Does UPS Ground Deliver on Saturday

Does UPS Ground Deliver on Saturday?

Asking, Does UPS Ground deliver on Saturday is a familiar question and that is expected from a businessman or woman. Not everyone has the luxury of getting everything done on weekdays hence the necessity of weekends. As you read on, we will show you how the UPS groundworks on Saturday.

Does UPS Ground Deliver on Saturday?

Certainly, UPS Ground does indeed carry out deliveries on Sundays. The scope of their activities on Saturdays encompasses not only package delivery but also package pickup services.

Effective immediately, UPS Ground packages gathered on Saturdays can now be delivered as early as Monday, eliminating the need for businesses to pause their order processing on Fridays.

It’s worth noting that UPS has traditionally provided Saturday delivery options for UPS Express and international shipments.

For residential customers, this presents the advantage of receiving Ground shipments two days earlier, without incurring any additional processing or costs on the sender’s side.

However, it’s important to be aware that UPS does not extend Saturday delivery services to all locations. To determine if your location is included, please continue reading.


Where Do UPS Deliver on Saturday?

UPS extends Saturday delivery services to households in over 100 metropolitan areas across the United States.

Qualifying residential packages will now be delivered on Saturday, a substantial two days earlier, without any additional expenses or the need to make changes to labels, systems, or order processing.

Saturday deliveries are accessible to approximately 85% of individuals residing in densely populated postal code areas. For ground delivery of residential packages, there are no supplementary fees.

USPS, on the other hand, will provide Saturday SurePost and Sunday SurePost deliveries in specific regions throughout the United States.

Remarkably, UPS is the exclusive major carrier that offers Saturday ground deliveries for businesses, albeit subject to a fee of $4 per package.

Nevertheless, customers have the option to benefit from free delivery by choosing UPS’s commercial delivery services and scheduling a Saturday pickup.

How Long Does it Take for a UPS Ground to Arrive?

The time it takes for a UPS Ground package to reach its destination can vary due to several factors, such as the :

1. Distance the package must travel,

2. Locations of the starting point and destination,

3. Chosen shipping route, and the possibility of any delays.

Nonetheless, UPS Ground generally offers dependable and cost-effective service for shipments within the United States. Here are some general pointers:

1. Regional Shipments

If your packages are journeying through multiple states but not traversing the entire country, you can anticipate their arrival within a span of 2 to 5 business days.

2. Local Shipments

When sending a package within the same state or to neighboring states, UPS Ground deliveries frequently reach their destination in 1 to 3 business days.

3. Cross-Country Shipments

When shipping over a vast expanse from one coast to another or covering a substantial distance, UPS Ground deliveries typically require 5 to 7 business days, or possibly a bit longer.

4. Customized Delivery Options

UPS offers a range of services that empower you to manage your delivery experience, such as UPS My Choice, enabling you to reschedule deliveries to align with your timetable.

For the most accurate estimate concerning your specific shipment, you can either utilize the UPS website or contact UPS customer service, providing them with your tracking number.

It’s important to bear in mind that these are general methods, and actual delivery times may vary based on the factors mentioned earlier.



UPS Ground has expanded its services to include Saturday deliveries, making it a convenient option for businesses and residential customers alike.

This enhancement allows packages to be delivered as early as Monday when collected on Saturdays, eliminating the need for order processing interruptions on Fridays.

While UPS extends this service to numerous metropolitan areas, it’s essential to note that not all locations are covered.

Delivery times may vary based on factors like distance, location, and chosen routes. To gain more precise information about your specific shipment, you can use UPS’s online tools or contact their customer service with your tracking number.

UPS also provides customization options for managing your delivery experience, including rescheduling deliveries to suit your schedule.

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