.

The sender will then be able to monitor the journey of their package when they enter the number in the appropriate space provided on the USPS tracking page. Information also provided on the tracking status includes:

1. Delivery information such as the date and time when the package arrives at its destination

2. The most recent location of the parcel

3. Delivery status (whether or not the parcel has been delivered)

4. Availability information of the parcel.

Note, however, that the US Postal Service tracking system does not guarantee the delivery of an item. While there are no additional costs for tracking, note that parcels sent through USPS Marketing mail usually warrant additional payments for tracking.

What are the Services Provided by the US Postal Service?

USPS offers a wide variety of services in addition to its tracking services, giving customers a range of options to choose what best meets their specific needs. The services are discussed below:

Business Shipping Services

This facet of USPS provides different services tailored to help businesses manage their shipping and mail with increased efficiency. It includes Every Door Direct Mail, Click-N-Ship, PO Box and Street Addressing, and Premium Forwarding Services.

International Shipping Services

This comes with special services that are structured specifically for international shipping, giving customers access to swift and reliable shipping to destinations around the world. 

Services included in this scheme include First-Class Package International, Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, Airmail M-Bags, and Global Express Guaranteed.

Mail and Shipping Services

This takes care of the shipping of domestic mail parcels. It offers various services from which customers choose, such as Marketing Mail, First-Class Mail, Package Services, USPS Retail Ground, Media Mail, Periodicals, and Priority Mail.

Tracking Services

USPS offers an end-to-end tracking system that allows individuals to monitor the journey of their shipment. All they need to do is provide the tracking number of the package on the USPS tracking page.

Insurance and Extra Services

With this service, USPS provides customers with additional services that they can purchase for increased security of their packages sent through their mail services. 

Included among these services are Registered Mail, Insured Mail, Collect on Delivery (COD), Adult Signature Required, Restricted Delivery, Return Receipt, Signature Confirmation, and Certified Mail.


Final Thoughts

The US Postal tracking service constitutes one of the biggest advantages of shipping items through USPS. More exciting is the fact that it comes at no extra cost (with the exception of USPS Marketing Mail).

All you have to do is pay for your shipping label. Keep in mind, however, that the cost of the tracking services is included in the amount paid while purchasing your USPS shipping label.

Aside from monitoring the current location of your shipment, you can also perform other actions on the tracking platform such as leaving delivery instructions, setting preference for delivery reports, and more.

Note that you can only use the US Postal Tracking service to track items sent to locations within the US. 

If you have any complaints or inquiries, do well to contact the US Postal Service via any of the phone numbers provided on their official website.

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