How Much is Walmart Plus Membership?

How much is Walmart Plus? Find out the cost of Walmart Plus membership, a subscription service that offers benefits such as free delivery, fuel discounts, and more. Discover the pricing details and decide if the membership is right for you.

Walmart Plus membership is a subscription service offered by Walmart, one of the largest retail chains in the world. 

This membership program provides customers with a range of benefits and perks designed to enhance their shopping experience. One common question that arises when considering Walmart Plus is the cost of membership. 

Read on to learn the pricing structure of Walmart Plus membership and the value it offers to subscribers. 

By understanding the cost and benefits associated with Walmart Plus, you can make an informed decision about whether this membership is a worthwhile investment for your shopping needs.


What is Walmart Plus Membership?

Walmart Plus Membership, often referred to simply as Walmart Plus, is a subscription service offered by the retail giant Walmart. 

It is designed to provide its members with an enhanced shopping experience by offering a wide range of benefits, all for a reasonable monthly or annual fee.

Five Types of Walmart Plus Membership?

Let’s kick things off with the question on everyone’s mind, how much does a Walmart Plus Membership cost? To help you navigate this, we have divided the cost structure into various types and membership plans.

Here are the five types of Walmart Plus Membership:

1. Basic Walmart Plus Membership

Price: $12.95 per month or $98 per year.

The Basic Walmart Plus Membership is your gateway to a world of convenience. For just $12.95 a month or $98 a year, you gain access to unlimited free delivery from your local Walmart store. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of hauling heavy bags or waiting in long checkout lines. This membership is the epitome of convenience.

But that’s not all. The Basic Membership also offers added savings on fuel purchases. Every penny counts, and with Walmart Plus, you’ll find yourself saving more on both time and money.

2. Walmart Plus Walmart+Rx for Less Membership

Price: $21.90 per month or $175 per year.

For those seeking a more comprehensive shopping experience, the Walmart Plus Walmart+Rx for Less Membership is a top choice. 

Priced at $21.90 per month or $175 per year, this membership includes all the benefits of the basic plan.

What sets it apart is the added savings on prescription medications. Health expenses can be a burden, but with Walmart Plus, you can ease the strain on your wallet while enjoying free deliveries and fuel savings.

3. Walmart Plus Walmart+Rx for Less Membership with Fuel

Price: $21.90 per month or $175 per year.

Imagine a membership that covers all your shopping needs, from groceries to prescriptions, and even fuel. That’s precisely what the Walmart Plus Walmart+Rx for Less Membership with Fuel offers. 

Priced at $21.90 per month or $175 per year, this plan is a one-stop solution for your shopping and fueling needs.

With this membership, you can enjoy the full range of Walmart Plus benefits, including prescription medication discounts and fuel savings. It’s the perfect choice for those who want it all.

4. Walmart Plus Walmart+Rx for Less Membership with Groceries

Price: $19.95 per month or $160 per year.

If your shopping list often includes groceries, the Walmart Plus Walmart+Rx for Less Membership with Groceries is tailor-made for you. 

For $19.95 per month or $160 per year, you can enjoy all the features of the basic membership, along with additional discounts on groceries.

Saving on essentials has never been easier. With this membership, you can stock up on groceries without emptying your wallet.

5. Walmart Plus Walmart+Rx for Less Membership with Fuel and Groceries

Price: $19.95 per month or $160 per year.

For the ultimate shopping experience that combines convenience, savings, and variety, look no further than the Walmart Plus Walmart+Rx for Less Membership with Fuel and Groceries. 

Priced at $19.95 per month or $160 per year, this membership plan is a game-changer.

It combines all the benefits of Walmart Plus, from fuel savings to discounts on groceries and prescription medications. This means you can enjoy a complete shopping experience without compromise.

Savings You Can Enjoy with Walmart Plus Membership

Now that we’ve covered the cost, let’s discuss the substantial savings you can enjoy as a Walmart Plus member.

1. Free Delivery

Unlimited free delivery from your local Walmart store is undoubtedly one of the standout features of the Walmart Plus membership. 

This perk alone can result in substantial savings on your shipping costs when making online purchases. No more worrying about delivery fees eating into your budget. Here’s how it works:

Imagine you frequently shop online for household essentials, electronics, or even gifts. Without Walmart Plus, delivery charges can add up over time, making your purchases more expensive than they need to be. 

However, as a Walmart Plus member, you get free, unlimited delivery on thousands of items with a minimum purchase requirement. 

This means more money stays in your pocket, making every online shopping experience a truly cost-effective one.

2. Fuel Discounts

Depending on your chosen Walmart Plus membership tier, you can enjoy significant savings when filling up your gas tank. 

Fuel costs can be a significant expense for many households, but with Walmart Plus, you have the opportunity to keep those costs in check. Here’s how:

Let’s say you’re a frequent commuter or enjoy road trips with your family. Fuel expenses can quickly become a burden. However, Walmart Plus offers exclusive discounts on fuel at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations. 

By choosing the appropriate membership tier, you can potentially save cents per gallon every time you fill up. 

These savings may seem small individually, but they add up significantly over time, allowing you to allocate your hard-earned money to more enjoyable pursuits.

3. Prescription Medication Savings

Healthcare costs can be a substantial financial burden for individuals and families. 

Walmart Plus members with the Walmart+Rx for Less benefit can enjoy significant discounts on prescription medications, lightening the load on their healthcare expenses. Here’s how it can benefit you:

Prescription medications are a necessity for many people, and the costs can be overwhelming, even with insurance. However, Walmart Plus members can access lower prices on thousands of commonly prescribed medications. 

This means more money in your pocket, better access to the medications you need, and improved overall well-being. When your health and finances align, it’s a win-win situation.

4. Grocery Discounts

If you opt for the Walmart Plus membership that includes groceries, you’re in for a treat. 

This feature not only adds convenience to your grocery shopping but also offers additional savings when restocking your pantry. Here’s how it works:

Frequent trips to the grocery store are a reality for most of us, and these expenses can quickly accumulate. However, with Walmart Plus, you gain access to member-only prices on fresh produce and other grocery items. 

Plus, you can benefit from free delivery on groceries, making your shopping experience more efficient and cost-effective. 

Whether you’re buying groceries for a small household or a bustling family, these discounts and perks can make a noticeable difference in your monthly budget.


How to Get a Walmart Plus Membership

Getting a Walmart Plus Membership is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few easy steps. Follow this guide to start enjoying the numerous benefits today:

1. Visit the Walmart Plus Website

Begin by visiting the official Walmart Plus website. You can access it through your web browser on your computer or mobile device.

2. Sign In or Create an Account

If you already have a Walmart account, sign in using your credentials. If not, you’ll need to create an account, providing your name, email address, and a secure password.

3. Navigate to Walmart Plus Membership

Once you’re signed in, navigate to the Walmart Plus Membership section. You can usually find it in the top menu or by searching for “Walmart Plus” in the search bar.

4. Choose Your Membership Plan

Walmart offers two membership plans: the standard plan and the discounted plan for Walmart employees. Select the plan that suits you best.

5. Enter Your Payment Information

To complete the registration process, you’ll need to enter your payment information. Walmart Plus accepts various payment methods, including credit cards and debit cards.

6. Confirm Your Membership

Review your membership details, including the terms and conditions, before confirming your subscription.

7. Enjoy the Benefits

Once your membership is confirmed, you can immediately start enjoying the benefits of Walmart Plus, including free delivery, member-only prices, and more.


In conclusion, Walmart Plus Membership offers incredible value for shoppers. By answering the question, “How Much is Walmart Plus Membership?” We’ve unveiled the various pricing options and the substantial savings they bring. 

Whether you’re looking for free delivery, fuel discounts, or savings on prescription medications and groceries, Walmart Plus has you covered. So, why wait? Elevate your shopping experience with a Walmart Plus Membership today!

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