How Do I Schedule a Delivery for My UPS Surepost Package

How Do I Schedule a Delivery for My UPS Surepost Package?

We will walk you through the process of answering this question, “How do I schedule a delivery for my UPS Surepost package?” Whether you’re expecting an important document, a package, or an online order, following these steps will help ensure a smooth delivery experience.

How Do I Schedule a Delivery for My UPS Surepost Package

UPS SurePost is a hybrid shipping service that combines the speed and reliability of UPS with the extensive reach of the USPS.

It is designed for lightweight packages that are not time-sensitive and can be delivered within 2 to 7 business days.

When you choose UPS SurePost for your shipment, UPS handles the initial transportation of your package until it reaches the nearest USPS facility to its final destination.

Once the package arrives at the USPS facility, it is then transferred for the final mile delivery by a USPS mail carrier.


How Do I Schedule a Delivery for My UPS Surepost Package?

To get the best out of your UPS Surepost delivery and to answer the question “How Do I Schedule a Delivery for My UPS Surepost Package?” Follow these steps to schedule a delivery for your UPS SurePost package:

1. Tracking Your Package

The first step is to obtain the tracking number for your UPS SurePost package. This tracking number is typically provided by the sender or can be found on the shipping confirmation email or receipt. Once you have the tracking number, you can proceed to track your package.

2. Accessing UPS My Choice

To schedule a delivery for your UPS SurePost package, you need to sign up for UPS My Choice, a free service provided by UPS that offers a range of package management options.

Visit the UPS website and navigate to the UPS My Choice section. Sign up for an account by providing the required information, including your name, address, and contact details.

3. Managing Delivery Options

Once you have registered for UPS My Choice and logged into your account, you can access the “Manage Delivery” section. Here, you will find various options to customize your delivery preferences.

These options include choosing a delivery window, requesting a hold for pickup, redirecting the package to a UPS Access Point, or even authorizing a neighbor to receive the package on your behalf.

4. Scheduling a Delivery

To schedule a delivery for your UPS SurePost package, navigate to the tracking section on the UPS website or within your UPS My Choice account.

Enter your tracking number, and you will be provided with the latest status and location of your package. From there, you can select the option to schedule a delivery.

Choose a convenient date and time slot for your package delivery. Ensure that someone will be available to receive the package during the scheduled time.

You may also have the option to leave specific delivery instructions, such as leaving the package at the doorstep or with a doorman.

Tips for a Successful UPS SurePost Delivery

To ensure a smooth and successful delivery of your UPS SurePost package, consider the following tips:

1. Provide Accurate Address Information: Double-check the shipping address you provide to avoid any delivery delays or misplacements. Ensure that all the necessary details, including apartment numbers or suite numbers, are accurately entered.

2. Ensure Someone is Available to Receive the Package: Make sure that someone will be present at the delivery location during the scheduled delivery window. This will prevent any missed deliveries or the need for re-delivery attempts.

3. Consider Delivery Preferences: Utilize the options available through UPS My Choice to customize your delivery preferences. For example, you can request deliveries to be left at a specific location, such as a back porch or side entrance, if you won’t be home.

4. Optimize Delivery Timing: If you have flexibility in the delivery date, consider choosing a day and time when you are more likely to be available. This can help ensure a successful delivery on the first attempt.

5. Utilize UPS My Choice Features: Explore the various features offered by UPS My Choice, such as receiving delivery notifications via email or text message, rescheduling deliveries, or rerouting packages to an alternative address.

These features provide added convenience and flexibility for managing your UPS SurePost deliveries.


Scheduling a delivery for your UPS SurePost package is a simple and convenient process.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your package arrives at the desired location within the scheduled time frame.

Remember to track your package using the provided tracking number, sign up for UPS My Choice to access delivery management options, and schedule your delivery based on your preferences.

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