Use UPS Signature Required

Steps on How to Use UPS Signature Required

Learn how to use UPS Signature Required for secure delivery of your packages. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure your valuable items are safely delivered to the intended recipient.

Use UPS Signature Required

What is UPS Signature Required?

UPS Signature Required is a service offered by UPS that ensures only the intended recipient can receive a package.

With this service, the delivery driver will require a signature from the recipient at the time of delivery. This additional verification step enhances the security and accountability of the shipping process.


Benefits of Using UPS Signature Required

These are the benefits of using UPS Signature Required:

1. UPS Signature Required provides an extra layer of security, ensuring that your package reaches the intended recipient.

2. The recipient’s signature serves as proof that the package was successfully delivered, providing peace of mind for both the sender and the recipient.

3. UPS Signature Required ensures that only the intended recipient can receive the package, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorized access.

4. By using UPS Signature Required, you may be eligible for additional liability coverage in case of loss or damage during transit.

How to Use UPS Signature Required for Your Shipment

How to Use UPS Signature Required for Your Shipment

To enable UPS Signature Required for your shipment, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official UPS website or use the UPS mobile app.

2. Sign in to your UPS account. If you don’t have an account, create one—it’s free and easy.

3. Enter the required shipment details, including the destination address and package weight.

4. Select the desired UPS service that offers Signature Required as an option.

5. Check the box indicating that you want to require a signature for delivery.

6. Review and confirm your shipment details.

7. Proceed with the payment and print the shipping label.

Choosing the Right UPS Service

UPS offers a variety of shipping services, each with its own features and pricing. When using UPS Signature Required, it is important to select a service that supports this feature.

Here are some popular UPS services that offer Signature Required:

1. UPS Next Day Air: Guaranteed next-day delivery with Signature Required.

2. UPS 2nd Day Air: Delivery within 2 business days with Signature Required.

3. UPS Ground: Economical ground shipping with Signature Required.

Preparing Your Shipment for UPS Signature Required

To ensure a smooth delivery process with UPS Signature Required, it is essential to properly prepare your shipment. Follow these guidelines:

1. Use sturdy packaging materials to protect the contents of your package during transit.

2. Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap or other protective materials to prevent damage.

3. Securely seal the package with quality packing tape to prevent any accidental opening.

4. Remove any old labels or markings from previous shipments to avoid confusion.

Completing the Necessary Forms

When using UPS Signature Required, certain forms may be required to accompany your shipment. These forms provide important information and ensure that your package is properly handled. Common forms include:

1. UPS shipping label: This label contains information such as the sender’s and recipient’s addresses, tracking number, and service type.

2. Customs forms: If you are shipping internationally, additional customs forms may be necessary. These forms provide details about the contents and value of your shipment.

Scheduling a UPS Pickup

After preparing your shipment, it’s time to schedule a pickup with UPS.

Instead of dropping off your package at a UPS location, you can arrange for a UPS driver to collect it from your desired location. Follow these steps to schedule a pickup:

1. Visit the UPS website or use the UPS mobile app.

2. Sign in to your UPS account.

3. Select the “Schedule a Pickup” option.

4. Provide the necessary details, such as the pickup address and package weight.

5. Choose the desired pickup date and time slot.

6. Review and confirm your pickup request.

7. Await the arrival of the UPS driver at the scheduled pickup time.

Tracking Your UPS Signature Required Shipment

Once your package is in transit, you can easily track its progress using the UPS tracking system.

The tracking number provided on your shipping label allows you to monitor your package’s journey from pickup to delivery.

Visit the UPS website or use the mobile app to enter the tracking number and access real-time updates.

Managing Delivery Exceptions

Managing Delivery Exceptions

In some cases, delivery exceptions may occur. These exceptions can include situations where the recipient is unavailable, the address is incorrect, or there are weather-related delays.

UPS provides options to manage these exceptions and ensure successful delivery.

Steps for Requesting Redelivery

If a delivery attempt is unsuccessful, UPS provides the option to request redelivery. Follow these steps to request redelivery:

1. Visit the UPS website or use the UPS mobile app.

2. Navigate to the tracking section.

3. Enter the tracking number of your shipment.

4. Locate the delivery exception and select the “Request Redelivery” option.

5. Choose the desired redelivery date and provide any necessary instructions.

6. Confirm your redelivery request.

UPS My Choice: A Convenient Option

UPS My Choice is a free service that allows you to customize your UPS deliveries according to your preferences.

By signing up for UPS My Choice, you can gain more control over your UPS Signature Required shipments. Some features of UPS My Choice include:

1. Delivery alerts: Receive notifications about incoming deliveries, including UPS Signature Required packages.

2. Delivery time windows: Select preferred delivery time windows to ensure you are available to receive the package.

3. Leave at a UPS Access Point: Choose to have your package delivered to a nearby UPS Access Point if you are unable to receive it at your address.

Handling a Missed UPS Signature Required Delivery

If you missed a UPS Signature Required delivery, don’t worry. UPS provides options for rescheduling and managing missed deliveries. Follow these steps:

1. Check the UPS tracking system to confirm the missed delivery.

2. Locate the delivery exception details.

3. Choose from the available options, such as requesting redelivery or redirecting the package to a UPS Access Point.

4. Follow the provided instructions to ensure successful delivery.

UPS Access Point: An Alternative Delivery Location

UPS Access Point is a network of convenient locations where you can collect your packages.

If you anticipate being away during the expected delivery time, you can choose to redirect your UPS Signature Required package to a nearby UPS Access Point.

These locations include UPS stores, local businesses, and partner retail stores. Simply select a convenient Access Point during the delivery process and collect your package at a later time that suits you.

Tips for Ensuring a Successful UPS Signature Required Delivery

1. Provide accurate recipient information, including name, address, and contact details.

2. Ensure someone is available to sign for the package at the delivery address during the expected delivery time.

3. Communicate with the recipient about the expected delivery date to avoid any missed deliveries.

4. Consider using UPS My Choice to customize your delivery preferences and receive timely alerts.



Using UPS Signature Required adds an essential layer of security and peace of mind when shipping valuable packages.

By following the outlined steps in this article, you can ensure that your shipments reach the intended recipients safely and securely.

Remember to provide accurate information, properly prepare your packages, and utilize UPS services like UPS My Choice and UPS Access Point for added convenience.

With UPS Signature Required, you can have confidence in the secure delivery of your valuable items.

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