What is Walmart Plus

What is Walmart Plus Membership and Benefits

What is Walmart Plus? You may ask. Many may not be familiar with this Walmart package and what it offers, that is why we are here. As you read through, we will be showing you everything there is to know with respect to Walmart Plus.

What is Walmart Plus?

Walmart Plus follows a membership model similar to Amazon Prime. Subscribers pay a monthly or annual fee to access exclusive benefits and discounts that are available only to members.

Along with special offers and delivery advantages from Walmart, members also enjoy price cuts on fuel and third-party services.

They can benefit from hassle-free returns from their homes, use their mobile phones for quick scanning and payment at Walmart retail stores, and more.

In July, Walmart introduced additional benefits for its members. Walmart Plus subscribers now receive a 5% cashback in Walmart credits when booking hotels, vacation rentals, car rentals, and similar services through Walmart’s new travel hub, which is powered by Expedia.

This is in addition to other perks like complimentary access to Paramount Plus. Walmart consistently adds new incentives to make its membership appealing to both prospective and existing members.

A Walmart Plus subscription is priced at $98 annually or $12.95 per month, and it comes with a complimentary 30-day trial.

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Walmart Plus perks

Walmart Plus offers a range of benefits that will expand gradually.

For example, earlier in June, the company hosted its inaugural Walmart Plus Weekend sales event, featuring four days of exclusive deals for members. Additionally, Walmart Plus provides the following advantages:

1. Unlimited Free Delivery

Shoppers will enjoy swift and complimentary delivery for over 160,000 products, spanning categories such as technology, toys, essential household items, and groceries.

Deliveries can be as quick as within the same day, offering convenient 1-hour delivery windows.


2. Scan & Go

This functionality within the Walmart app offers a more efficient method for in-store shopping.

By utilizing the Walmart app, shoppers can scan their items while browsing and complete their purchases swiftly and without physical contact by using Walmart Pay.

3. Fuel Discounts

Walmart Plus members will have the opportunity to pocket savings of up to 5 cents per gallon at nearly 2,000 fuel stations, which include Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express locations.

The roster of participating stations also encompasses Sam’s Club fuel stations.

Furthermore, Walmart has broadened the discounts to provide members with an immediate 10-cent price reduction on each gallon of fuel purchased at eligible stations.

Members can now extend their savings to Exxon and Mobil stations across the country.

The future offerings of Walmart Plus remain uncertain at this time.

Nevertheless, it’s widely known that Walmart and Amazon regularly engage in price matching, particularly during retail events like Black Friday. This renewed competition could result in outstanding bargains.

Does Walmart Plus waive the Shipping Minimum for Members?

Walmart Plus members are now exempt from the retailer’s previous requirement of a $35 minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping.

Last year, Walmart introduced a policy allowing members to enjoy free shipping on all their purchases without the need to reach that $35 minimum threshold.

Furthermore, Walmart is extending the availability of fuel discounts to more locations for its members. Walmart Plus subscribers can now access fuel savings at over 500 Sam’s Club locations.

These enhancements offer valuable benefits to shoppers, particularly in light of Amazon discontinuing its Prime Pantry service.

Does Walmart Plus include Paramount Plus?

Walmart Plus members also receive a Paramount Plus Essential Plan as part of their benefits. This plan grants access to Paramount Plus’ extensive library of over 30,000 movies and shows, though it does not include live TV streaming.

Users of this plan will encounter advertisements during their streaming experience.

To utilize your Paramount Plus subscription, simply login to the service via the Walmart Plus website and consent to share your membership details with Paramount Plus for verification purposes.


What’s the Difference Between Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime?

Besides the consistently increasing annual fee of Amazon Prime, the service often feels closely tied to the Amazon app and website.

In contrast, Walmart Plus provides additional benefits to in-store shoppers, including features like mobile scanning for easy checkout and early access to in-store promotions, especially on significant shopping days like Black Friday.

While Amazon has collaborations with grocery chains like Whole Foods and operates physical stores like Amazon Go in select areas, Walmart’s widespread popularity and numerous locations make in-store discounts through Walmart Plus significantly more accessible.

When Walmart Plus members order fresh groceries for home delivery, a Walmart employee at their nearest store personally selects the items on their list or provides a suitable substitution if a product is unavailable.

Within hours, the groceries are delivered to the member’s home, ready to be used throughout the week.

Although Amazon Prime offers services like Prime Video, Walmart Plus partners with providers such as Paramount Plus and Pluto TV to offer video streaming to its members.

However, one of the most appreciated savings for my family as Walmart Plus members is the fuel discount.

With numerous gas stations participating in the 10-cents-per-gallon discount program, there’s always a nearby option for saving on gas when it’s time to refuel.


Walmart Plus is a membership program that offers a range of benefits to its subscribers, similar to Amazon Prime.

Members pay a monthly or annual fee to access exclusive perks, including free delivery on a vast array of products, in-store advantages like mobile scanning and quick checkout, and discounts on fuel and third-party services.

The subscription is priced at $98 annually or $12.95 per month, and it includes a 30-day trial period. Walmart Plus stands out by eliminating the previous $35 minimum purchase requirement for free shipping, making it more accessible to shoppers.

Despite the ongoing evolution of Walmart Plus, the competition with Amazon Prime promises potential savings and benefits for consumers, especially during events like Black Friday. The program’s focus on accessibility, convenience, and savings, particularly on fuel, makes it an attractive option for many families.

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