Amazon Tracking Number Lookup

Amazon Tracking Number Lookup: Track Your Order Easily

Amazon tracking number lookup is very easy when you know exactly what you are doing. Many people don’t know this and that is why they have issues. Our aim as you read through, is to guide s to how you can get the Amazon tracking number and how you can use it to track your Amazon package.

What is Amazon Tracking Number?

When an order is made on Amazon, you receive an Amazon tracking number.

This special code is given to your package and enables you to use Amazon’s tracking service, letting you monitor the progress of your order from the time it departs the fulfillment center to when it’s delivered to your home.

The Amazon tracking number acts as a digital path, giving you instant information about the status and whereabouts of your package.


Where Can I Locate My Amazon Tracking Number?

Your Amazon tracking code can be located in the subsequent areas:

1. Order History on Amazon Website

If you can’t find your tracking number in the Order Confirmation Email or if you unintentionally deleted it, there’s no need to be concerned.

You can easily retrieve your Amazon tracking code from your Order History on the Amazon website. Just log in to your Amazon account and go to the Order History page.

Locate the particular order you wish to track, and you’ll discover the tracking number provided right next to the order information.

2. Order Confirmation Email

When you’re in the process of monitoring your Amazon parcel, the primary location to search for your tracking number is within the Order Confirmation Email.

This email is dispatched to you subsequent to placing an order on Amazon. It encompasses all the vital particulars regarding your transaction, including the valuable tracking number.

The tracking number typically resides in a noticeable part of the email, ensuring its effortless identification.

3. Amazon Mobile App

For individuals who favor the ease of monitoring packages using their mobile gadgets, the Amazon Mobile App proves to be a valuable asset.

Once you’ve installed the app on your smartphone or tablet, launch it and log in to your account. Within the app, go to the “Your Orders” segment and pick the applicable order.

In this location, you’ll come across an abundance of details about your acquisition, which encompasses the tracking number.

It’s readily available at your literal fingertips, granting you the convenience of effortlessly tracking your package’s advancement.

Tracking Number for Amazon Carriers

Amazon employs a variety of delivery services to dispatch orders. The format of their tracking numbers varies according to the carrier used. Here are a few instances of tracking numbers from different carriers:

S/NShipping CompanyDescriptionExample
1Amazon UPS Tracking NumberUPS tracking numbers typically consist of 18 alphanumeric characters, starting with “1Z.”1Z12345E0291980793
2Amazon USPS Tracking Number  USPS tracking numbers can vary in format, but most commonly, they have 22 digits.9400100000000000000000
3Amazon FedEx Tracking NumberFedEx tracking numbers can have different formats depending on the service used. The most common format is 12 digits, starting with a letter, followed by 9 numbers, and ending with another letter.A123456789B
4Amazon DHL Tracking NumberDHL tracking numbers typically consist of 10 digits, although some may have additional letters or numbers.1234567890
5Amazon China Post Tracking Number  China Post tracking numbers generally consist of 13 characters, starting with two letters, followed by nine numbers, and ending with two letters.RR123456789CN
6Amazon India Post Tracking Number  India Post tracking numbers can have various formats, but they commonly include a combination of letters and numbers.AB123456789IN
7Amazon Logistics Tracking Number  Amazon Logistics tracking numbers usually start with TBA, TBC, or TBM depending on whether it will be sent to around the US, Canada, or Mexico.TBA123456789000

How Can I Track My Amazon Order Using the Tracking Number?

Monitoring the progress of your Amazon order using the provided tracking number is a straightforward procedure.

After obtaining the tracking number for your Amazon package, you can visit the respective carrier’s website, such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, or other carriers, and proceed to their tracking page.

Input the Amazon tracking number in the specified area, and the system will furnish you with real-time updates concerning your package’s condition and whereabouts.

Furthermore, you have the option to utilize third-party tracking platforms like Ship24, which aggregates tracking data from various carriers.

This grants you the convenience of tracking your Amazon order from a unified platform. Just access the search field above, input your Amazon tracking number, and avail yourself of comprehensive tracking information.

Can I Track My Amazon Package Without a Tracking Number?

Certainly, it is possible to monitor the progress of your Amazon package even in the absence of a tracking number.

While possessing the tracking number streamlines and enhances the process, there exist alternate methods at your disposal.

If the tracking number eludes you, you can still monitor your package status via your Amazon account. Simply navigate to the “Your Orders” segment and pinpoint the specific order you wish to track.

Amazon furnishes real-time updates regarding your package’s condition, encompassing estimated delivery dates and any accessible tracking insights.

Another avenue is to get in touch with Amazon customer support and furnish them with pertinent particulars like your order number, shipping address, and approximate delivery date.

They will extend assistance in tracking your package and furnishing the requisite information.

It’s pertinent to acknowledge that possessing the tracking number can expedite the process and furnish more precise tracking specifics.

Therefore, it is advisable to retain track of your tracking numbers whenever feasible.

Why is My Amazon Tracking Number Not Working?

There exist various potential explanations for the Amazon tracking number’s lack of functionality.

It’s plausible that the order hasn’t undergone processing yet, or errors might have occurred when entering the tracking number—like omitting a digit or letter, or possibly a typographical error in the Amazon tracking number itself.

Should the issue persist, consider allowing a few additional hours to pass, or even waiting a full 24 hours before making another attempt.

Alternatively, reach out to the retailer or engage Amazon customer support for assistance.



You can now see that Amazon tracking number lookup is as easy as pie. You can either get it from the mail that Amazon will send to you when you place an order, the order description itself or even from the Amazon App.

We have also provided you with what the Amazon tracking number looks like with different shipping companies, so you don’t miss it.

Now with this information, you can easily use the Amazon tracking number to track your shipment or package when the need arises.

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