Can I Pick Up My UPS Surepost Package at a UPS Location

Can I Pick Up My UPS Surepost Package at a UPS Location?

Perhaps you’ve been tracking your UPS package online, and now you’re wondering “can I pick up my UPS Surepost package at a UPS location?“ We’ll explore the possibilities of picking up your UPS Surepost package at a UPS facility, along with some essential information to guide you through the process.

Can I Pick Up My UPS Surepost Package at a UPS Location

Before diving into the details, let’s gain a better understanding of what UPS Surepost is all about. UPS Surepost utilizes the vast network of USPS to deliver packages to their final destinations.

UPS initially transports the package, then handed over to USPS for the last leg of the journey, ensuring cost savings for the shipper.

UPS Surepost offers several benefits to both shippers and recipients. Firstly, it is a cost-effective shipping option, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking to minimize shipping expenses.

Additionally, it provides reliable tracking information, allowing recipients to stay updated on the progress of their packages.

While UPS Surepost offers numerous advantages, there are a few limitations to consider. One such limitation is the extended delivery time compared to other UPS services.

 Since the package has to be handed over to USPS for final delivery, it may take slightly longer to reach its destination. However, this trade-off in delivery time allows for cost savings.


Can I Pick Up My UPS Surepost Package at a UPS Location?

Now, let’s address the crucial question: Can I pick up my UPS Surepost package at a UPS location? Unfortunately, the answer is no. UPS Surepost packages are not eligible for pickup at UPS facilities.

Unlike other UPS services like UPS Ground or UPS Express, UPS Surepost is specifically designed for residential delivery and does not offer pickup options at UPS locations.

It’s important to understand this distinction to avoid any confusion or inconvenience. If you are looking to pick up your package, you may need to explore other options provided by UPS.

While you cannot pick up your UPS Surepost package at a UPS location, it’s essential to know how the delivery process works.

Once the package arrives at its final destination, USPS will deliver it to your mailbox or doorstep, following their usual delivery procedures.

To ensure a smooth delivery process, make sure you provide accurate shipping information and keep track of your package using the tracking number provided.

If you won’t be available to receive the package, consider arranging for someone else to accept it on your behalf or requesting a redelivery through USPS if available.

UPS Access Point Network

Although UPS Surepost packages cannot be picked up at UPS locations, UPS provides an alternative solution called the UPS Access Point network.

UPS Access Points are local businesses, such as grocery stores or convenience stores, that partner with UPS to offer package drop-off and pickup services.

These locations act as convenient pickup points for various UPS packages, including those shipped through UPS Surepost.

The UPS Access Point network provides several benefits to recipients. It offers extended hours of operation, allowing you to pick up your package at a time that suits your schedule.

Additionally, these locations are often strategically located within neighborhoods, making them easily accessible.

Utilizing a UPS Access Point for pickup can save you the hassle of waiting for a delivery attempt or dealing with potential delays.

Tips and Recommendations

When expecting a UPS Surepost package, there are a few tips and recommendations to keep in mind:

1. Double-check your shipping address: Ensure that the shipping address provided is accurate and up to date to avoid any delivery issues.

2. Track your package: Utilize the tracking number provided to stay updated on the whereabouts of your package and anticipate its arrival.

3. Prepare identification: If you or someone else will be picking up the package at a UPS Access Point, ensure you have the necessary identification documents, such as a valid ID or a government-issued photo ID.

4. Communicate with the shipper: If you have specific delivery preferences or concerns, it’s a good idea to communicate with the shipper in advance to explore any available options.

5. Contact UPS for assistance: If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions regarding your UPS Surepost package, don’t hesitate to reach out to UPS customer service for assistance.

By following these tips, you can enhance your overall experience when expecting a UPS Surepost package and ensure a smooth delivery or pickup process.


While you cannot pick up your UPS Surepost package at a UPS location, there are alternative options available.

Understanding the nature of UPS Surepost and its delivery process is crucial to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.

Utilizing the UPS Access Point network provides a convenient solution for package pickup, offering extended hours and accessible locations.

Remember to stay informed through tracking information, prepare necessary identification for pickup, and communicate with the shipper or UPS for any specific concerns.

By following these guidelines, you can navigate the UPS Surepost delivery process with ease and receive your package in a timely manner.

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