FedEx Drop Off Locations

Where Are FedEx Drop Off Locations?

People who recently moved to the U.S. or any other country that uses FedEx are easily tempted to feed Google queries like, “How do I find FedEx drop off locations near me?” If you fall among this category of people, then you’re on the right page. Read through while we show you how drop-offs work.

How do I Find FedEx Drop Off Locations Near Me?

In the U.S. alone, FedEx has more than 2,000 retail locations, with several drop off locations distributed across the country at major retail stores.

Finding FedEx drop off locations in your vicinity shouldn’t be a thing of concern if you live in the U.S. or any other country in which FedEx operates.

Many Kroger, Walmart, Office Depot, and Walgreens depot offices serve as FedEx drop-off locations where you can hand your package to an employee who will carry out the remaining formalities.

You can also use the location finder tool provided on the FedEx official website. All you need to do is enter the name of your location or your ZIP code. 

The locator tool will also furnish you with contact information and operating hours of the different locations. Alternatively, you can resort to using any locator tool provided by third-party service providers on the Internet.

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How do FedEx Drop Off Locations Work?

A FedEx drop-off location typically receives packages that people wish to ship through FedEx. Located at drop-off locations are employees who receive the package from the sender. 

Along with the package, the sender also has to present the shipping labels, custom forms, and other relevant paperwork. Shipping labels are usually printed from the FedEx website.

Keep in mind that all items must be properly packaged before they are taken to a drop off location. Note also that you can some USPS and UPS drop off locations can help out with your FedEx package.

However, this is not always advisable because there’ll likely be a delay in the package delivery. They’ll have to help you get the package to an appropriate FedEx drop off before the shipment process can be initiated.

How to Get a FedEx Shipping Label

Shipping labels are usually generated on the FedEx website. First, a person has to create a FedEx account on FedEx’s official website.

They can then login and click on the button marked “Create a shipping label”. This will direct them to the page where they can create the shipping label.

On this page, they will be required to provide important information about the package such as its weight, origin, and destination addresses, and dimensions.

Upon providing all the needed information, they can proceed to review the label and make payments. After this, they can print the label and attach it to the package.

What Information is Contained in a FedEx Shipping Label?

FedEx shipping labels Generally contain basic information about a package, its sender, intended destination, and the address of origin. You’ll typically find the following:

  • Name and address of the sender
  • The name and address of the receiver
  • The tracking number of the package
  • The shipment date
  • The dimensions and weight of the package
  • The contents of the package
  • Applicable FedEx charges and rates
  • The service level (for example, FedEx Ground, Express, etc.)
  • Special handling instructions such as “Keep Dry” or “Fragile”.

What are The Pros and Cons of FedEx Drop Offs?

FedEx is one of the most popular shipping services in the U.S., with thousands of customers across the country. 

Regardless, shipping with FedEx comes with some pros as well as cons that customers must experience along the line. Let’s discuss them below.

Pros of FedEx Drop-Offs

1. It is more suitable for individuals and small business

2. Customers can drop off packages at locations belonging to other companies although it is advised that FedEx packages are only dropped off at FedEx drop-off locations

3. FedEx shipping labels can be gotten either physically or online

4. It demands less time.

Cons of FedEx Drod Offs

1. You may experience shipping delivery delays if you drop your FedEx package at a non-FedEx drop-off.

2. Requires that you have and know everything it takes to make your package ready (such as scale, boxes, packaging tapes) before taking it to the drop-off point.

3. Getting your package delivery ready might cost some extra unforeseen costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Drop Off a FedEx Package?

The traditional places for FedEx packages are FedEx drop-off or drop-box locations. Alternatively, you can take such packages to drop-offs belonging to other companies, provided they accept FedEx packages.

Can You Drop Off a FedEx Package at the Post Office?

Yes. However, you’ll likely experience delays in the arrival of the shipment because the post office staff then has to get your package to a FedEx location before the shipment process can begin. This may not be pleasant as it usually takes some days.

Does FedEx Have Pickup Locations?

Yes. FedEx can make deliveries to any convenient location around you. Common pickup locations used by FedEx include their local offices and Walgreens stores.

On what Days can FedEx Deliver Packages?

FedEx deliveries take place throughout the week. This includes Saturdays and Sundays for FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground Economy. FedEx Express Saver delivery days do not include weekends.

Does FedEx Charge for Pickup?

Yes. FedEx charges a $4 charge when you request a FedEx Express pickup. Keep in mind that this charge is per package and includes requests made through FedEx Customer Service as well as those made through the company’s website.

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FedEx drop-off locations are distributed across the country and can be located without much ado. You can avail yourself of the various locator tools available on the Internet.

Before taking any item to a drop-off location, ensure that you have packaged it and it’s ready to be shipped. Also, do well to attach the shipping label and other relevant handling labels.

If you can’t find a FedEx drop-off location, you can use any other drop-off that accepts FedEx packages or your local post office.

However, you should expect to experience some delay if you take your FedEx package to a non-FedEx drop-off.

Since the pros of making your delivery through FedEx drop-offs far outweigh the cons, FedEx might just be right for you.

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