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How to Schedule USPS Pickup Online?

Just like many other services available on USPS, scheduling a pickup online is a walkover. Sadly, though, not everyone can relate. But that’s not to worry about as we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to schedule USPS pickup online and other related tasks. Let’s get started!

Schedule Usps Pickup

Referred to as Carrier Pickup service by USPS, scheduling a pickup service allows customers to make arrangements for their shipments to be picked up by a letter carrier.

There are multiple ways to schedule USPS pickup, all thanks to the up-and-working technical team who have made it a household name in the logistics industry.

Pickup services are one of the most popular features offered by many shipping companies in the United States and USPS is not an exception.

The main ways to schedule a pickup on USPS are via: 

1. The USPS mobile app and 

2. The USPS website


How to Schedule USPS Pickup Onlne Via Mobile App

The USPS mobile app is one very convenient way to schedule a USPS pickup via the Internet. Below, are easy steps that you can use to schedule USPS pickup online:

1. Download the USPS mobile application from any Play Store applicable to your device and open it.

2. Login to your account and click on the “Schedule Pickup” button displayed on the dashboard. The button is usually located at the bottom center of your screen.

3. Click on the “Schedule a New Pickup” button displayed at the top of the screen, just below the title bar.

4. Enter the pickup address, your name, ZIP code, email, and phone number in the appropriate fields. If you have the address saved as a contact card on your phone, tap on “Add from Contacts” at the top right corner of your screen. 

5. Tap “Confirm Address” to proceed.

6. Select the “Next Available Pickup” option. This will launch a screen displaying a drop-down from which you can select an option, such as on the porch, mail room, back door, knock on door/ring bell, where the USPS carrier will find your package.

7. Select whether there’s a dog at the address.

8. Select what shipping service type you are using, for example, Priority Mail, First-Class package, or Priority Mail Express.

9. Enter the weight of the package in pounds. If there are several packages enclosed in a box, provide the total weight of the packages.

10. On the next page, read the terms and conditions, then click on the checkbox to indicate your consent.

11. Click on the “Schedule your Pickup” button to finalize the process.

How to Schedule USPS Pickup Online Using the Website

You can schedule your USPS pickup using the USPS official website on any device or operating system with an internet connection. It could be a laptop or smartphone. The steps for using this method are as follows:

1. Open your browser and go to the USPS official website.

2. Log into your USPS account

3. Scroll past the USPS banner down to where you’ll find clickable buttons.

4. Click on the “Schedule a Pickup” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

5. Enter your pickup details including your street address, city, ZIP code, state, name, phone number, and email. 

6. Click on the “Check Availability” button at the bottom of the page.

7. Indicate whether or not there is a dog at the pickup location.

8. Select the location of your package at the address, in a way similar to the previous section. 

9. Give pickup instructions like the delivery time. Selecting a specific time aside from the regular delivery time usually comes with an additional cost.

10. Scroll down and select a favorable date for your pickup.

11. Clicking on the “Next Page” button will take you to a screen where you’ll be requested to indicate the USPS shipping service type that is applicable to your package. You’ll also have to indicate how many packages belong to the different services if there are multiple packages.

12. Provide the total weight of the package.

13. Click on the checkbox at the bottom of the Terms of Use module to indicate your consent.

14. Click on “Schedule a Pickup” to conclude the process.

How Does USPS Package Pickup Tracking Work?

USPS package pickup tracking is a service that USPS customers can use to monitor the position of their shipment through the shipping process. 

Note that the tracking feature is only applicable to packages shipped via select USPS shipping services including Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Global Express Guaranteed, and First-Class Mail.

To track a package, simply enter the tracking number of the package on the Parcel Monitor tracking tool. You’ll find this unique number on the package’s shipping label.

The tracking feature also allows people to perform tasks such as leaving delivery instructions, receiving delivery updates, and checking the real-time location of their parcel.

Which USPS Shipping Services Allows Pickup Scheduling?

The Schedule USPS pickup option is applicable to several USPS pickup services. So, you are at liberty to choose which service best suits your need and fit into your budget.

If the arrival of your shipment has time constrictions, you may want to use privileged services like the First-Class Mail or Priority Mail. 

Otherwise, you can choose from any of the following service types as they also offer carrier pickup features:

1. Bulk Parcel Return

2. Parcel Return

3. Merchandise Return

4. Priority Mail Express

5. Priority Mail Express Open and Distribute

6. First Class Package International

7. Priority Mail International

8. Priority Mail Express International

9. Global Express Guaranteed


Bottom Line

People who the schedule USPS pickup service offered by the company enjoy several benefits. Most exciting of all is the fact that they do not have to leave their homes to send a package.

All they have to do is spend a few minutes online to schedule their pickup and pack up the items in the box, then let the USPS carrier handle the remaining worries.

As explained earlier, you can schedule package pickups both on the USPS mobile apps available for different devices, as well as on the USPS website.

Moreover, you have little to worry about because you can use the pickup services on a range of shipping services offered by USPS. 

If your package won’t be affected by time constraints, then you don’t necessarily have to use a First-Class Mail or Priority Mail service. Just go with what fits your budget and needs.

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