Fedex Store Near Me

Where Can I Find a Fedex Store Near Me?

The U.S. is home to thousands of FedEx Stores. So, queries like “How to find a FedEx store near me” may be uncommon. However, even when a FedEx store is a few blocks from your house, you probably may not know they exist. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help you find that store and also tell you other things you need to know about FedEx stores as we proceed.

FedEx Store Near Me: Locate a Pickup Store Easily

Locating a pickup store is so easy as they are generously distributed across the country in their numbers. So much so that “FedEx store near me” and other related search engine queries wouldn’t even be necessary.

To find a FedEx pickup store, all you need to do is log in to your account on the FedEx website or mobile app and search for nearby stores using your Zip code or address.

These platforms usually have tools designated for the purpose. Note that you must own an account on the FedEx online platform.

Alternatively, you can use map services provided by Google or any other search engine on your device to search for FedEx stores nearest to your location.

If something else is needed or none of the above works, you can call the FedEx customer service number at 012715670 or 1-800-GO-FEDEX for assistance.

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What can I Do at a FedEx Pickup Store?

For those who don’t know what a pickup store is, a FedEx pickup store is a physical store location where you can go to pick up packages shipped to you through FedEx.

FedEx pickup stores also double as drop-off locations because customers can drop off packages they intend to ship. In addition, they can have packages held at the store for pickup.

These pickup stores also provide customer assistance for customers who lodge complaints. People can also visit pickup stores to make inquiries about shipping products and services.

Some FedEx stores also render other services such as printing and copying, and also address other shipping-related questions or concerns from customers.

What are FedEx Pickup Store Hours?

Before visiting a FedEx pickup store, it is only ideal that you know the operating hours of whichever store you intend to visit. Otherwise, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise sooner or later when you visit a store and find the “We Are Closed” sign staring at you.

More so, understand that opening hours vary for different stores and locations. Thankfully, FedEx makes the whole operation easy with the locator tool on its website. I’ll show you how.

Simply visit the FedEx website and log in to your profile. Go to the locator tool and search for the specific store you intend to visit. 

The search result displayed will contain information about your store of interest, including its operating hours and customer service numbers. And there you go!

Search results pertaining to operating hours can be filtered by a number of categories including drop-offs, pickups, type of service, printing, shipping, packing, and more.

How do I Track My FedEx Packages?

You can do a lot about your package even after you have dropped it off at a pickup store for shipping; such as tracking the progress of the shipment, halting the shipment, and more.

The FedEx Delivery manager makes all of these possible. With this tool, FedEx customers are able to redirect packages, place vacation holds, specify delivery instructions, get alerts and notifications, and more.

More exciting is the fact that services on this tool are available for free. The FedEx Delivery Manager is available both on the FedEx Mobile app and on its web-based platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do FedEx Pickup Stores Open On Holidays?

FedEx pickup stores are open on most public holidays including Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Veterans Day, Columbus Day, and Good Friday.

The stores are closed on some major public holidays such as Christmas Day, Labor Day, and New Year’s Day. Do well to check the FedEx Holiday Schedule to know what public holidays they are open.

How do I return a FedEx Package?

If you wish to return a FedEx package, you can do so by visiting a FedEx store or initiating the return process online. You need to create a return shipping label.

Print the return shipping label and attach it to the package, before dropping the package off at any FedEx location near you. Walgreens, FedEx, and select Dollar General Stores accept return packages.

How Can I Schedule a FedEx Pickup?

You can schedule a pickup online via the FedEx Ship Manager™ and the FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite. Only registered FedEx customers can use the FedEx Ship Manager.

The FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite is available to non-registered customers and registered customers. You can also drop off packages for pickup at any FedEx location or store near you.

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Bottom Line

Doing anything with FedEx got a lot easier – same as with other major logistics companies – all thanks to the internet. To find a FedEx store near me, all I need is a phone and an internet connection.

FedEx also allows its customers with all the convenience they could ever ask for. More exciting is the fact that they can do almost anything from the comfort of their homes.

Intercepting shipments, tracking them, integrating your customer base, reporting concerns,…, the list of possibilities with the app is endless.

Moreover, they have a customer care line that you can call at any time of the day and relate any concerns you have.

To avoid disappointments upon arriving at any FedEx store after they have closed, do well to find operating hours information about the specific store on the store finder tool before your visit. Also, refer to the holiday schedule to know what holidays the stores are closed.

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