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USPS First class mail tracking is a very important part and aspect of patronizing the USPS mailing system. As you read through, we will show you everything you need to know regarding the tracking of the first mail.

What is First Class Mail?

The USPS offers a variety of mailing choices, such as Priority Mail and Media Mail, each with distinct features, pricing, and delivery schedules.

Nevertheless, if you’re seeking a cost-effective alternative, your best option is First-Class Mail.

First-Class Mail stands as one of the most widely used mailing selections in the United States, with the USPS delivering approximately 173.1 million First-Class Mail items daily.

It serves as a means to send and receive letters, invoices, tax documents, bills, postcards, and packages. Keep in mind that First-Class Mail is suitable for sending lightweight envelopes and parcels exclusively.

Many businesses turn to First-Class Mail for periodic marketing and transactional mailings, eliminating concerns about presorting, mailing permits, or minimum mail volumes. Instead, they must adhere to the USPS First-Class Mail size and weight guidelines.

When using First-Class Mail, letters must not exceed a maximum weight of 3.5 ounces, while parcels should weigh no more than 13 ounces. Delivery typically takes approximately 5 business days for First-Class Mail items.


How to Send First-Class Mail?

Sending First-Class Mail is a straightforward process such as:

1. Begin by preparing your mail. Postcards can remain as they are, but letters should be neatly placed inside envelopes.

2. Ensure that you write the correct mailing address, including the recipient’s full name, and consider including your return address to facilitate the return of the mail if it cannot be delivered.

3. The next step involves affixing the appropriate number of Forever or Global Forever stamps to the top-right corner of your envelopes and postcards.

4. Drop your mail items into a nearby mailbox or take them to a local post office.

They will then be sent to a Sectional Facility for sorting. If you’ve already presorted your mail, this step will be completed more quickly, expediting the delivery process.

Can I Track First-Class Mail?

USPS does not provide tracking for small items such as postcards, letters, and flats within its First-Class Mail service.

This is because the USPS machinery used for processing these types of mail items cannot capture barcode data.

But why doesn’t USPS offer tracking for these items when it does for packages? The answer lies in the cost.

First-Class Mail is a widely used, affordable mailing option, with thousands of people utilizing it regularly. Given the high volume of First-Class Mail items sent out every week, it becomes challenging for USPS to track each individual piece.

A tracking system for all First-Class Mail items would significantly raise postage rates.

Additionally, not everyone requires tracking information for all the mail they send. Consequently, the decision to omit tracking for First-Class Mail aims to keep costs down and expedite deliveries.

However, some mailers may still require confirmation of delivery to their destination. Fortunately, USPS offers several special or add-on services that cater to this need.

How Do I Carry Out First Class Mail Tracking?

You can track First-Class Mail letters through USPS services that provide evidence of mailing and delivery. Below, we’ve outlined some of these services for your reference:

1. Certified Mail

This is the most commonly used option among mailers to enable tracking for First-Class Mail.

Certified Mail provides you with a mailing receipt (PS form 3800) and electronic confirmation of either delivery or a delivery attempt.

The mailing receipt includes a First-Class USPS tracking number, allowing you to check the delivery status of your mailpiece on the USPS website whenever you like.

Additionally, Certified Mail offers the valuable feature of a delivery record. USPS records the recipient’s signature at the time of delivery and retains it for up to two years.

2. Registered Mail

Registered Mail is an alternative choice that permits tracking for USPS First-Class Mail.

You can use Registered Mail in conjunction with the following mailing categories:

  • First-Class Mail
  • First-Class Mail Package Service
  • Priority Mail

You might question the necessity of Registered Mail given that USPS already provides tracking for First-Class Package items.

However, Registered Mail stands out as the most secure method for sending mail via USPS. Additionally, it includes insurance coverage of up to $50,000.

Utilizing Registered Mail is an excellent means to incorporate tracking for First-Class Mail, granting you access to delivery information and real-time status updates for your items.

3. Signature Confirmation

Signature Confirmation is another option that assists mailers in obtaining USPS First-Class tracking.

With this service, your mail recipient is required to present a valid ID as proof that they are the designated recipient before receiving your mail item.

4. Informed Delivery

All the aforementioned enhancements primarily benefit the sender and may not necessarily be advantageous to the recipient.

Unless the sender proactively communicates with the recipient and furnishes the tracking number, the recipient remains unaware of incoming mail.

To address this, USPS has introduced the Informed Delivery service for recipients. They can sign up for this service at no cost and receive notifications about incoming mail.

While Informed Delivery cannot be regarded as First-Class Mail tracking, it does serve as a valuable tool for recipients to be informed about the impending arrival of an item.

If your recipients utilize Informed Delivery, you can directly inquire with them about the status of the mail.

It’s worth noting that all the aforementioned options for obtaining First-Class Mail with tracking can increase your expenses, so it’s advisable to use them judiciously and only when necessary.



The United States Postal Service provides a variety of mailing choices to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. You will be guided on tracking First-Class Mail with USPS and accessing supplementary services.

By familiarizing yourself with this service, you can effectively control your expenses. Additionally, you have the opportunity to send mail in large quantities and potentially receive discounts.

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