Can I Pick Up Ups Package Before Delivery?

Can I Pick Up A Package From UPS Before Delivery?

Have you ever been in doubt or ever asked “Can I pick up a package from UPS before delivery?” Read through, we will equip this article with everything you are expected to know about UPS (United Parcel Delivery)delivery.

Can I Pick Up A Package From UPS Before Delivery?

Picking up your package early, usually means that UPS will meet your absence when attempting to deliver your package. Your shipment collected can be delivered to your home or office by calling UPS Customer Service.

UPS will collect all packages with a single collection request; charges won’t be based on collection requests.

It’s important to note that if you choose UPS to hold your package at their location, it will not be left outside like other delivery services.

Can I Pick Up a Package From UPS Before Delivery?

This is a great idea if you’re not going to be home when your package is delivered or if you don’t want to receive it sooner.

Note that not all packages are eligible for early pickup, so make sure to check with UPS first. By doing so you will be notified if your package is ready for early pickup.

If you cannot wait for a UPS package to reach your location, there may be an option for you to pick it up straight from UPS.

Ways to Get Your Package Delivered With UPS

Before your package can be delivered to you, there are means to follow. all you need to do is choose your preferred way to get your package delivered with ease.

The ways below are how you can get your package delivered without stress using UPS services. Let’s say a few things below for proper understanding.

1. UPS Delivery Intercept

This service allows you to pick up the package by yourself. So, If you are having a package delivered through UPS, you can choose to have the carrier intercept your package before it is delivered.

This request can be made online or by calling a customer care service. When this is done, the driver will leave a note for you on how to locate your package.

2. Find a location

There are many UPS locations around you that offer early pickup services. You can find a list of these places here by using the UPS tool. It is safe to call your Local UPS location before moving.

Nothing can be done If you go to a location and they tell you that you cannot pick up your package before the scheduled delivery date.

3. Redirect Packages to the Preferred UPS Access Point Location

If your package is shipped with UPS but doesn’t want it delivered to your home, you can ask them to redirect the parcel to a preferred access point location [a place that has extended hours and easy access for UPS drivers and customers alike]

Call the carrier before making this request. Just like with early pickup, not all packages are eligible for redirected delivery.

Make sure you check with UPS first to see if they can deliver your package there.


How Do I Know if My Package is Eligible for Early Pickup?

Not all packages are eligible for early pickup, so it is important that you contact UPS to find out if yours will be accepted. If you’re buying something online and you’re worried that it will arrive before you get the chance to pick it up call UPS right away.

If your package can be picked up early, there will be a note on your shipping confirmation with information on how to pick up your package at a nearby location.

If this information is not on your shipping confirmation, call the Customer care number listed on your tracking information.


The good thing about pickup before delivery is, someone else can stand in for you if you are busy and can’t get to the delivery location to claim it. Other ways have been implemented in the article to make pickup before delivery easy for you.

UPS is open at various times during the day, so you can choose your own time to pick up your package or have someone else pick it up for you.

Going through this article, you will agree with us that your question (can i pick up a UPS package before delivery) has been answered and the right intent has been provided.

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