How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make

How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make? Annual and Hourly Wage

How much do Amazon drivers make? If you are planning to be one, then you must know. As you read through this piece of information, we will enlighten you on what an Amazon driver earns and how to get the best out of driving as an Amazon Driver.

How Much Do Amazon Drivers Make?

The remuneration for an Amazon driver lacks a fixed answer due to the dynamic factors that cause delivery drivers’ salaries to vary.

Amazon’s pay scales differ based on the country and even within distinct regions of a country. For instance, drivers working in urban locales earn more than their rural counterparts due to demand variations.

Most Amazon drivers typically make between $18 and $25 per hour, although the actual earnings hinge on factors like your location, tips received, delivery completion time, and other elements.

Amazon drivers can monitor their earnings through the earnings display on the Amazon Flex app.

Amazon, however, ensures consistent employment and a dependable paycheck for its delivery drivers, guaranteeing a steady income to cover expenses and fulfill their needs.

Furthermore, Amazon’s job security is unparalleled due to its extensive network of over 200 million Amazon Prime members, overseeing the daily shipment of more than 1.6 million packages.

Below are the average hourly incomes of Amazon drivers across diverse countries.

Amazon Drivers’ Salary Across Different Regions

Let’s a look at what Amazon drivers earn in different regions:

1. United States

Cities such as Richmond, California, and New York provide the most substantial hourly pay for delivery drivers, spanning from $18.5 to $25. This equates to $150 to $200 for an 8-hour workday.

Distinct locations like Richmond, California, and New York present the highest hourly earnings for delivery drivers, spanning from $18.5 to $25.

The earnings of delivery drivers within the United States might vary based on whether they are employed directly by Amazon or work with a delivery service partner (DSP).


2. United Kingdom

In comparison to Amazon drivers in the United States, drivers in the United Kingdom receive lower compensation. The hourly pay is contingent on the specific delivery location.

For instance, in Cupar, Scotland, the mean hourly earnings for Amazon delivery drivers range from £15 to £17, while in Wales, this figure decreases to £13 to £15 per hour.

3. Australia

In contrast to the earnings of delivery drivers in the United States and the United Kingdom, Amazon’s opportunities for income are more substantial in Australia.

The mean salary for a delivery driver “down under” is AUD 28.75 hourly, equivalent to $21.61 in U.S. currency.

Earnings are subject to variation based on the specific delivery location, as observed in New South Wales. Here, delivery drivers can secure AUD 27.83, which is set to increase to $37.80 by July 1, 2025.

However, Amazon’s delivery drivers encounter various significant expenses that they must manage using their earnings.

Now that you know the average salary in different regions, it is important we educate you on what the expenses of an Amazon driver are like, so you can plan well.

Amazon Driver Expenses

1. Mobile Expense

Amazon’s delivery personnel are required to utilize an iPhone 6s or a more recent model, or an Android device running version 6.0 or later.

This criterion guarantees the seamless functioning of the Amazon application, enabling them to carry out their delivery responsibilities effectively.

Procuring the latest mobile device and managing additional costs such as screen protectors, insurance, and phone covers can lead to supplementary expenditures for Amazon’s delivery drivers.

2. Vehicle Expense

Amazon’s delivery drivers are required to employ their eligible vehicles to fulfill delivery obligations. They must oversee the upkeep of their motor vehicle and manage the costs associated with fuel consumption.

Maintenance expenditures and routine inspections of the vehicle significantly impact the earnings of delivery drivers, particularly in cases involving substantial modifications or updates.

Additionally, expenses related to vehicle registration, insurance, and various miscellaneous costs contribute to the overall list of expenditures.

3. Lifestyle Expense

The majority of Amazon’s delivery drivers prioritize maintaining a wholesome and economical way of life.

Balancing family responsibilities and personal expenditures, Amazon Flex drivers need to manage a variety of aspects.

Various costs, including health insurance, meals, personal grooming, essential items, and more, can contribute to the overall expenditure of delivery drivers.

Furthermore, although income can vary for assorted reasons, the fundamental expenses remain constant, which can potentially create challenges for Amazon’s delivery drivers.

What are the Benefits of an Amazon Delivery Driver?

Amazon’s delivery drivers are provided with a range of company benefits designed to address various personal and work-related concerns. Take a look at these offerings.

1. Health Coverage

Amazon provides delivery drivers with health insurance options that encompass dental, vision, health savings, and prescription medication coverage.

Additionally, drivers can utilize Amazon Care, a service offering round-the-clock access to complimentary nurse consultations or reduced-rate doctor consultations.

2. Flexible Work Schedule

Amazon’s delivery drivers possess the flexibility to select their preferred work schedules, facilitating the completion of designated deliveries.

By utilizing the Amazon application, they can access comprehensive details regarding drop-off and pick-up locations.

Moreover, delivery drivers have the option to opt for additional working hours, enabling them to augment their earnings through increased commissions.

3. Paid Time Off

Amazon provides its employees with paid time off opportunities throughout the year, ensuring the smooth functioning of package deliveries.

Delivery drivers also receive sick days and other compensated days off, contributing to enhanced job performance.

These perks contribute to an enriched working experience for delivery drivers at Amazon, leading to higher-quality outcomes within the industry.

However, managing delivery operations through the Amazon delivery app can be overwhelming.

4. Competitive Earnings

Amazon presents a remarkable chance for delivery drivers to enhance their income and establish a respectable career in delivery operations.

The competitive commission structure sets Amazon apart from other providers of delivery work.

Amazon provides substantial job security and diverse avenues for delivery drivers to augment their earnings and maintain a satisfactory lifestyle.



An Amazon driver earns a pretty good salary. As we have stated already, it is in the region of $18 and $25. However, this value may vary across different regions as you have seen in this article.

If being an Amazon driver is your plan, then all you need has been provided and we wish you the best of luck.

You can check some of our other articles for more information or you can leave a comment in the comment section and we will get back to you.

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