Why Does UPS Take So Long to Update Tracking

How Do I Track a Package From China to USA?

Are you a shopper with UPS based in USA that wants to track your package, but you are wondering how do I track a package from China to USA?. Worry less, this article has all the information you need to know about how international packages are tracked.

How do I track a package from China to USA?

If you are sending a package to USA, you will need to use the China Post tracking tool or track with Parcel Monitor’s tracking service for China Post packages. You can track China Post EMS, Registered China Post Airmail, ePacket, and Sea/Air combined parcels from China to the USA via UPS.

You cannot know the exact arrival time of China Post International Parcel. The reason for such an arrival problem is China Post international parcels actually go through a network called Global Postal Union.

The members of this union are postal companies of different countries and most of the countries in the world belong to this union. So parcels from China will go through many of the union member countries before arriving destination.

The destination country post company is responsible for the delivery. Packages shipped using China Post Small Packet cannot be tracked on the UPS tracking tool.


How Do I Track a Package From China to USA?

To track a package from China, you will need an active China Post tracking number. This number helps you track packages with China Post anytime. If you made a purchase from a UPS online store in China, the tracking number displays the order confirmation or package information pages on the online shopping platform.

If you can’t find it, you can contact the merchant to ask for a China Post tracking number. In case you are the sender, China Post staff will provide you with the tracking number which will be unique to just you alone and cannot be duplicated.

With your China Post tracking number, go to Parcel Monitor’s China Post tracking page at https://www.parcelmonitor.com/track-china-post/ and paste your China Post tracking number to see the visibility status of your package.

Why Can’t I Track My China Post Package?

There are several possible reasons for not being able to track a China post package.

1. It may be that your China Post package hasn’t been shipped

2. China Post’s parcel tracking hasn’t been updated. The tracking information becomes available after 2-3 days

3. Your type of package is not eligible for China Post’s tracking service

4. Only the merchant has the right to track packages from China

5. Your China Post tracking number is fake or has expired. If this is the case, kindly check again after a week or contact the merchant for an explanation.

If the China Post tracking result shows as “Logistics Order Created or “Order Information Received” for days with no updates, it is because the merchant hasn’t shipped your package or the package hasn’t been collected yet. You should urge the merchant to send it as soon as possible.


In addition to all that has been said, tracking a package from China to USA is very achievable. Get your purchased items ready, if the items are new please remove the packaging and tags to avoid being taxed.

Go to a China Post office branch that provides international shipping services. You will need a Chinese-speaking person to tag along with you if you do not understand Chinese.

Note, some items are forbidden by China Post so leave your items in an unsealed box for inspection before sealing it with tapes at the China Post office.

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