How Do I Track My UPS Parcel?

As an online shopper, do you want to receive a parcel from UPS (United Parcel Service)? And might be wondering how do I track my UPS parcel? Do not panic, this article will provide all the necessary information needed to help track your parcel.

How Do I Track My Ups Parcel?

Whether you’re receiving a package or shipping hundreds, UPS tracking makes available information about your shipment status even in transit.

You’ll feel secure and be at rest knowing very well you have the most up-to-date information when you use our enhanced tracking options.

How Do I Track My UPS Parcel?

UPS tracking offers a convenient tracking tool for shippers of all sizes and needs, a better way of staying informed about your shipment status, unwanted delays, and most especially the delivery of your shipment. It doesn’t matter the nature of your shipment, UPS tracking services will help you.

Note. To check your tracking history, you can log into the account to view up to 86 of your recently tracked shipments, and can also store up to 50 tracking numbers in your Tracking History table for easy access. This is also an option to add or change a

Throughout the entire delivery journey, the UPS tracking tool will provide the most accurate updates on the shipment. Below are some ways you can track your parcel.

1. Parcel Monitor’s UPS Parcel Tracking Tool

Whether your parcel is domestic or international, UPS uses the same integrated system to provide parcel tracking updates. With Parcel Monitor’s UPS tracking tool, all live updates will be tracked and traced.

When you are done creating a shipment, you will immediately receive a package ID, a UPS tracking number, and a delivery confirmation number. You can use one of these numbers to track UPS parcels.

To see the package’s latest status and estimated delivery date, type the parcel ID or parcel tracking number on the tracking field found on the UPS website or its mobile application.

2. Using Reference Numbers to Track Your UPS Parcels 

A UPS shipping reference is an identification number that you receive during the shipping process after completing the reference field. When creating a shipment, you can choose a reference name that represents your customer or business system.

This number may either contain letters or numbers and could be a purchase order number, bill of lading number, or group of words and numbers that can help you identify your shipment.

To track UPS packages using a reference number, simply go to the UPS homepage and choose the “Track by Reference” option.

Input your reference number in the Shipment Reference field, explain whether your shipment is package or freight, choose your shipping dates, and click the Track button. All the information about your package will be shown afterward.



Having gone through this article, you can agree with us that tracking a parcel has been made easy by UPS regardless if your parcel is local or international. They also offer tracking tools of different sizes and need that make your shipment easy.

It is safe to say that you can either track your UPS parcels by using the Parcel Monitor’s UPS parcel tracking tool or by using reference numbers. These two ways are very reliable and of course, will definitely make your shipping process easy.

Asides from just tracking a parcel, you can check your tracking history as well, as explained in the article, and can also store up to 60 tracking numbers in your tracking history table for easy access.

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