What is Dhl Global Mail Tracking?

What is DHL Global Mail Tracking?

People who ship items through DHL may now enjoy the luxury of staying informed on the progress of their shipping – all thanks to DHL Express. From when a package is being up by a courier up to when it is making its final journey to the delivery address, shippers get first-hand information on the package. Read on to know what is DHL Global Mail tracking.

What is DHL Global Mail Tracking? All You Need to Know

Throughout the shipping network, from the pickup location to DHL facilities; from customs offices down to when a package is finally on its way to the delivery address, DHS Global Mail tracking enables a shipper to monitor their shipments.

What is DHL Global Mail tracking? It is a mail service that enables shippers to view tracking updates about mail shipped via DHL all through the shipping journey.

Tracking of a package is made possible through the unique waybill number assigned to the package. With the tracking tool, shippers can see the specific locations of their shipments.

Tracking updates are made available on mail parcels 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Also included in the tracking information are shipment details such as the weight, dimensions, and the specific DHL service a shipper patronized.

Once the tracking tool update shows that a package has been delivered, a tracker will be able to see details such as the delivery time and date and the name of the person who received it.


How Does DHL Global Mail Tracking Work?

For a shipper to access the mail tracking service available when they ship items via DHL Global Mail, they must choose DHL Global Mail when booking their shipment.

To do this, visit your DHL order booking tool or website to document your package. When choosing a service, make sure to select DHL Global Mail before printing your shipping label. 

You can also fill out a pre-printed DHL Express waybill. Tracking can be done on the DHL “Track & Trace” website. A person only has to enter a package’s shipping or waybill number and click on the “Track” button. 

People can track packages on this tool whether or not they have a DHL account and without a login. There are other tracking tools that can be used to track a shipment’s progress through the shipping network. Let us discuss them below.

Shpper’s Reference

DHL Global Express Customers can track their packages using a customized shipper’s reference. They simply need to attach it to the waybill when the courier comes for pickup.

When tracking parcels using a shipping reference, a shipper can narrow down their search by including a shipping destination country and/or an account number.

A tracker will need information such as the date range within which the shipment of interest was sent and the shipping reference attached to the package.

DHL Global Mail Tracking With Email

People can also get tracking information for their packages via email. This option enables shippers to receive automated emails containing updated information about their DHL Global Mail Package.

To do this, you have to send your tracking or waybill number to [email protected]. This method is ideal for people who wish to have their mail tracking history readily available in their inbox.

Third-Party Online Tracking Tools

There are many online tracking tools readily available via a simple Google search and can be used by both the sender and the recipient or any interested third party.

Keep in mind that these website service providers are directly affiliated with DHL Global Mail. Also, they may not provide wholesome tracking information as they depend on other sources for their data. 

What is DHL Global Mail?

DHL Global Mail is the company’s mailing service class that provides international postal. It is a prominent postal service provided by the company and is also referred to as DHL eCommerce. 

This service has a wide coverage, spanning more than 220 countries in all continents on the planet. It is ideal for mail parcels containing different types of documents such as reports, invoices, quotes, and contracts.

Customers who use this service also stand to enjoy free return services for mail that could not be delivered. It has swift delivery times from 2 to 12 working days depending on the destination.

Finally, DHL Global Mail offers businesses and individuals competitive postage rates, tracking, and dependable delivery options. The three different types of DHL global business mail are:

1. DHL Global Mail Priority

This is touted as the option that offers customers the best value as it is cost-effective. Keep in mind that tracking is unavailable for this mail option.

With the DHL Global Mail Priority, customers can ship up to 2kg of items that are considered to be of less value. It is the most economical of all three options.

2. DHL Global Mail Tracked

This is the Global Mail service that enables package tracking and is convenient for tracking most kinds of packages. Customers are able to track packages from pickup to delivery.

More so, packages shipped through this mail service are insured, making shippers eligible to receive compensation in the event of a lost or damaged package.

3. DHL Global Mail Plus

DHL Global Mail Plus provides mail package tracking and an additional layer of package security by requiring a delivery signature at the delivery point.

This means that mail addressees must append their signatures when receiving a package. Shippers are also eligible for compensation if a shipment gets lost or damaged during shipping.



We’re sure you’ve gotten more than you asked for when you came up with the “What is DHL Global Mail Tracking” question.

Note that there are different classes of DHL Global mail and not all of them offer tracking services. Also, tracking is also available via other DHL shipping services aside from Global Mail.

Tracking can be done by both the sender of a mail and an addressee. If you’re expecting mail from someone and you wish to track it, request that the sender sends you the tracking (waybill) number of the mail.

The downside, however, is that anyone with your tracking number can also track your parcel. As such, it is advised that you handle your shipping label with caution so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

If you want ready access to your mail tracking history, use the email tracking option discussed earlier. 

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