USPS Delivery Time Calculator Estimating Shipping Hours

USPS Delivery Time Calculator: Estimating Shipping Hours

As a businessman or woman, you should be familiar with the USPS delivery time calculator. This is not limited to those who patronize USPS only as it can also help you even with another shipping brand. As you read on, we will be guiding you through everything that you need to know in this regard.

USPS Delivery Time Calculator

The USPS, or United States Postal Service, handles approximately 700 million packages every day, offering a range of delivery times from as soon as the next day to several weeks, depending on the chosen service.

If you’re a seller in the eCommerce industry and ship packages, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific delivery times provided by USPS for its different services.

This knowledge will help you meet your customers’ expectations effectively.

But let’s put a break on the calculator and talk about the delivery time per service, as it will help you better understand how the delivery time is calculated.


Domestic USPS Delivery Times Per Service

USPS offers a variety of delivery choices throughout the United States, extending to Alaska and Hawaii.

Sellers have the flexibility to opt for cost-effective selections such as First-Class Package Service, ensuring dependable and punctual delivery.

Alternatively, they can opt for pricier alternatives like Priority Mail Express, which guarantees overnight delivery.

With over 30,000 retail locations nationwide, USPS simplifies the process of sending and dropping off packages.

The table provided below illustrates the most commonly utilized domestic USPS delivery times for each service.

Mail ClassEstimated Delivery TimeEstimated Cost
Priority Mail ExpressOvernight delivery$26.35
Priority Mail1 – 3 business days$7.50
Priority Mail Flat Rate1 – 3 business days$8.30
Priority Mail Regional Rate1 – 3 business days$9.98
First class Package Service1 – 3 business days$3.80
Parcel Select2 – 8 business daysN/A
USPS Retail Ground2 – 8 business days$7.50
First-Class Mail – Letters1 – 3 business days$0.55
First-Class Mail – Large Envelopes1 – 3 business days$1.00

International USPS Delivery Times Per Service

USPS provides a range of international services, each with its own delivery timeframe, and collaborates with local postal services for the final leg of the journey.

Sellers can select cost-effective choices such as Priority Mail International or opt for speedier, albeit pricier alternatives like Global Express Guaranteed.

Mail ClassEstimated Delivery TimeEstimated Cost
Global Express Guaranteed1 – 3 business days$67.80
Priority Mail Express International3 – 5 business days$5.95
Priority Mail International6 – 10 business days$36.35
First Class Package International Service6 – 20 business days$20.75
First Class Mail International – Letters6 – 20 days$1.20

How to Use the USPS Delivery Time Calculator

Utilize the USPS Shipping Calculator tool to determine your shipping expenses accurately.

Whether you need to calculate shipping costs to charge your customers or incorporate shipping fees into your product pricing, this online resource simplifies the process and eliminates any uncertainty regarding postage rates.

To use the USPS Delivery Calculator:

1. Go to the USPS Postage Price Calculator page.

2. Input the specifics of your letter or package.

3. Select the type of shipment.

4. If you opt for a flat rate option, such as Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box, you’ll receive information about the expected delivery date, as well as retail and online postage prices.

5. If you select a specific shape like a letter, you’ll need to input its weight. Click “Continue” to choose the shape that closely matches your letter.

You will then receive details on the expected delivery date and postage prices for both retail and online options.

6. Compare shipping alternatives.

7. Add Extra Services.

8. Click “Continue” to view your calculated shipping cost, providing the total expense to deliver your letter or package to its destination.

9. Pay for shipping and print postage for your shipment.



Comprehending and making use of the USPS Delivery Time Calculator is crucial for both businesses and individuals, whether you exclusively rely on USPS services or work with other shipping providers.

This tool empowers you to precisely calculate shipping expenses and optimize your delivery planning.

USPS offers a broad spectrum of domestic and international delivery options, catering to diverse requirements, including cost-effective choices and expedited services.

By becoming acquainted with USPS’s specific delivery schedules and pricing, you can effectively meet your customers’ expectations and streamline your shipping operations.

Therefore, leverage the USPS Shipping Calculator to simplify your shipping processes, ensuring consistent and punctual deliveries.

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