USPS Lost Package Claim

How to File USPS Lost Package Claim?

Nobody would willingly want to go through the harrowing procedure of filing a USPS lost package claim. Of course, you could focus your time, finances, and energy on other pursuits. Regardless, situations like these could affect anyone. So, you’d better be armed with the right information in case you’re hit. Learn how to go about the process below.

USPS Lost Package Claim

The owner of a missing or lost package may file a USPS lost package claim. Filing a lost package claim usually starts on the USPS claims website.

Either the sender or the receiver of an affected package can file a USPS lost package claim. Claimants may receive a  refund for their lost, stolen, or damaged package.

However, receiving a refund from USPS for your affected package can only happen if the USPS shipping service you used in filing the package had insurance.

Some USPS mailing services that include insurance are Priority Mail Express, First Class Mail, and Global Express Guaranteed.


What to do if USPS loses my Package?

If you receive a delivery message when your package has not been received, there are several things you can do to find your package or get a refund.

However, if your package was not insured, you’re out of luck. Whether or not your package was insured, you can take any of the steps listed below before you file a USPS lost package claim (if your package was insured):

1. Complete the USPS help request form. Chances are your package probably got involved in a mix at the local post office. Filling out and submitting the help request form initiates a search at the local post office where they may find your package.

2. Submit a missing mail search request. This should be done if your package isn’t found within a week from when you submitted the help request form. You can submit the missing mail request search online.

How do I Submit the USPS Help Request Form?

1. Locate the Help Request Form on the USPS website.

2. Provide the requested information in the displayed fields; this usually includes the package’s tracking number, the type and class of USPS mailing service used, the content of the package, the value, and other relevant information about the package.

3. After providing all the required information, click “Next”.

4. On the following page provide the names and addresses of the sender and recipient of the package, then click “Next”.

5. The next page will request your name and address; provide them.

6. Select a means by which you would like USPS to reach out to you.

7. Clicking on the “Finish” button finalizes the process and sends the request to the appropriate quarters.

How Do I Submit the USPS Missing Mail Search Request?

If your package isn’t found and sent to you within a week from the day you submitted the help request form, you can take things up by submitting a missing mail request.

1. Visit the USPS website. You can sign up for a new account if you don’t have one (which is unlikely because you’d need an account to even print your shipping label before shipping). 

2. Go to the Missing Mail Section of the USPS website and furnish the provided fields with the requested information.

3. Information typically requested includes receipts, mailing dates, tracking numbers, and other identifying information about the package.

4. You may also have to provide insurance information about the mail, the content of the mail, and the address to which the mail should be sent if found.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and read the disclaimer notice before checking the box to give your consent.

6. Click “Verify Address”, then proceed to review the information displayed on the following page.

7. Click “Submit”.

How Do I File a USPS Lost Package Claim?

If your package had no insurance on it, it would be no use going forward with a USPS lost package claim. You can file the claim either electronically or via mail. 

Customers must file their USPS lost package claim immediately after they find out that their package is lost or stolen but within 60 days from the date of mailing. If the claim is paid, USPS also reimburses the mailer for the cost of postage.

How to File USPS Lost Package Claim Online

1. Visit the USPS domestic claims website

2. Sign in with your username and password

3. Provide the label/tracking number, address information, shipping date, and claim details in the appropriate fields.

4. Select a reason for filing the claim (damaged, missing, etc.).

5. Upload proof of package worth such as purchase receipt (in PDF or JPEG format).

6. Enter insurance fees (if required) and upload evidence of insurance such as a mailing receipt in the accepted file format.

7. Review your claim information and click on the “Submit” button.

Make sure to keep evidence of insurance until your claim has been resolved.

How to File USPS Lost Package Claim By Mail

The main method of filing a USPS lost package claim is online. However, only use this method if you are unable to use the online method.

The mail method allows you to request the United States Postal Service to mail a copy of the domestic mail form. Upon receiving the mail, fill out the form with the requested information. 

Attach (photocopies of) all required documentation such as labels and receipts before mailing it back to the appropriate office.

What is The Timeline for Filing USPS Lost Package Claims?

Different timelines for filing claims are applicable to the different mailing services provided by USPS. While most USPS lost package claims can only be considered within 60 days from the date of shipping, certain services allow longer periods of up to 180 days and a year.

Mail ServiceNo Sooner ThanNot Later Than
Priority Mail Express (PME)7 days60 days
PME Collect on Delivery15 days60 days
Registered Mail (RM)15 days60 days
RM Collect on Delivery15 days60 days
Priority Mail and Other Insured Mail (PMOIM)15 days60 days
PMOIM Collect on Delivery15 days60 days
APO/FPO Priority Mail Express Military21 days180 days
APO/FPO/DPO Insured Mail and Registered Mail (First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, SAM, or PAL)45 daysOne year
APO/FPO/DPO Insured Mail (Surface Only)One year


Final Words

Filing a USPS lost package claim is one route nobody wants to take. In the event that your lost or damaged package wasn’t insured, you can imagine the loss you would have to face.

So, it is best that you go the extra length of paying the fees required for USPS mailing services that include package insurance.

USPS usually handles lost package claims within 5–10 days after receipt. But before you file a lost package claim, submit a search request or help request form.

If the package was misplaced at the local post office, taking any of the above steps narrows down the waiting period as it could be easily found and returned to you.

Do well to note the timeline for claims applicable to your chosen USPS mailing service before filing your USPS lost package claim.

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