UPS International Shipping Rates

What are the UPS International Shipping Rates?

When shipping packages internationally using UPS, the UPS international rates are the most essential thing that you could consider. What better place to know the UPS international shipping rate than here? As you read through, we will be showing what the rates are.

UPS International Shipping Rates

The significance of UPS shipping rates extends to businesses of all scales. United Parcel Service America, Inc., often abbreviated as UPS, stands as a prominent parcel delivery service originating from the United States, with a reach spanning nearly every corner of the globe.

Operating with a substantial daily package volume averaging 15,000,000, UPS has established itself as a reliable choice for numerous merchants and customers worldwide.

Their extensive global network and commendable customer satisfaction rating contribute to their popularity.

UPS is recognized for offering competitive rates in exchange for the services they provide.

Interestingly, even the United States Postal Service (USPS) occasionally relies on UPS and other international carriers to assist in the delivery of its express domestic and international parcels.

Below is a table of the UPS International Shipping rate though they may vary with respect to the locations as we will see much later:

UPS PackageRegular PackagePackage Over 150 Pounds
UPS GroundFrom $10.10 to $856.00From $0.69 to $5.71 (price-per-pound).
UPS 2nd Day AirFrom $21.64 to $1,139.60From $1.64 to $7.60 (price-per-pound).
UPS Next Day Air Early From $65.00 to $1,742.67From $2.68 to $11.42 (price-per-pound).
UPS Next Day Air From $35.00 to $1,750.83.From $2.68 to $11.67 (price-per-pound).
UPS Next Day Air Saver From $31.71 to $1,489.25.From $2.53 to $9.93 (price-per-pound). 
UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.From $23.64 to $1,311.73.From $1.85 to $8.74 (price-per-pound). 
UPS 3 Day Select From $13.66 to $827.47.From $1.23 to $5.52 (price-per-pound).
UPS Ground with Freight Pricing$99.50 per shipment 

Standard Rates for UPS Flat Rate Shipping

UPS provides a flat-rate shipping option called UPS Simple Rate. To find the cost of shipping using UPS Simple Rate, please consult the relevant chart below:

UPS Simple Rate Pricing for Shipments Within the 48 Contiguous States (Excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

 Delivery Speed
UPS Simple Rate Package SizeWithin 5 DaysWithin 3 Business DaysSecond Day Delivery Next Day Delivery
Extra Small$10.20$17.70$20.05$29.40
Large $21.05$41.05$54.45$63.00
Extra Large$26.05$51.50$70.60$81.40

Note: These prices are accurate as of March 2023.


The Role of Package Weight in UPS Pricing

Weight is the foundational factor in UPS rate calculations for shipping labels, mirroring the practice of most other carriers.

As the weight of a package surpasses a pound threshold, the rate escalates. UPS has established a maximum package weight limit of 150 pounds.

The Influence of Package Dimensions on UPS Rates

Package dimensions play a significant role in shaping shipping costs, often acting as an upper limit for parcel size.

Smaller packages tend to incur notably lower expenses compared to their larger counterparts. Considering the combined length and girth, UPS imposes a maximum size constraint of 165 inches.

UPS Rates Based on Delivery Destination

UPS employs geographical zones to determine the base rate for domestic parcels, where higher zones correspond to higher rates.

Moreover, UPS introduces additional surcharges, including Residential, Fuel, Extended Area, Remote Area, and Saturday delivery fees, which can further augment the cost of a shipping label.



UPS international shipping rates hold significant importance for businesses and individuals shipping packages globally. UPS, with its extensive reach and commendable reputation, is a reliable choice in the world of parcel delivery, handling a substantial daily package volume.

Factors such as package weight and dimensions play a pivotal role in determining UPS rates, while delivery destination influences base rates through geographical zones.

Various surcharges, including Residential, Fuel, Extended Area, Remote Area, and Saturday delivery fees, can further impact shipping label costs.

For the most up-to-date rates, it’s advisable to check with UPS, keeping in mind that accurate pricing may vary depending on specific locations and circumstances.

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