UPS SurePost vs FedEx SmartPost

UPS SurePost vs FedEx SmartPost – Pros and Cons

With shipping as a crucial part of today’s business, having the UPS Surepost vs Fedex SmartPost is long overdue. As you read through, we will tell you about their modus operandi, activities, and pros and cons.

UPS SurePost vs FedEx SmartPost

UPS SurePost vs FedEx SmartPost

In the ever-evolving world of shipping and delivery, companies like UPS and FedEx continuously innovate to meet the growing demands of consumers and businesses alike.

UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost are both collaboration services between UPS and the United States Postal Service (USPS) and FedEx and USPS, respectively.

These services allow packages to be efficiently transported to USPS or FedEx facilities near the final destination, and then the USPS takes care of the last-mile delivery.


What are UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost?

What are UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost

UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost are hybrid shipping services that leverage the strengths of each carrier involved.

The goal is to provide an economical shipping solution for lightweight, non-time-sensitive packages, especially in the e-commerce sector.

These services offer competitive pricing compared to traditional ground shipping options.

UPS SurePost

UPS SurePost is a residential, economy ground service provided by UPS. It combines the reliability of UPS with the final delivery being handled by the USPS.

SurePost ensures faster delivery by dropping the package off at the nearest USPS regional hub. Here are some benefits of using UPS SurePost:

1. Cost Savings

UPS SurePost offers cheaper rates compared to UPS ground post, and the rates are based on the mail class rather than just the dimensions of the package.

2. Saturday Delivery

With UPS SurePost, you can enjoy Saturday (weekend) delivery without any additional cost.

3. Shipment Tracking

When using UPS SurePost, you can easily track your orders using the tracking numbers provided by UPS. Even when the USPS handles the last mile of delivery, the tracking number remains the same.

4. Shipment Drop Off

UPS SurePost provides the convenience of dropping off shipments at any staffed office of UPS.

5. Easy Delivery to P.O. Boxes

While UPS traditionally does not deliver to P.O. Boxes, using UPS SurePost allows for easier delivery to these addresses through a partnership with USPS.

6. Estimated Delivery Time

By default, UPS SurePost offers an estimated delivery time of 2-7 days.

You can enable the estimated delivery dates for your UPS SurePost shipping service on your WooCommerce store using the WooCommerce EasyPost shipping plugin, which allows you to display the estimated delivery date to your customers easily.

FedEx SmartPost

FedEx SmartPost

FedEx SmartPost is an economical solution for managing residential shipping expenses.

It provides a cost-effective way for retailers to ship items, similar to UPS SurePost, by utilizing USPS assistance for the final stage of delivery.

Packages are either collected or sent to FedEx offices for shipping, where they undergo sorting and scheduling for delivery.

Upon reaching the destination area, the FedEx SmartPost packages are transferred to USPS offices for last-mile delivery to the customers.

Here are the benefits of FedEx SmartPost:

1. Cost Savings

With USPS handling the last-leg delivery, there are no additional charges incurred, benefiting both FedEx and customers.

It is particularly advantageous for bulk shipping, making it a popular choice among businesses to ship items in a cost-effective manner, ultimately reducing shipping costs.

2. Saturday Delivery

FedEx provides 6-day delivery, including Saturdays, making it convenient to receive packages on weekends as well.

3. Smart Tracking

FedEx offers efficient shipment tracking, alleviating customer concerns.

By integrating your store with FedEx shipment tracking and label generation using a WooCommerce Shipping plugin like EasyPost, customers can easily track their shipments.

The tracking information is updated when FedEx hands over the package to USPS, and a new tracking number is issued for active USPS delivery.

4. Easy Drop-Off

FedEx allows you to drop off packages at any of their office locations, providing flexibility and convenience.

5. Delivery to P.O. Boxes

The integration with USPS enables FedEx to deliver to P.O. boxes, expanding delivery options for customers.

6. Estimated Delivery Time

Typically, FedEx SmartPost takes 2-7 days for delivery. By displaying the estimated delivery date on your store’s cart and checkout page using FedEx services, you can reduce customer concerns about shipping times.

Advantages of UPS SurePost and FedEx Smart Post

By utilizing USPS for the final mile delivery and thereby minimizing the associated expenses, UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost become a preferred choice for numerous businesses.

Here are the key benefits of employing these services:

1. The services contribute to reducing overall costs significantly.

2. They offer the convenience of Saturday deliveries.

3. Businesses can avoid additional fees for residential deliveries.

4. They facilitate easy and efficient delivery to P.O. boxes.

5. Both UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost provide easy drop-off options.

6. They offer top-notch shipment tracking features.

UPS SurePost vs FedEx SmartPost Comparison

UPS SurePost vs FedEx SmartPost Comparison

1. Service Coverage and Delivery Time

When comparing UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost, it is essential to consider their service coverage and delivery time.

Both services cover a vast network across the United States, including remote areas. However, delivery times may vary based on the distance and specific shipping zones.

While neither service offers guaranteed delivery dates, UPS SurePost may have a slight edge in delivery speed in some regions.

2. Package Weight and Size Limitations

UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost are best suited for packages that weigh less than 10 pounds.

However, it’s important to note that UPS SurePost imposes a package size limit of 130 inches for the length and girth combined, while FedEx SmartPost allows packages up to 108 inches in length and girth.

3. Cost Comparison

Cost is a crucial factor when choosing a shipping service. UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost often offer more cost-effective shipping options compared to regular ground shipping.

The final price may depend on various factors, including package weight, size, delivery distance, and additional services.

4. Tracking and Visibility

Both UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost provide tracking capabilities to monitor the status of packages during transit.

Customers can receive updates on their packages’ whereabouts through the carriers’ online tracking systems or mobile apps.

However, it’s worth noting that real-time tracking information might be more readily available for regular UPS and FedEx services.

5. Customer Support

Customer support is another essential aspect to consider when evaluating shipping options.

Both UPS and FedEx are known for their reliable customer service. In case of any issues or inquiries, customers can reach out to either carrier for assistance.

Which One Should You Choose?

Deciding between UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost relies on your specific shipping needs.

If cost-effectiveness is a priority and you are shipping packages that are not time-sensitive, both services are suitable choices.

Nonetheless, if slightly faster delivery times are important, UPS SurePost might be the preferred option, while FedEx SmartPost could be more advantageous for businesses shipping lighter packages.



UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost offer valuable shipping solutions for businesses seeking cost-effective and reliable ways to deliver lightweight packages.

Both services collaborate with USPS to extend their reach, making them competitive choices for e-commerce companies and individuals.

Consider your shipping needs, delivery time preferences, and package specifications to determine which service aligns best with your requirements.

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