Can I Drop Off a UPS Package at a Post Office?

Can I drop off a UPS Package at a post office? UPS and post offices are known for their package delivery services. Read on for valuable information, tips, and alternatives to ensure your packages are delivered efficiently.

Can I Drop Off a UPS Package at a Post Office?

It’s important to note that attempting to drop off a UPS package at a post office may result in delays or complications in the delivery process. 

To ensure the smooth and timely delivery of your package, it is best to follow the correct procedures and drop off your UPS package at a designated UPS location.


Can I Drop Off a UPS Package at a Post Office?

The simple answer to the question “Can I drop off a UPS package at a post office?” is no. UPS and post offices are two separate entities with distinct shipping systems. 

While both UPS and post offices offer package delivery services, they operate independently, each with its own set of rules and regulations. 

Therefore, if you have a UPS package that needs to be shipped, it should be dropped off at a UPS location rather than a post office.

UPS Drop-off Locations

To drop off your UPS package, you can locate the nearest UPS drop-off location. UPS provides various options for dropping off packages, including UPS Stores, UPS Customer Centers, and UPS Authorized Shipping Outlets. 

These locations are specifically designed to handle UPS packages and ensure their proper handling and delivery. Here are some key UPS drop-off locations you can consider:

1. UPS Stores

UPS Stores are authorized retail outlets that provide a range of UPS services, including package drop-off, packing, and shipping supplies. 

You can find a UPS Store near you by visiting the UPS website or using their locator tool.

2. UPS Customer Centers

UPS Customer Centers are dedicated facilities that offer comprehensive services for UPS package handling and shipping. 

These centers are staffed with UPS professionals who can assist you with any shipping-related inquiries.

3. UPS Authorized Shipping Outlets

These are third-party businesses that have partnered with UPS to offer shipping services. 

Examples include office supply stores, shipping centers, and even some grocery stores. You can find authorized shipping outlets near you through the UPS website or locator tool.

By utilizing these designated UPS drop-off locations, you can ensure that your UPS package is in the hands of professionals who specialize in handling and delivering UPS shipments.

Alternatives to Dropping Off at a Post Office

If you are unable to access a UPS drop-off location or prefer not to visit one, there are alternatives available for shipping your UPS package. Consider the following options:

1. UPS Pickup

UPS offers a pickup service where you can schedule a UPS driver to come to your location and collect your package. 

This service provides convenience and saves you the time and effort of dropping off the package yourself. You can schedule a pickup by visiting the UPS website or contacting their customer service.

2. Authorized Shipping Centers

Aside from UPS drop-off locations, there are various shipping centers that accept packages from multiple carriers, including UPS. 

These centers act as intermediaries, allowing you to drop off your UPS package alongside packages from other carriers.

3. UPS Drop Boxes

UPS also provides drop boxes in certain locations. These secure and self-service drop boxes allow you to deposit your package for later pickup by a UPS driver. 

You can find the nearest UPS drop box by using the locator tool on the UPS website.

Consider these alternatives based on your convenience and preferences to ensure your UPS package reaches its destination without any complications.


While you cannot drop off a UPS package at a post office, there are numerous UPS drop-off locations available to conveniently handle your shipments. 

Utilize UPS Stores, UPS Customer Centers, or UPS Authorized Shipping Outlets for smooth and efficient processing of your packages. 

If visiting a drop-off location is not feasible, consider alternatives such as UPS pickup or authorized shipping centers. By following these guidelines, you can ensure your UPS packages are delivered promptly and securely.

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