Tendered to Delivery Service Provider: What Does That Mean

Tendered to Delivery Service Provider: What Does That Mean

If you are regular with shipping or delivery companies, you will come across a message like this “tendered to delivery service provider.” Many do not know what this means and how to treat it, that is why we will be presenting to you today, what to do when you come across this message and broaden your knowledge of what it means.

Tendered to Delivery Service Provider

In simpler terms, this means that your package has been left at the nearest post office. Companies like DHL, FedEx, or UPS have handed the package to another company to deliver it to you. This other company is often USPS, but sometimes it could be a different postal service.

You might wonder why DHL and similar companies don’t just bring the package right to your door. The reason is that they might not have extensive operations in your area.

They work together with local delivery services to complete the last stage of delivery. So, the final part of the delivery process, known as the “final mile,” is not done by DHL itself but by a partner company.

Unlike DHL, USPS has a massive fleet of more than 230,000 vehicles that deliver mail every day of the week in all US communities.

This large fleet allows them to deliver packages directly to your doorstep. On the other hand, DHL operates in over twenty countries as an import company for products.

Their wide-reaching network is impressive, but it’s not feasible for them to handle every step of the delivery process. This is why they collaborate with USPS to ensure packages reach their destination on schedule.

The situation differs from case to case, but regardless, you’ll always be provided with the necessary details to track the package until it reaches its intended destination.

What’s ‘Tendered to Delivery’ Means for Various Shipping Firms?

Let’s have a look at what it means with different shipping agencies.

1. FedEx

FedEx packages typically remain under the care of FedEx throughout the entire journey. You might not encounter the kind of notification mentioned above in your tracking updates, regardless of how frequently you use this shipping service.

However, suppose you’re utilizing FedEx SmartPost to direct your package to its final destination. In that case, there’s a significant chance that it will be handed over to USPS for the final phase of delivery.

In such cases, you’ll likely observe the “Tendered for Delivery” notification in your tracking details, usually near the package’s ultimate delivery point.

This could be either the nearest FedEx processing center or the closest post office to the delivery location. When this message appears, it indicates that your package is very close to arriving.

Occasionally, you might also come across a “Tendered to FedEx” notification. This situation typically arises when companies like DHL require FedEx to manage the last segment of delivery. However, it’s even less common to see this message compared to the one involving USPS.


‍2. DHL

DHL frequently collaborates with USPS (and also FedEx) to ensure package delivery to customers in cases where they lack the capacity or infrastructure to handle the entire delivery process independently.

This situation arises from the distinctive workflow of the DHL shipping process, which differs from that of many other shipping companies.

To illustrate, when a customer places an order through DHL, the package is initially collected by a DHL delivery driver. It is then taken to a DHL service center and subsequently forwarded to a DHL hub or gateway.

Following this, the packages are loaded onto DHL aircraft, transported to another hub or gateway facility, and if it’s an international shipment, subjected to customs procedures.

Eventually, the package goes through another DHL service center and is subsequently transferred to third-party shipping partners (like FedEx) or USPS to handle the final delivery segment.

If you are receiving packages via DHL or frequently use DHL services, you will likely observe the “Tendered for Delivery” status appearing more frequently in your tracking updates compared to individuals using FedEx, UPS, or USPS shipping services.

This disparity stems from the inherent structure of DHL’s operations. DHL tends to leverage third-party and USPS shipping services more frequently than any other competitors in the industry.

The “Tendered for Delivery” message signifies that your package has been securely handed over and is on the verge of being delivered.

3. UPS

Typically, UPS handles the entirety of its delivery operations independently, except for its UPS SurePost services. These services are pretty similar to the FedEx Smartpost solutions mentioned earlier.

UPS SurePost services utilize the USPS for the final leg of delivery, and they are usually more cost-effective compared to traditional UPS services.

While opting for this shipping option might result in a slight delay of a day or two in receiving your package, the appearance of the “Tendered for Delivery” notification in your UPS tracking updates serves as a clear indicator that your package is about to be delivered.

This message is a reassuring sign that your local post office has your package and is either in the process of preparing it for delivery or has already loaded it onto a vehicle scheduled for delivery.

How Does This Message Impact Me?

To be completely honest, the “Tendered for Delivery” message in your tracking information doesn’t significantly impact you or your package.

It’s merely an update to inform you that your package has been passed from one service provider to another. Now, another entity is responsible for ensuring your package reaches its intended destination punctually.

Consider this as more of a courtesy update rather than something of substantial consequence.

However, it’s important to recognize that this message can hold considerable significance if you encounter issues with your package, such as delays, damages, or missing items, and need to reach out to customer service.

In case any problems arise with your package after receiving the “Tendered for Delivery” notification, it’s crucial to know who to contact.

Contacting FedEx, for instance, which handed over your package to USPS, wouldn’t be very helpful if you need to directly communicate with USPS responsible for the final leg of delivery.

Keep this in mind when you come across the “Tendered for Delivery” message in your tracking updates.

What Should I Do When I see this Message?

There’s no action required on your part when you encounter this message.

Essentially, it serves as an internal indicator that informs you of the transition of your package to a new shipping partner.

It signifies a seamless process and assures you that another entity will be responsible for delivering the package to your doorstep.



Any message containing the term “tendered” indicates that the package you’ve purchased has been handed over to a last-stage delivery service, such as USPS.

When you make an order, the package goes through various stages in the process before reaching your home.

International delivery firms like FedEx, DHL, and 4px delegate the last part of delivery to USPS, which then takes the package to your local post office and ultimately to your doorstep.

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