How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make an Hour

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make an Hour?

If you are among those that have been asking, how much do FedEx drivers make, then you are at the right place. Out of curiosity, many have asked this question for different reasons. As you read through, we will enlighten you with some basic facts about the salary structure of a FedEx driver and the things you need to know.

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make

In the contemporary world, where office-based professions hold greater appeal compared to manual labor roles, it’s become relatively uncommon to come across individuals actively seeking employment as drivers.

Yet, this occupation holds its own level of respectability, being a more prevalent choice compared to other physically demanding vocations.

Within the transportation sector, FedEx stands as one of the prominent industry leaders, drawing numerous applicants each year.

While many might apply indiscriminately for any available positions at FedEx, a subset opts to initially investigate the typical salary of a FedEx driver in their specific state.

Job vacancies for FedEx delivery drivers are present in nearly every state across the nation. This widespread availability is largely attributed to the substantial volume of packages that FedEx handles on a daily basis.

In 2022, FedEx averaged a remarkable six million package deliveries per day. Given this astounding statistic, it’s no surprise that the demand for these positions remains consistently high.


Current FedEx Driver Salary Across All States

The earnings of most FedEx drivers fall within the spectrum of $16 to $24 per hour, contingent upon the geographical area they serve. The typical yearly remuneration for a FedEx Ground truck driver in the United States totals $65,107.

Your compensation could significantly exceed that of your colleagues based on the state you operate in. The recompense diverges across states, as outlined in the subsequent breakdown.

Below is a compilation of FedEx delivery driver wages across various states:

StateAverage Yearly SalaryAverage Hourly Wages
New York$40,000$19.23
New Hampshire$50,000$24.03
West Virginia$39,000$18.75
Rhode Island$37,000$17.78
New Jersey$40,000$19.23
North Dakota$44,000$21.15
South Dakota$54,000$25.96
South Carolina$44,000$21.15
New Mexico$36,000$17.30
North Carolina$37,000$17.78

Advantages and Drawbacks of Working as a FedEx Delivery Driver

As the role of a FedEx driver falls within the realm of average occupations, prospective candidates often contemplate whether they should explore opportunities with other companies.

It’s always beneficial to assess the supplementary advantages offered by each employer beyond merely paid time off, enabling you to determine the best fit for your needs.

When inquired about their tenure at FedEx, numerous employees expressed a blend of sentiments.

While some lauded FedEx for its commendable employee perks, such as personal leaves and savings plans, others voiced the need for enhancements in benefits to align with industry peers.

Regardless of the standpoint, a definitive factor remains: maintaining your desired pay level demands diligent effort, irrespective of the organization.

The compensation you receive in delivery-related companies hinges on your efficiency and performance.

What are the Duties of a FedEx Driver?

Prior to delving into the process of becoming a FedEx driver, it’s crucial to grasp the nature of the commitment you’re about to undertake.

Your obligations will primarily hinge on the specific role you’re assigned, shaping your scope of duties.

Your tasks might also entail working with diverse equipment, contingent upon the position you hold. While many applicants aspire to join FedEx as drivers, they often lean towards FedEx ground services.

The FedEx ground division operates on a straightforward framework, sharing akin responsibilities with other residential delivery occupations.

These responsibilities encompass safe driving practices, the loading and unloading of cargo, meeting delivery deadlines, and more.

Given that these responsibilities maintain uniformity across states, your qualification alignment becomes pivotal for securing employment across various delivery firms.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Getting a Job at FedEx Easy?

Securing a position at FedEx presents minimal difficulty, given the consistent availability of job openings.

The recruitment procedure is designed to accommodate individuals suitable for the role, irrespective of their background.

This approach is what entices numerous individuals to explore opportunities with companies such as FedEx.

2. Where Can I Find FedEx Delivery Driver Jobs?

Although FedEx does advertise job vacancies on its official website, you also have the option to explore employment platforms like Indeed, where you might come across nearby warehouses seeking new staff.

The availability of FedEx positions is expected to remain plentiful in the coming times.

3. Why Do UPS Drivers Make More Than FedEx Drivers?

The contrast in compensation is often highlighted when comparing the earnings of FedEx and UPS drivers.

This variation arises due to the fact that UPS drivers are obligated to utilize their personal vehicles and cover fuel expenses for delivering packages to customers, resulting in elevated employee expenditures.

4. How Long Does FedEx Take to Process a Job Application?

The duration for the hiring process at FedEx typically spans around 3 to 4 weeks.

The process is straightforward but can be lengthy, primarily due to the implementation of background checks to eliminate candidates unsuitable for the position.

Additionally, there are preliminary stages prior to the background checks, such as interviews, which also contribute to the time taken.

5. How Many Miles Do UPS Drivers Drive a Day?

The daily mileage covered by UPS drivers isn’t set in stone. It largely hinges on the specific delivery demands for that particular day.

However, as a rough estimate, UPS drivers usually cover around 125 miles each day, and their deliveries often encompass 225 or more packages.


the compensation of FedEx drivers can vary widely based on factors such as location, experience, route type, and job role.

While the base salary provides a starting point, drivers have the potential to increase their earnings through various avenues.

With the added benefits, incentives, and opportunities for growth, a career as a FedEx driver can be both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

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