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How Does USPS Track Package Internationally?

A lot of people are of the opinion that USPS track package that are sent only to locations within the US. Contrary to this popular belief, USPS tracking is available for international shipment tracking. However, this feature is only available for certain international services. You’ll learn how it works as we progress. 

USPS Track Package Online

USPS offers shipping services for packages sent to locations outside of the US. Some of the applicable countries are Japan, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, and Canada.

People can access a variety of USPS track package features depending on the kind of shipping services they choose while paying for their package shipping.

USPS international shipping services that include international tracking and insurance are Priority Mail International®, Global Express Guaranteed®, and Priority Mail Express International®.

To use any of the USPS track package shipping services above to ship a package, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Visit the USPS website and select a service. Features available on packages vary based on price and delivery speed.

2. Use the Click-N-Ship feature to print address and postage labels online. Keep in mind that you may need assistance with filling out the customs forms.

3. For countries where European Union (EU) customs rules are applicable, do well to include detailed descriptions of packages.

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Does USPS Have Tracking for International Packages?

Yes, USPS does offer tracking features for some of its international shipping services. Various tracking options are available based on the shipping services a person selected.

Customers who chose Priority Mail International®, Priority Mail Express International®, or Global Express Guaranteed® can track their package.

All they have to do is copy the tracking number shown on the shipping label they printed while documenting their shipment. They can then proceed to use the USPS Track and Confirm tool.

On the tool, enter the tracking number in the appropriate space. This tool will provide a user with delivery status information about the shipment of interest.

Aside from the USPS Global Shipping Software, many third-party shipment tracking tools approved by USPS can be used to monitor the shipping progress of packages.

What USPS Shipping Has Tracking?

Three of the four USPS international shipping options offer tracking features. We’ll be discussing them in detail below.

Priority Mail Express International

Priority Mail Express International is the second fastest of all USPS international shipping services, with a delivery time between three to five days. More exciting is the fact that is relatively economical.

Priority Mail Express International offers free flat-rate envelopes up to packages weighing up to 4 lbs and 70 lbs. The average shipping cost for this service starts at $47.95.

Global Express Guaranteed

This service tracks packages using the Track and Confirm tool offered by USPS. A customer only has to provide the tracking number of their package on the tool. The average shipping cost of Global Express Guaranteed starts at $67.80.

Global Express Guaranteed is the fastest USPS international shipping service, with a delivery time between one to three business days (one business day for most locations in Canada). 

Priority Mail International

Priority Mail International offers free shipping supplies and flat-rate options. It is also the most economical USPS international shipping option with a tracking feature.

However, it has the longest delivery period – between six to ten business days. Its tracking feature is only available to select locations. Customers can ship up to 4 lbs, 20 lbs, and 70 lbs based on the size of the box.

How Does USPS International Shipping Work?

USPS has a range of shipping services that can be used to ship packages to locations outside of the US. Note that the prices vary for different services.

Typical factors that determine the price of the shipping service include the speed of delivery, availability of package tracking, and the level of protection among others.

The table below shows the different international shipping services and the expected period it takes for delivery. Note that the number of days may vary due to destination, origin, and custom delays.

Shipping ServicesShipping time
Global Express Guaranteed®Varies between one to three business days
Priority Mail International®Varies between six to ten business days
Priority Mail Express International®Varies between three to five business days
First-Class Package International Service®Varies based on package destination

Of the services outlined above, services in which USPS track package internationally are Priority Mail International®, Priority Mail Express International®, and Global Express Guaranteed®. 

International tracking services are not available for shipments sent using the First-Class Package International Service®.

How to Prepare your USPS International Package

Before you worry about which shipping options allow USPS track package, you might want to know how to get your shipment ready for delivery before dropping it off.

1. First off, put your package in a sturdy box that can withstand whatever strain comes with an overseas trip. 

2. Make sure to add cushioning in the box and do well to remove any old labels on the box if it had been used previously.

3. Attach notes detailing each of the items in the package, including its weight and money worth. This information will be needed at customs.

4. Tape the box, making sure that all sides are flat. Apply reinforcements on flaps using packing tape.

5. Write the delivery address at the center of the package using the address format applicable to the destination country. 

6. Include your return address at the top right corner of the package. The right-hand side will be used for postage.

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Bottom Line

USPS offers shipping to select international destinations, with up to 180 countries via several of its shipping services.

However, not all of them offer the USPS track package feature. Shipping services that allow customers to track their packages are Priority Mail Express International, Global Express Guaranteed, and Priority Mail International.

The prices of these services differ with the shipping delivery time and the size of the package. If you have a low budget, then you should go for Priority Global International. 

Note, however, that it takes the longest delivery period. For quick deliveries, go for Global Express Guaranteed but keep in mind that you’ll have to pay more.

So, there you go with all the information you need about international deliveries and package tracking with USPS. Do well to choose an option that best fits your budget and needs.

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