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How Does India Speed Post Tracking Works

India’s postal service only got one notch more interesting with the introduction of India speed post tracking. Not only are customers able to access swift delivery of their shipments, but they are also able to monitor the real-time location of their packages throughout the shipping process. Read more to learn how this service works.

What is India Speed Post Tracking?

India Speed Post shipments usually take between 24 to 72 hours to arrive at their destination. This delivery timeframe varies based on the accessibility of the delivery destination.

With the India Speed Post tracking, people can monitor the location of their packages all through the transit period. 

This can be done using unique tracking numbers assigned to different packages during the booking process. Identifying the tracking number of your package shouldn’t be difficult.

The tracking number usually starts with the letter “E”, indicating that Speed Post is an Electronic Mail Service (EMS). The first letter is then followed by another capital letter. 

It is then followed by a string of numbers and ends with the capital letters “I” and “N”, indicating India’s country code. A typical example of the Speed Post tracking number is EE413871918IN.


How Do I Track India Speed Post Packages?

To start your India Speed Post tracking, you first need your package’s tracking number. You’ll find this 13-digit number on the receipt you got while booking your parcel.

In this age of mobile devices, you can track your parcel using multiple methods: via SMS or the India Speed Post tracking website. Below are easy steps to use any of the two methods.

India Speed Post Tracking Website

1. Visit the India Speed Post Tracking website.

2. Enter the tracking number on your parcel booking receipt in the appropriate space provided..

3. After providing the tracking number, follow the prompts on your screen to view the journey of the parcel through the postal system such as when it was dispatched, when it reached the processing centers, and when it has been sent out for delivery.

4. The system will also show the current location of the package and the expected delivery date of the parcel.

SMS Tracking

This service can be used on all mobile network operators in India. Without an internet connection, you can track your package by sending a simple text message.

1. Go to your SMS app and create a new message with the message: ‘POST TRACK’, followed by your tracking number. The message should look like this: “POST TRACK EE987654321IN”.

2. Ensure that all letters contained in the message are capitalized as this service is case-sensitive.

3. Send the SMS to 51969 or 166. You should receive a reply informing you of the real-time status of the package.

What Are The Charges For India Speed Post?

The courier charges applicable to mail pieces are usually determined by two important factors: the travel distance and the weight of the package.

Outlined below is a further breakdown of the categories considered during shipping:

1. For local deliveries parcels up to 50 grams are usually charged between INR 15 for local deliveries and higher for delivery distances above 2000 km.

2. Shipping parcels weighing between 51 and 200 grams usually costs from INR 25 (for local deliveries) up to INR 27 (for long-distance deliveries).

3. Packages weighing between 201 to 500 grams usually cost around INR 30 and can reach up to INR 90 for delivery distances above 200 km.

4. For packages weighing upwards of 500 grams, there could be additional charges ranging from INR 10 to INR 50 (for delivery distances above 200 km).

What are The Benefits of India Speed Post?

Aside from the tracking services available on India Speed Post, users of this service also enjoy several exclusive benefits. Below are some of the benefits of using this service:

1. Quick delivery timeframe between one to three days, depending on the distance the package has to travel.

2. The courier prices are relatively affordable

3. Tracking via multiple methods

4. Delivery updates and parcel status check

5. Delivery to international destinations

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use India Speed Post Tracking Without Tracking Number?

No. You can only track your package shipped via India Speed Post if you have the tracking number assigned to your parcel.

What is The Delivery Time Frame for Speed Post?

Deliveries made using India Speed Post are usually completed within one to three days depending on the delivery destination. In rare cases, however, this might take up to 4-5 days.

How do I get my India Speed Post Tracking Number?

All parcels shipped using India Speed Post are assigned tracking numbers during booking. This number is usually contained in the payment receipt issued after booking.

Does India Speed Post Deliver on Sundays?

In most cases, Speed Post does not deliver parcels on Sundays. However, exceptions are made for special holidays like rakee.


Final Words

India Speed Post Tracking service is one of the most exciting perks of using this shipping option. This is in addition to the quick delivery time frames that come with it.

Note that you can not use India Speed Post tracking if you do not have your package’s tracking number. While the post office may be able to assist you with retrieving your lost parcel tracking number, you wouldn’t want to go through that stress.

As such, it is important that you keep the receipt issued to you when booking your parcel at the post office. 

If you don’t have a smartphone or an internet connection to access the India Speed Post Tracking website, the SMS tracking method can help you maneuver.

Make sure to contact the post office if you have any issues related to the delivery of your parcel. You can do this by calling the numbers on their website or by chat.

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