If My Amazon Package is Late Can I Get a Refund

If My Amazon Package is Late Can I Get a Refund & Keep Them

If my Amazon package is late can I get a refund and keep them? Does this sound like a question that you would ask yourself? That is if you haven’t already asked yourself. As your read through, we will bring resolve to this question and enlighten you more on the concept of Amazon’s return policy.

Late Amazon Package Refund Process Guide

Regular Amazon customers are familiar with the likelihood of receiving a guaranteed delivery date upon placing an order.

However, what occurs when the package doesn’t arrive as promised on that date? Is there any recourse apart from managing the resulting disappointment?

Indeed, there are circumstances where you can seek a refund for shipping costs if your Amazon order is delivered after the promised date.

Yet, this possibility is not universal and depends on particular conditions. To be eligible for such a refund, your order must meet specific criteria.


How Does an Order Qualify for a Late-Delivery Refund?

You can review the extensive set of prerequisites on Amazon’s Guaranteed Delivery Terms and Conditions webpage. Of notable importance, your order must satisfy the subsequent qualifications:

1. The delivery is directed to an eligible address.

2. The chosen shipping option aligns with the one advertised on the product page.

3. The order is placed prior to the expiration of the “order within” countdown mentioned on the product page.

4. The payment method must be successfully processed before the checkout deadline indicated.

Amazon provides additional requirements and offers further explanations on the mentioned webpage. It is advisable to thoroughly read the guidelines prior to placing orders or pursuing a refund for shipping.

However, there are situations where orders won’t be eligible for a shipping refund. Specifically, Amazon points out instances where delivery dates are missed due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond the company’s control, such as:

  • Severe winter storms
  • Strikes
  • Natural disasters

Amazon also acknowledges that “delivery scans may not always be accurate.” If you’re planning to bring your concerns to Amazon’s attention, ensure that you have all the relevant information readily available, including the order number and tracking specifics.

Even though customer service can access this information, providing it upfront might save them trouble and could foster a more receptive attitude toward assisting you.

Furthermore, it’s essential to recognize that Amazon asserts that an “attempted delivery on or before the guaranteed delivery date” fulfills their delivery commitment.

Consequently, even if this assertion isn’t accurate, indicating that a delivery attempt was made can preclude you from pursuing a refund.

How to Pursue an Amazon Late-Package Refund

If you intend to seek a refund for a late delivery, your initial step should involve interacting with Amazon’s customer service.

There are a couple of ways you can do this. One option is to call them at 1-888-280-4331 if you prefer traditional communication. If you’d rather engage in virtual chat, you can visit the customer service page on the site.

At the top of the page, you should encounter a prompt like “Do you need help with a recent item?” along with some recommendations.

Below these suggestions, you’ll find two buttons labeled “Help with a different item” and “Help with something else.” Select the appropriate next step based on your preference.

If you wish to directly access chat options, click on “Help with something else,” leading to a series of larger buttons.

Click “Something else,” and you’ll be directed to a page asking about your assistance requirements. While you can choose the relevant category, clicking “I need more help” will open a chat window.

You’ll be prompted to answer a few questions by the “messaging assistant,” essentially a chatbot. Hopefully, this will address your issues; otherwise, you’ll be transferred to a human agent who can provide further assistance.

Take your time, there’s no rush. Once the chat begins, you’ll have a 24-hour window to conduct it.

Do I Have to Return Items After They Arrive?

Surprisingly, the answer is NO, or at least not in every case.

On some occasions, Amazon may issue a refund for the order, but will not demand customers to return the items that arrived late.

They will be yours to keep.


Can Prime Members Get Compensation?

Regarding shipping refunds, Prime members have a distinctive position. This is primarily because the items they order usually qualify for free shipping from the start, except for certain products from third-party sellers.

Consequently, if a package is delayed, Amazon doesn’t typically issue refunds to these shoppers. Nevertheless, Prime members might still have the chance to receive some form of compensation for a delayed Prime delivery.

According to information from Tom’s Guide, there have been reports that Amazon has offered Prime members various compensations, including gift certificates ranging from $5 to $20 for any product on the site, a 20 percent discount on an Amazon Prime membership, or other incentives.

Therefore, if you’re a Prime member, it’s advisable to reach out to customer service and inquire about potential remedies.

How Much Can Be Reclaimed From Delayed Delivery Refunds?

Amazon’s official policy for refunding late deliveries doesn’t specify the exact amount you’ll receive. It only mentions that customers will be reimbursed for the “shipping price.”

However, how does this policy apply to Amazon Prime members, who usually enjoy free delivery for most products?

Amazon Prime members frequently benefit from complimentary next-day or two-day shipping for Prime items, meaning there’s no actual shipping cost to be refunded.

Nonetheless, even for Prime members, if their packages fail to meet the promised delivery date, they may still qualify for a refund.

Historically, customer service agents have often provided Amazon Prime members with a complimentary additional month of Amazon Prime. More recently, they’ve offered various forms of monetary compensation.

It’s recommended to inquire with the customer service agent for precise details.

For customers without an Amazon Prime membership, Amazon will reimburse the shipping charges to the initial payment method (debit or credit card).


So yes, if your Amazon package is late, you can get a  refund. In most cases, you may keep the package while in most cases, you may not. However, Amazon has its policies that govern refunds that must be met for this to be possible.

If you meet these Amazon policies, then you will surely get a refund.

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