How Much Do Instacart Shoppers Make Earnings Explained

How Much Do Instacart Shoppers Make? Earnings Explained

How much do Instacart shoppers make? One would often wonder. however, the answer to this question is not readily available. As you read through the information we provided for this purpose, you will be enlightened on how much Instacart shoppers make.

Instacart functions as a grocery delivery platform collaborating with nearby stores to bring products to customers.

The system relies on freelance workers and individuals with part-time engagements to complete and convey orders.

The schedule offers adaptability, and requests come in via the Instacart Shopper app. Specifics, including job duties and income structure, differ based on whether you serve as a full-service or in-store shopper.


How Much Money Do Instacart Shoppers Make?

The potential earnings of Instacart shoppers are closely linked to the level of dedication they invest in their work.

On an 8-hour workday, the typical compensation ranges from approximately $88 to $128. However, this figure has the potential to reach as high as $300 for those operating in major cities, receiving substantial tips, working extra hours, and going the extra mile for customers.

Demonstrating a strong commitment and a diligent work ethic can readily yield Instacart shoppers several hundred dollars in just a day or two.

Types Of Instacart Shoppers and Their Pay

1. In-Store Shoppers

In-store shoppers are essentially Instacart’s staff members who handle orders within a specific store on a per-order basis.

They operate during predetermined shifts, with a potential weekly workload of up to 29 hours, contingent upon the complexity of the tasks assigned and the difficulty level of the orders they receive.

2. Full-Service Shoppers

Conversely, full-service employees are referred to as Instacart’s “independent contractors.” They utilize the platform solely for connecting with shoppers.

These individuals enjoy greater time flexibility and the ability to choose the type of service they provide. However, owning their own vehicle is a prerequisite for registering on the platform as a full-service worker.

While in-store shoppers receive a consistent, hourly wage, full-service shoppers earn compensation per order, which varies.

The Instacart app provides an estimated earning projection for each order. It guarantees a minimum of $5 for delivery-only batches and $7 to $10 for full-service batches, encompassing shopping, loading, and delivering.

For full-service shoppers, the payment for each batch is contingent on factors such as “item quantity, item type, travel distance, and the effort expended during shopping and delivery,” as stated by Instacart.

Earnings potential tends to rise during heightened customer demand, making working on Sundays or during popular events like the Super Bowl more lucrative.

Additionally, full-service shoppers have the chance to earn tips in addition to batch payments.

What Do You Need to Work for Instacart?

If you’re aiming to generate income through Instacart, there are several fundamental prerequisites you must fulfill:

1. You need to be a minimum of 18 years old. For alcohol delivery, which often leads to higher tips, some states require you to be at least 21.

2. Capability to lift weights exceeding 30 pounds, as specified on the website, which indicates up to 40 pounds without any accommodations.

3. Possession of a smartphone, either an iPhone (with iOS 14 or later) or an Android (5.0 or later).

4. Successful completion of a background check. While most shoppers are usually cleared within 10 business days, the timeline can vary by location.

5. Possession of a valid bank account for direct deposit, as paychecks are disbursed in this manner.

In addition, full-service shoppers have additional prerequisites:

1. A valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle. You must also have insurance coverage that aligns with state requirements.

2. Insulated bags or hard coolers. These are necessary to keep food at the right temperature while on the move. Instacart provides preapproved bags through the Shopper app.

Factors Influencing Shopper Earnings

Despite its limited transparency within the gig economy landscape, Instacart’s algorithm takes several factors into account when determining your earnings. These include:

1. Batch Incentive

This constitutes the foundational payment for your order, based on the items requested by the customer. This payment tends to increase if there are notably weighty or bulky items on the shopping list.

2. Distance

Your compensation incorporates a modest mileage reimbursement, albeit the precise value varies according to the city.

3. Current Demand

Comparable to platforms like Uber and Lyft, Instacart offers surge pricing during peak hours of high demand. This allows you to earn supplementary income on top of your standard fares.

4. Tips

Shoppers retain the entirety of the tips earned when customers choose to tip Instacart.

Occasionally, you might also receive bonus offers directly from Instacart. However, by and large, the factors above will exert the most significant influence on your overall earnings.

What is Instacart Minimum Batch Payment?

Instacart shoppers receive a set minimum payment for each order, which they refer to as a “batch.” Initially set at $3, the batch payment was raised to a range of $7 to $10 after a public relations misstep when altering their payment structure.

For full-service batches, the payment ranges from $7 to $10, while delivery-only batches provide a payout of $5.

Moreover, the minimum batch payment does not encompass tips. This design enables both shoppers and delivery drivers to further augment their earnings whenever they choose to undertake assignments.

How Much Do Instacart Shoppers Make on Tips?

The application also considers the weight of the customer’s order in its calculations. While customers have the freedom to tip according to their preference, the app obliges them to actively decline to tip.

On the checkout screen, a default tip of either five percent or $2 for delivery is automatically suggested.

How Often Do Instacart Shoppers Receive Their Payouts?

Instacart Shoppers receive their earnings every week through direct deposit. To receive your weekly pay, it’s essential to link a valid bank account to your Instacart Shopper account.

In cases where immediate funds are needed, an alternative is available: you can opt for an instant payout at any time, albeit with a service fee of 50 cents.

Who Pays for Groceries on Instacart?

Instacart Shoppers utilize a credit card or debit card provided by the company to cover the costs of grocery orders.

There’s no need for them to use their funds for order payments. When checking out, the Shopper will use the card assigned to them during orientation. After the payment is successfully processed, they’ll sign for the transaction.



Becoming an Instacart shopper can be a lucrative way to earn extra income, especially if you leverage the various factors that influence your earnings.

From understanding the base pay and incentives to providing exceptional service and maximizing tips, there are multiple avenues to enhance your income potential.

Remember that while earnings can vary, a proactive approach and dedication to providing top-notch service can help you succeed in the world of Instacart shopping.

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