Does Dhl Deliver on Sunday or Saturday

Does DHL Deliver on Sunday or Saturday?

Does DHL deliver on Sunday? One would ask out of curiosity or necessity sake. No worries, as you read through, we will enlighten you on whether DHL delivers on Sunday or not.

DHL Express originates from a German courier service under the umbrella of Deutsche Post. It operates on both national and global fronts for delivering packages and handling mail.

DHL is a segment of Deutsche Post, which holds the distinction of being the globe’s largest logistics enterprise in maritime and aerial transportation.

Its inception traces back to 1969 when Adrian DELSEY and Larry HILL BLOG established it. Commencing with modest courier operations, DHL progressively extended its offerings worldwide by the late 1970s.

But then, you may already be familiar with who DHL is as a brand. If not, then that was a summary of who they are.

Now let’s dive straight into the business of the day.

Does DHL Deliver on Sunday?

This question doesn’t have a general answer, in some geographical regions, it can be yes. However, it can also be not in some other geographical regions.

Let’s have a look at the regions so we can further enlighten you.

1. For the US Residents

For individuals residing in the United States, the response is clearly negative. DHL refrains from delivering packages during Saturdays and Sundays, unless specific circumstances necessitate it, as previously mentioned.

Nevertheless, for pressing needs, it is possible to request DHL to carry out deliveries on weekends. In such instances, DHL will accommodate the request but with increased delivery fees.


2. For European Residents

Regarding DHL’s weekend delivery policies for individuals located in Europe, the availability of weekend deliveries does exist, but it comes with a stipulation.

Should the recipient desire the package to be received on a Saturday or Sunday, they must opt for this choice during the package booking process with DHL.

In the event that the recipient selects the Saturday and Sunday delivery options, supplementary fees will be applicable.

Alternatively, standard deliveries will transpire on weekdays. It’s important to bear in mind that a notable exception pertains to this weekend’s delivery possibility, specifically for the Dutch Wadden islands, namely Vlieland and Terschelling.

3. For Australian Residents

Should you be residing in Australia, the same principle that applies to the United States will hold true. In case the necessity arises, you can indeed request special arrangements for weekend deliveries.

4. For the Malaysian

In Malaysia, standard deliveries occur throughout the week, from Monday to Friday, spanning 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. However, on Saturdays, DHL’s delivery window is reduced, typically spanning from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

5. The Gulf

Within the Gulf countries, the weekend encompasses both Friday and Saturday. Yet, it’s worth noting that deliveries are not executed exclusively on Fridays. DHL collaborates with local postal services to ensure deliveries on all the other days.

6. For the Asian

DHL provides deliveries during weekends, including Saturdays and Sundays, throughout the Asian region. Additionally, they offer the convenience of collecting parcels.

Moreover, in Asia, DHL extends its services to include deliveries even on public holidays, should the need arise.

Which DHL Services Can I Use for Sunday Delivery?

DHL provides a diverse range of solutions and shipping services catering to both individual and corporate requirements.

Addressing the needs of various entities, including small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations, DHL offers shipping options suitable for all.

In addition, they offer software integration solutions to streamline operations. Among the array of services DHL offers, some of the most widely favored ones are:

1. DHL eCommerce

2. DHL global forwarding

3. DHL Express

4. DHL Parcel

5. DHL Freight

6. DHL Supply chain

Naturally, the availability of these services is contingent on the specific geographical area to which you’re dispatching, and they may entail supplementary expenses.

To make use of these services, merely opt for the DHL Saturday Delivery choice during the shipment booking process.

Sunday delivery is exclusively available for exigent shipments, albeit accompanied by substantial supplementary charges. Now, let’s examine a variety of countries as examples.

How Much Does Sunday Delivery Cost?

The expenses associated with delivery are contingent upon the country of destination, along with the weight and size of the package you’re sending.

You can obtain a cost approximation using the shipping rate calculator. This tool will provide you with three estimates: one for online booking, another for package drop-off at a designated point, and the third for booking via phone.

Additionally, you’ll have the convenience of locating the nearest drop-off facility.



Now you can see that the answer to the question, does DHL delivers on Sunday, is dependent on DHL delivery policies in a particular region. In most places, they do deliver on Sundays, however, in most places, DHL doesn’t do Sunday deliveries.

You can find the different areas by which they do or do not deliver on Sunday as we have highlighted.

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