How to Schedule a FedEx Pickup

How to Schedule a FedEx Pickup With a Prepaid Label

How to schedule a FedEx pickup comes in handy when you place an order with FedEx and for some reason, you need to pick it up. Not many people know how to do this and that is where we come in. You will find out how to schedule a FedEx pickup as you read through and a lot more.

How to Schedule a FedEx Pickup

FedEx Pickup is a unique service offered by FedEx, where a FedEx delivery driver collects shipments directly from my warehouse or residence at a predetermined date and time.

Scheduling the pickup time in advance allows me ample time to organize my packaging for the shipment.

Knowing the pickup time in advance enables me to efficiently prepare my items, ensuring a seamless pickup process when the FedEx truck arrives at my doorstep.


Here is how to schedule a FedEx Pickup:

1. Schedule a Pickup While Creating a Label with FedEx Ship Manager

To get started, you’ll need to either create an account or log in to your existing one. Once that’s done, follow these steps:

  • Generate your shipping label.
  • While creating your shipping label, submit your pickup request.
  • On the FedEx website, navigate to the “Shipping” section and choose “Create a Shipment” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the necessary shipment details on the FedEx Ship Manager shipping screen.
  • If the Pickup/Drop-off section on the shipping screen is not visible, click the “Edit” link to access available options.
  • Select a pickup or drop-off point

2. Schedule a New Pickup Without Creating a Label

On the FedEx website, navigate to the “Shipping” section and choose “Schedule & Manage Pickups” from the drop-down menu to explore the different scheduling choices available.

Alternatively, you can bypass this step by logging into your account and directly accessing the “Scheduling a Pickup” option.

Once you’ve chosen this, you’ll be directed to the Pickup screen. There, you should complete the necessary fields as outlined below and specify the type of service required for your package.

3. Edit a Previously Scheduled Pickup with Shipment

  • Select “Utilize a pre-scheduled pickup at my location.” If there exists a confirmation number from a prior pickup arrangement for the chosen service, it will appear as a clickable link.
  • Simply click on the highlighted confirmation number to reveal the pickup particulars. If you wish to make any adjustments to the pickup, go ahead and do so.
  • After making your desired modifications, click the “Save Changes” button to confirm and update the pickup request.

4. Drop Off Your Package on the Way

Interested in bypassing a pickup and delivering your package personally? Explore a variety of convenient alternatives:

  • Visit a FedEx Office location for a drop-off.
  • Utilize the pick-up and drop-off services at our partner retailers, including Walgreens.
  • Make use of drop boxes, which offer 24/7 drop-off options for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx SmartPost.
  • Access 24-hour lockers through FedEx Ship&Get® self-service lockers for added flexibility.

Types of Service for Pickup

There are different types of services for pick up and they are:

1. FedEx Express Pickup

There is a fee for requesting a FedEx Express Pickup, which is known as the Courier Pickup Charge.

This charge is applicable for pickup requests made through various channels, including and FedEx Customer Service. You can find detailed information about this fee in the Shipping Fees section.

2. FedEx Ground Pickup

FedEx Ground offers pickup service when requested, subject to an extra fee.

Customers with regularly scheduled pickups are subject to a Weekly Pickup Fee, which is applied to the account linked to their scheduled pickup.

For customers without regularly scheduled pickups, there is an on-call pickup charge per package, but this charge is waived if you drop off your package at a FedEx shipping location.

Moreover, the on-call pickup charges do not apply when using the FedEx SmartPost® Print Return Label, FedEx SmartPost® EMail Return Label, or the FedEx Ground® Package Returns Program for pickups.

In the case of regularly scheduled pickup customers, FedEx can provide pickup service at an address different from the FedEx Ground account’s shipping location for an additional Alternate Address Pickup charge, which is assessed on a per unique address per week basis.

3. FedEx Express Freight Pickup

Choose this option if your package exceeds a weight of 150 pounds. You have the ability to arrange a freight pickup, but it’s exclusively available for the current day.

It’s essential to have your packages prepared and ready at least two (2) hours before your company’s closing time. The latest acceptable pickup/departure time for FedEx depends on your location and the destination of your package.

While it’s possible to generate labels for shipments on future days and reserve space in advance during the booking process, scheduling a freight pickup is only feasible for the actual shipping day.

For domestic shipments weighing less than 151 pounds, you can select either FedEx Express or FedEx Ground as your shipping method.



Scheduling a FedEx pickup can be a convenient and efficient way to manage your shipments.

Whether you need to pick up a package from your location or drop it off yourself, FedEx offers various options to suit your needs.

You can schedule a pickup while creating a label, schedule one separately, or edit a previously arranged pickup.

Different types of pickup services are available, including FedEx Express Pickup and FedEx Ground Pickup, each with its own set of charges and considerations.

So, whether you’re sending a heavy freight shipment or a smaller package, FedEx has you covered with a range of pickup solutions to make your shipping process smoother and more tailored to your requirements.

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