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How Do I Find My USPS Certified Mail Tracking Number?

The USPS Certified Mail tracking number is a unique set of 22 digits used to identify every mailpiece shipped via Certified Mail. With this number, people can track their shipments throughout the shipping process. It can be found in specific paperwork generated during the parcel booking. Continue reading to learn how to find this number.

What is USPS Certified Mail Tracking?

USPS Certified Mail tracking is one of the many services available on Certified Mail. Also, associated with the USPS Certified Mail are services like proof of delivery and mailing papers.

Customers prefer this mailing service to many other USPS services for shipping legal and other time-sensitive and confidential documents because of its level of security and the timeliness of its deliveries.

Unlike mail sent through any of the traditional mailing services, there’s the USPS Certified Mail Tracking option that comes with this package, giving it an extra level of security.

This is made possible by a unique tracking number assigned to packages, which enables both senders and recipients to monitor the package throughout the shipping period.


How Does USPS Certified Mail Tracking Work?

The USPS Certified Mail Tracking option is one of the many outstanding features that make shipping with it preferable. USPS Certified Mail has a delivery timeframe of two to five business days.

It enables package senders and recipients to track the progress of the mail piece. This is made possible by a unique set of digits, known as the tracking number, assigned to every package registered under Certified Mail. 

There are various options by which mail senders recipients can track their packages using the tracking number. 

This can be done on the USPS website, by contacting USPS Customer Service, or by using tracking tools provided on reliable third-party websites.

What can You do With a USPS Tracking Number?

The USPS Certified Mail tracking number can also be used to perform other functions aside from tracking a package:

1. Confirm a package’s delivery

2. Verify that a package was delivered to the right address

3. Find a missing or lost package

4. Verify the signature and date of delivery

5. Request a refund or replacement for a missing, damaged, or stolen package

6. As proof of delivery in the event of a dispute regarding the item’s delivery

7. File a claim for a lost or damaged package.

How do I track international certified mail?

First off, USPS Certified Mail doesn’t make deliveries to locations outside the United States. As such, you can not track International Certified Mail.

You can only use USPS Certified Mail tracking on domestic mail. However, USPS offers other international mailing services that allow mail tracking. 

Common options are First Class Mail, Priority Mail International, Global Express Guaranteed, and Priority Mail Express International.

So, do well to choose an option that best suits the kind of package you wish to ship as well as your budget.

What is the USPS Certified Mail Tracking Number?

The USPS Certified Mail tracking number is a set of numbers assigned to your package during booking. It usually contains 22 digits and is unique for all packages.

Usually found on the shipping label or receipts generated while booking a mailpiece at the post office or online, the tracking number is used to track your mail status and also receive delivery updates.

With the tracking number, you can track the real-time location of your letter or package shipped with USPS Certified Mail. 

The USPS Certified Mail tracking number usually assumes this format: #### #### #### #### #### ##.

How do I Use a Certified Mail Tracking Number?

Mail senders as well as recipients can track their mail packages online using either the USPS official website or third-party websites. 

Keep in mind that most third-party websites usually send tracking updates via email. To track your USPS Certified Mail package using the USPS website, follow the easy steps below:

1. Go to on your browser.

2. Enter the USPS Certified Mail tracking number of the package in the appropriate field.

3. Click on the “Track” button. This will direct you to a page showing the tracking status of the mail.

USPS Certified Mail Tracking Updates?

In the course of tracking a mail package, a person usually comes across various updates. These updates provide crucial information about the delivery status and location of mail.

While some of these updates are straightforward for some people to understand, it may not be so for others. Below are some common tracking updates used both on the USPS official website and other third-party sites and their meanings.

1. In Transit: the mail has left the post office for the intended destination and may have stops on the way.

2. Accepted: the mail has been received by USPS and is being processed for shipping.

3. Out for Delivery: the mail is making its final journey to the recipient’s address.

4. Delivery Attempted: a USPS delivery staff has attempted to deliver the mail to the recipient’s address but nobody was there to sign for the package.

5. Delivered: this update comes up when a delivery was successful; and someone was available to accept the package.


Bottom Line

USPS Certified Mail tracking makes it stand out among other USPS mail services. Note, however, that many other USPS mailing services have the package tracking feature.

Some popular options in this category are First-Class, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, USPS Retail Ground, and Media Mail. USPS Certified Mail has a delivery timeframe of 2-5 days, making it ideal for time-sensitive shipments.

You can find the USPS Certified Mail tracking number on the shipping label generated while booking your package and use it to monitor your package’s delivery status.

If you face difficulties tracking your package online, you can always call the USPS customer service number to get tracking information about your package.

Make sure to keep your tracking number safe just in case there are delivery issues or your package doesn’t get delivered at all. You’ll need it as proof while making your claim. 

Usps Certified Mail Tracking:

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