Do All Ups Packages Have Tracking?

Do All UPS Packages Have Tracking?

Do you want to track your package and you are wondering do all UPS packages have tracking? In this article, you’ll find out. UPS services are known to offer its customers guaranteed day-definite and time-definite worldwide delivery services, based mainly on the shipment’s destination.

UPS Tracking offers several ways to track and provides convenient ways to stay informed of the current status, unexpected delays, and ultimately the delivery of your shipment. If you do not have a valid tracking number, there might be difficulty in delivering your package.

Tracking is available for all services to avoid the misplacement of the package. You’ll feel confident and have peace of mind knowing that you have the most up-to-date information when you use our enhanced tracking options.


When creating a shipment, you can assign a reference like a purchase order number or customer number (up to 35 characters) to help track shipments without entering tracking numbers.

Do All UPS Packages Have Tracking?

The easiest way to track your package is with your unique tracking number. UPS usually sends it to you in a confirmation email or SMS. If you do not have your tracking number, reach out to the sender for more information about your delivery.

If you do not have a tracking number for your package, don’t panic, you can track your package on the UPS package tracker using a package ID, a US Postal Service IMPB, or a reference number. These will help you gain access to your package.

Every registered parcel that is sent with UPS will be assigned a UPS tracking number. You will receive your UPS tracking number either directly from the company (if you have purchased UPS delivery services directly, either by pickup or drop off at a UPS store or online).

How to Track a USPS Package Without a Tracking Number 

Since you need a number to track a package, and USPS agents can’t help you recover a tracking number, you’re out of luck if you lose it. If the package doesn’t arrive, you can file a Missing Mail search request.

To do that, you need the mailer’s address and the recipient’s address, the date of mailing, and a description of the package. The best way to track a package without a tracking number is by setting up a USPS Informed Delivery Account.

It allows you to digitally preview your mail, manage package deliveries, and track your packages. Best of all, it doesn’t cost anything. See the methods below.

  • Set up a USPS account.
  • Go to the Sign Up for Free section of Informed Delivery at USPS
  • Enter your address to determine if it is eligible for Informed Delivery. If your address is eligible, log in to your account and select “Informed Delivery” in the top right of your profile page.
  • Select “Enroll” and scroll down to the Informed Delivery box under “Account Management.” 
  • Select the appropriate boxes to agree to the terms and conditions and certify your address, then select “Enroll in Informed Delivery” to continue.
  • Complete the identity verification questions, if you didn’t when setting up your account.


you can easily track your parcels from any order shipping of any courier in the world and check their location. Here UPS sends a confirmation email or SMS to you on when and how to get your package.

No need to look around to find out which post picked up and where is your mail or package and you will never be confronted with a foreign post office track and trace website that is not translated into your language again.

Asides from using a tracking number to track a parcel, other ways like using a package ID, a US Postal Service IMPB, or a reference number were mentioned.

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