Printing Services Near Me

Where Can I Find Printing Services Near Me?

With the rate at which technology is growing, Printing services near me may soon become a very rare query. This is because everything is done online and most people don’t bother going to printing shops anymore. However, as you read on, we will be showing you the different areas where you can access printing services.

Where Can I Find Printing Services Near Me?

You can find printing services everywhere if you care to look. The problem is that technology has made us forget a lot of things, and made things so easy for us that we don’t even bother to try anymore.

Yes, electronic copy is good in most cases but there are situations in which you will need to have a hard copy and that is where the printing services come into play.

For instance in cases like insurance cards, official paperwork, driver’s licenses, and a host of many others.

If you don’t have access to a printing machine at home, there are places that you print your documents from and we shall be looking at some of those places.


Let’s dive into it right away.

10 Places You Can Find Printing Services Near You

Below are the different places that you can find printing services near you:

1. Work

You can find printing services at work, or in most offices where they make use of the printing machine. Yes, most offices have one and if you work in such an establishment, you can make use of it.

In this case, you should make sure that you have consulted whoever is in charge of the printing machine and seek their consent before making use of it.

This is because when trouble arises regarding the printing machine, someone can vouch that you are not responsible for the damages that may occur.

2. Post Office

Most post offices have a printing machine that you can make use of, especially if one is close to you. However, they may not allow make use of it.

It will be wise for you to make the inquiry first before going there so you are sure that your effort will not be in vain.

If you are granted permission to make use of the printing machine, then you can go ahead and make use of it.

3. Library

As an educational establishment, most, if not every library should have a printing machine. This is because as people read, there may be a need to get a hard copy of a note or a thesis that was discovered.

You can easily print your documents here if you have a library close to you and in this case, you don’t have to make inquiries. You just go there and print the document you wish to print.

However, this service isn’t free. Most libraries charge you around 0.10 for black and white and $0.25 for color copies. You can find out the price before going ahead with the printing.

4. Friends and Family

You may have friends or family members that have a printing machine. This makes it even easier for you as you can easily just call and ask their permission to make use of their printer.

All that is required of you is to get there and print your document.

5. The UPS Store

UPS as a brand has over 4000 UPS stores worldwide and guess what, each of these UPS stores has a printer in them.

You even have the option of going to the stores to print documents, or you can make orders online.

Their price is around $0.12 for black and white and around $0.50 for color copies.

6. Staples

Another place near you that you can take advantage of and print your documents is Staples. They have a good range of prices for documents and they can even take bulk orders.

Their price is around $0.53 per color page and $0.11 per black and white copy, while bulk orders are around $0.13 and $0.04.

7. Your Local Grocery Store

Most local grocery stores, allow people to make use of their printers. In this case, it is when there are no big names like UPS stores, staples, Fedex, etc. that can offer these services.

The prices aren’t constant because it is dependent on the location. However, it should be around $0.10 for black and white and $0.25 for color copies.

8. Walgreens

Most cities have at least one Walgreens store. They are trendy for making copies or printing photos. If you have one near you, you can easily just go there and print your document. Their prices also fall around $0.20.

Many Walgreens may allow you to print documents, however, many will not. So it will be advisable that you make your inquiry first before going.

9. FedEx Office

Like the UPS Stores, FedEx also has their offices around in different locations, and we are sure that of their offices is close to you.

They carry out services like printing as well as many other services and also like the UPS Stores, you can either go there yourself or you can place an order for your document to be printed.

10. Community Centers

If you live around a neighborhood that has a community center or a recreational center, they may have a printer and offer printing services.

Make your inquiry, if they do, then that will be a good place to print your documents, especially if it is close to you.



It is obvious that when you say printing services near me, you have many of them around you. If you take a good look, you can find three or maybe four around you.

From the UPS offices, your workplaces, Maybe family or friends that have a printer at home to a host of many other places that are listed above.

Take advantage of these places and ensure that you print your documents today.

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