How Do I Know if My Package is Out for Delivery?

How Do I know if My Package is Out for Delivery?

Have you ever waited for a package to be delivered, but you are asking how do I know if my package is out for delivery? It can be frustrating to have no idea if your package is on its way or not. We will show you ways you can track your package and know its delivery status in this article.

How Do I know if My Package is Out for Delivery?

Note it is possible for your package to indicate “out for delivery” even when it has been delivered because the system sometimes takes time to update.

That’s why it is worth checking your mailbox and other safe hiding places even if your package does not say that it has been delivered.

How Do I know if My Package is Out for Delivery?

Whenever you are ordering something online, it’s important to know it time of delivery. Understanding the delivery status of your package can help you plan your day and ensure that someone is available to receive the package. Below are several ways to check if your package is out for delivery.


1. Use Package Tracking Apps

If you have a smartphone you can download package tracking apps. These Apps allow you to track your packages in real-time.

They get information from the shipping carrier’s website, so you can see the same details as you would on the website. Some of these package tracking apps include Parcel Track, 17Track, and Deliveries.

2. Check the Shipping Carrier’s Website

93% of shipping carriers have a website where you can track the status of your package. All you need to do is enter the tracking number from the confirmation email or the package itself, and the website will provide every detail about the package. You can equally see the delivery status, and the estimated delivery date and time.

3.  Check the Shipping Confirmation Email

When a purchase is made online, the seller usually sends a confirmation email with details about the shipment, with the tracking number inclusive. Confirm the email to see whether the package is out for delivery. The email may also provide a link to the shipping carrier’s website, where you can track the package’s progress.

Ways to Track Your Package

Other Ways to Track Your Package

If you can’t get through with the ways mentioned above, below are other options to try to track your package.

1. Ask the Sender

If you’re still not sure if your package is out for delivery, you can contact the sender and ask. They may likely have more information about the package’s whereabouts or can provide an update on its status.

2. Call the Shipping Carrier

If after trying all of the ways above and still can’t determine whether your package is out for delivery, you can call the shipping carrier’s customer service number. They can provide recent details about your package and keep you posted when you can be expecting your package.

 3. Check with Your Neighbors

This method is very important, some packages may be delivered to your neighbor in your absence. This may be due to the wrong address, so check with your neighbor to know if they received a package by mistake. If they did, the package can be returned to you or the shipping carrier.


When you are sure of when your delivery is arriving will help plan your day, and may prevent you from missing an important appointment (if any). If you are unable to receive your package, ensure there’s someone available to stand in for you.

Diverse ways to track your package which include contacting the sender, calling the shipping carrier, and checking with your neighbors, checking the shipping confirmation email were mentioned in this article.

Using any of these methods will help you track your package. you will fully be informed about your package delivery status.

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