How to Return Amazon Items

How to Return Amazon Items Without Fee

There are many ways on how to return Amazon items for free provided the item meets the eligibility criteria. More so, you can return these items whether or not they still have their box, tape, or label. More so, you can make your returns at several locations including Whole Foods Market, Kohl’s, and Staples locations.

How to Return Amazon Items for Free?

Amazon maintains a goal of making online buying as easy as possible. So, in the event that you are not satisfied with an item you bought through Amazon, you can enjoy its free return policy.

Moreover, these returns can be done easily and conveniently. More importantly, however, customers should first check the product for the “FREE Returns” badge to confirm its eligibility.

Also, keep in mind that the eligibility of an Item for returns depends on other variables such as the seller, reason for return, item, and the customer’s location.

There are various options for free returns and regardless of how to return Amazon items a customer chooses, they must take the item alongside its return QR code to the drop-off location.


What Amazon Items Can I Return for Free?

All items purchased from Amazon can be returned provided they meet certain eligibility criteria. Return-eligible items that weigh less than 50 lbs have a minimum of one free return option.

Note that there is a 30-day window within which customers must begin the return process for any return-eligible item. Customers may not return the following items to Amazon:

1. Kindles, computer laptops, and desktops that have stayed with the customer for more than 30 days.

2. Online subscriptions after they have been accessed.

3. Downloadable and open software products.

4. Prepaid game cards and gift cards.

5. Items that are classified as hazardous and other items that use flammable gases or liquids.

6. Items purchased via Amazon Bulk Liquidations.

7. Items missing their UPC or serial number

8. Live insects and fresh grocery products

9. Customized items

10. Select personal care and health orders

11. Items with special shipping instructions

12. Select jewelry orders

How does Amazon return work?

After you have confirmed that your item meets the eligibility criteria listed above, you can go ahead and start the item return process. 

You can still return most items even if you do not have their labels or packs anymore. Amazon associates at drop-off locations take care of the repacking, labeling, and shipping.

Before you physically take your item to be returned to Amazon, you first have to initiate the return process with the company either via its website or mobile app. 

The website and mobile app follow a similar procedure. Follow the steps below on how to return Amazon items:

Step 1

Go to the Amazon website homepage on your computer or smartphone and click on the “Returns and Orders” tab at the top right of the screen. 

If you’re using the Amazon mobile app, click on the icon that looks like three horizontal dashes at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2

The above procedure should take you to a page that displays your most recent orders. Find the item of interest and click on the “Return or replace items” option next to the order list.

This will launch a screen requesting that you select a reason why you wish to return the item. Select the appropriate option that applies to your order and click on the “Continue” button.

Step 3

After the above step, you’ll see a page where you’re to choose whether you want your refund credited to your debit/credit card or Amazon account.

While you may pick any option of your choice, keep in mind that card refunds usually take up to a week longer than refunds made to your Amazon wallet.

Step 4

This is the last part of your return process, which involves selecting a drop-off location where you can take your item for it to be shipped back to Amazon. Options include Staples, Whole Foods Market, and Kohl’s stores. 

After selecting an option, you’ll be sent a return QR code which you must take to your chosen drop-off location. While Amazon returns are generally free, those made through UPS usually incur a $1.00 fee.

Where Can I Return an Item on Amazon?

There are several drop-off locations where you can drop off items you wish to return to Amazon, including Amazon stores if you have one near you.

These include Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, and Amazon Style. Keep in mind that it is best to contact the manufacturer of a product for service, warranty, refund, and return information.

Aside from Amazon store locations, you can take items you wish to return to Amazon to any of the following locations:

1. Whole Foods Market offers free return services for Amazon orders and has more than 500 locations across the U.S. They have Return counters and select locations have Amazon Return kiosks as well.

2. Kohl’s locations function as drop-off locations for Amazon returns.

3. Staples locations return Amazon orders for free and customers also stand a chance to receive an in-store coupon.

4. UPS locations also offer return services for items purchased from Amazon but may do so at a fee to the tune of $1.00 and above.


Final Words

If you bought an item from Amazon online or at any of its store locations and you are not satisfied with the item, you can always return it.

Aside from initiating your return within the allowed window, make sure to confirm that the item satisfies Amazon’s return-eligibility criteria.

More so, make sure that you take with you, the return QR code generated when you registered your order return on the Amazon website or mobile app.

In addition, do well to make sure that the serial or UPC number of the item is still intact. Despite Amazon’s free return policy, you’ll likely pay a fee if you drop off your item at a UPS location.

For how to return Amazon items without fee, do well to visit an Amazon store, or a nearby Staples, Kohl’s, or Whole Foods Market location.

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