Cheapest Way to Ship Golf Clubs with UPS

Cheapest Way to Ship Golf Clubs with UPS

It is no surprise that many would want to know the cheapest way to ship Golf Clubs with UPS. This is because UPS over time have proven that they are worth it. As you read through, we will show you everything you need to know on the cheapest ways to ship Golf clubs with Ups and other information associated with it.

Cheapest Way to Ship Golf Clubs with UPS

Shipping Golf Clubs Using UPS

Shipping golf clubs securely to any destination of your choice is crucial, whether you’re sending them to a customer or if you’re a golfer traveling on a tour.

Rather than lugging your golf clubs around while traveling, it’s always preferable to ship them ahead.

This approach not only saves you from the inconvenience of carrying golf sticks everywhere, but it also helps you avoid the exorbitant fees charged by most airlines for checked and carry-on bags, which typically apply to shipping golf clubs as well.

To circumvent these excessive baggage charges, here’s an excellent solution: ship your golf clubs well in advance.

If you’ve ever transported your golf clubs to a different location, you understand the frustration of having to carry them with you all the time.

Moreover, it can be bothersome because larger items like golf bags are often the last to be delivered to the baggage claim area. However, the inconveniences don’t end there!

Once your clubs finally arrive, you’ll have to arrange for a taxi or a rental car that can accommodate your golf bag and take it to your hotel.

Nevertheless, if you want to avoid unnecessary complications, it’s advisable to consider shipping your golf clubs through UPS.

With the assistance of UPS, the process becomes significantly easier, allowing you to be ready for your first round of the course promptly.

However, before you pack your golf clubs for shipment, there are some vital factors you should take into account.

Factors to Consider when Selecting A UPS Service for Golf Club Shipment

Factors to Consider when Selecting A UPS Service for Golf Club Shipment

These are the factors that you should consider when selecting a UPS service for Golf Club shipments:

1. Time sensitivity: Assess how quickly you need the golf clubs to arrive.

2. Distance: Consider the shipping distance and the associated delivery time.

3. Cost: Evaluate the budget and determine the optimal balance between speed and affordability.

4. Insurance and tracking: Check the coverage and tracking options provided by each UPS service.

5. Special requirements: Determine if any additional services are needed, such as signature confirmation or Saturday delivery.


The Five Essential Steps for Shipping Golf Clubs with UPS

The Five Essential Steps for Shipping Golf Clubs with UPS

1. Pick a Box. The Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp located on the bottom of the box states that if the shipment weighs more than 40 pounds, they advise utilizing a 275# burst strength box.

This kind of package is conveniently available at The UPS Store.

2. Make careful to use two layers of bubble wrap on each golf club as you individually wrap them. Once finished, put the golf clubs in the box or travel bag.

3. After packing the clubs in the travel bag, fill in any empty places with more bubble wrap or air cushions.

Don’t give your golf clubs any room to maneuver. Remember that bubble wrap or air cushions are the only filler materials appropriate for golf clubs.

Only objects weighing less than 10 pounds may be wrapped in paper.

4. To ensure that the contents of the bag are secure and impossible to move, there needs to be at least two inches of padding on each corner.

5. When done, seal the bag with packaging tape. Sealing every seam and gap is necessary. Do not use duct tape or any other kind of tape.

You might need to take a few extra steps if your golf clubs are longer or heavier. For instance, you must take into account the height of your delivery drivers. They may be much more vulnerable to injury due to their length.

6. Start by putting their headcovers on them to keep them safe. Afterward, you can also place a tool known as a stiff arm in your bag:

Basically, you put an adjustable aluminum rod like this in your bag. The goal is to make the stiff-arm the longest item in your pack by adjusting it. It will stick up higher than your driver and absorb any impacts from potential crashes in this way. 

7. Send your golf clubs to a nearby UPS site, and they will package and mail your clubs for you if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of doing it yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Golf Clubs With UPS?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Golf Clubs With UPS

How quickly and how far you want to mail your golf equipment will determine how much it will cost you to do so with UPS.

To give you an idea, it costs about $95 to send a regular golf club set (ground services) from New York to Los Angeles. Included in this are the “fuel surcharge” and the “declared value.” According to UPS, this delivery will take four days to travel.

Having said that, you should also take into account that the fuel surcharge rises in proportion to the pace of your cargo.

This aspect is exclusive to UPS. Or perhaps they are the only ones who inform their clients of this little-known information.

The gasoline cost for a shipment traveling by ground from New York to Los Angeles might range from $6.36 to $59.09 for delivery the next day early in the morning.

In this case, UPS will charge you $250 for 3 Day Select Shipping, compared to $444 and $360 for Overnight and Two-Day shipping, respectively. The Next Day Air Early AM is UPS’s quickest delivery option, and it can cost $480 to ship a package from New York to Los Angeles.

Here is a more straightforward breakdown of each base price:

CarrierService LevelPrice
UPSGround Shipping$100.42
UPS3 Day Select Shipping$188.92
UPS2nd Day Air Shipping$279.18
UPSNext Day Air Shipping$384.57

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions in regard to the cheapest way to ship Golf clubs using UPS.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can UPS ship Golf Clubs?

Yes, UPS can ship Golf clubs and a host of many other items. You can check their website to know more in regards to what and what items they ship.

2. Are There Any Limitations Regarding Where I Can Ship My Clubs?

UPS may deliver your clubs to any place in North America or any other populated or industrialized city in the world, excluding P.O. boxes.

Please notice that the cost of transporting your clubs from New York to the UK is around $572.

However, they do frequently remind you to call and make sure your preferred delivery place accepts parcels from UPS before deciding to ship your clubs there.

3. What If You’re Staying at a Hotel?

Shipping golf clubs with UPS shouldn’t present any issues.

But before you check in, we do advise you to call the hotel and find out about their shipping policy.

If the guests haven’t checked in yet, certain hotels have the right to reject packages. A holding fee or a package processing fee may also be imposed by some hotels.

Therefore, even though shipping your golf equipment in advance is often a good idea, these extra costs can add up quickly!

4. What If Your Clubs Are Damaged or Lost In Transit?

UPS won’t provide any additional insurance coverage for your package, just like FedEx won’t.

They instead provide coverage as “declared value.” Despite the fact that UPS and FedEx’s declared values are founded on different ideologies, they are the same thing.

5. What Is Declared Value for UPS?

You essentially state how much the items are worth. This is “UPS’s maximum liability for the package in the case of loss or damage,” according to UPS.

UPS’s maximum liability for loss or damage to a package or international cargo is $100 USD (or the equivalent in the local currency) if no value is reported.

The value and weight of the package are used to calculate the cost of the indicated value coverage. A 40-pound golf bag with a reported worth of $1,500, for instance, will cost $13.50.


Shipping golf clubs with UPS can be a cost-effective and reliable option, especially when you utilize the right strategies.

By understanding UPS shipping services, you can choose the most suitable service based on your time and budget constraints.

Proper packaging is crucial to protect your golf clubs during transit, and following the step-by-step guide ensures they arrive in optimal condition.

To save on shipping costs, consider timing considerations, utilize UPS packaging supplies or alternative materials, take advantage of discounts and membership programs, consolidate shipments, and optimize packaging size and weight.

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