How to Become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner

Amazon Delivery Partner: All You Need to Know

You can easily become an Amazon delivery service partner, but you should know what you are getting into first. Nobody goes into a business to experience loss but you can if you are not well informed about that business. That is where we come in. As you read through, we will bring to light everything you need to know about the Amazon delivery service partner program.

What is the Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program?

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program presents an entrepreneurial avenue for individuals to establish a prosperous package delivery enterprise.

Unlike a franchise, this program empowers you to oversee your own fleet of delivery vans and build your team. With an initial investment of approximately $10,000, you can initiate your very own Amazon delivery venture.


How Does the Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program Work?

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner program provides comprehensive training to equip you with a thorough understanding of the delivery industry.

In this setup, you lease the vans and oversee Amazon drivers responsible for collecting packages from the Amazon warehouse and executing delivery routes.

Throughout the year, you’ll typically manage a fleet of around 20-40 vans. As a DSP owner, your responsibilities encompass establishing routes, coordinating driver schedules, monitoring progress, and ensuring smooth operations.

What is Your Rewards As An Amazon DSP?

Among the benefits of being an Amazon DPS owner is the availability of cost reductions on resources and services such as vehicle leasing, payroll, tax, and accounting software.

These advantages facilitate the initiation of your own business. Additionally, DSP owners enjoy access to legal assistance and insurance choices.

For a DSP owner overseeing 20 to 40 vehicles, the potential annual profit ranges from approximately $75,000 to $300,000.

How Much Does it Cost to Start Your Own Amazon Delivery Business?

Amazon suggests that your initial expenses as the owner could be as low as $10,000. This is achievable due to their utilization of their purchasing influence, technology, and logistics infrastructure to maintain economical costs.

The aim upon commencing this enterprise is to expand to a scale of 20 to 40 vans, corresponding to a workforce of approximately 100 employees, ensuring continuous package deliveries around the clock.

How to Start an Amazon Delivery Business

1. Discover additional information about this opportunity and its potential implications for you by visiting the provided link.

2. Complete the application to initiate your personal Amazon delivery enterprise. The primary application page contains further details regarding becoming a delivery service partner. It outlines the necessary criteria, encompassing:

  • Expertise in recruiting and nurturing exceptional teams.
  • Readiness to dedicate yourself to the role of a full-time involved DSP owner.
  • Availability of liquid assets totaling a minimum of $30,000.
  • A robust credit history.
  • While prior business ownership is preferable, it is not mandatory.

This fundamental application requests uncomplicated details such as:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Preferred locations.

3. If you are chosen to proceed, you will be required to complete the comprehensive formal application, delving into greater intricacies about your background, expertise, and rationale for your suitability as an Amazon DSP.

Once you’ve submitted this formal application, Amazon will review it, and you can expect a response within approximately four to eight weeks.

4. If your application proves to be successful, you’ll be required to participate in an initial interview. During this stage, you might also receive an invitation to visit a nearby delivery station, providing you with a hands-on experience of the DSP role.

This procedure will allow you to contemplate whether the Amazon delivery franchise aligns with your aspirations.

5. Upon acceptance as an Amazon DSP, your next step involves participating in the three-week training program mentioned earlier.

6. Once you’ve completed your training, you’re prepared to establish your Amazon franchise venture, including the recruitment and training of your team. By this point, you should have already begun considering the adoption of optimal software to attract the most vital contributors to your enterprise, which are your drivers.

Things You Should Consider Before Applying

1. Start-Up Capital

In your role as an Amazon DSP, you will encounter minimal initial expenses.

Amazon offers customized packages for van leasing and grants access to their advanced technology and logistics expertise. To initiate your business, an initial investment of $10,000 is required.

2. Locations/Expansion

Amazon DSP functions across various cities across the United States. Refer to Amazon’s website to review the roster of regions where Amazon is presently seeking candidates.

If your preferred location is not listed, you have the option to reach out to Amazon and submit an application, enabling you to be among the initial choices for that location in case it becomes available.

3. Leadership Skills

In your capacity as an Amazon DSP, a strong affinity for leadership positions is essential. Proficiency in guiding and mentoring your own team is crucial, as the ability to assemble a proficient team is a fundamental factor for achievement in any organization.

4. Vans To Use

Initiating your personal delivery enterprise necessitates the acquisition of vehicles. If you possess suitable vans that meet Amazon’s specified criteria, they can be utilized. Alternatively, if you lack a vehicle, Amazon offers the option to lease Amazon-branded vehicles at a reduced rate.



Embarking on the journey of establishing and managing a business is accompanied by numerous challenges. Amazon takes measures to alleviate traditional obstacles, enabling you to initiate your personal business enterprise more easily.

Through the Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program, you have the opportunity to commence your delivery business with startup expenses that are notably lower than those associated with launching a similar delivery venture.

Amazon also pledges a consistent stream of income once your business is operational. Furthermore, Amazon offers comprehensive training courses to equip you with all the essential knowledge required to effectively manage your business.

For those aspiring to own and operate a modest delivery business, the Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program serves as an exceptional starting point.

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