How to Track Amazon Package Live

How to Track Amazon Package Live: Real-Time Shipment Updates

How to track Amazon package live is the newest way to track your package. To do this, we have provided guidelines that you need to equip yourself with as you read through. We advise that you

You can track Amazon packages live by using the Amazon live tracking map, let’s learn about it.

How to Use Amazon Live Tracking Map

If Amazon employs its unique delivery service in your vicinity, you can utilize the Amazon map tracking function.

Here’s the process for using the Amazon map tracking feature to monitor your Amazon order and follow the live progress of your Amazon package.

1. Access your Amazon account and select “Track Package” from the “Your Orders” menu.

2. Alternatively, you’ll find the “Track Package” button in the shipment confirmation email sent by Amazon.

3. Interested in tracking the Amazon driver or Amazon truck? Discover the current location of the delivery driver through Amazon’s map tracking feature.

Please take note: You can also subscribe to delivery alerts using the Amazon mobile app. This will provide you with notifications containing tracking details and the current location information.


 Amazon Live Tracking Using Third-Party Apps

While Amazon operates its independent delivery service, it depends on external delivery providers such as FedEx, UPS, and Bluedart for conventional international shipments and local deliveries that aren’t covered by Amazon Logistics.

If Amazon Logistics doesn’t cover your locality, you won’t be able to utilize the Amazon tracking app. In such a scenario, you will need to download a package tracking app offered by Amazon’s courier partners.

Prominent courier companies like UPS and FedEx offer their own delivery mapping services to assist you in tracking your packages.

Another alternative is to employ the Parcel app, a third-party application that offers tracking updates for Amazon packages and parcels from more than 300 regional and global shipping firms.

You can make use of the Parcel app at no cost. However, to access all its features, including tracking information for more than three parcels simultaneously, an annual subscription fee of $5 is required.

Where to Get the Tracking Number of Your Amazon Order

You are now acquainted with the process of tracing an Amazon package using the tracking ID.

This 10-digit distinct code is allocated to every individual order.

You can locate the Amazon tracking number on the receipt furnished upon order completion. Alternatively, you can also access this information through email.

How to Track Amazon Orders Without Tracking Numbers

If you make purchases on Amazon and cannot find a distinct tracking number linked to your receipt, there are multiple methods to obtain it.

You can visit your Amazon account and select Returns & Orders to review your order history and observe the progress of your Amazon orders.

An alternative is to get in touch with customer service to request the tracking number or unique identifier allocated to your package.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Track the Exact Location of My Amazon Package?

Indeed, the Amazon Map Tracking function (Amazon truck tracking) informs you of the live whereabouts of your package.

2. How Do I Track a Package Sent from Amazon?

You can track your Amazon order through either the Amazon website or the mobile app.

Choose “Track Package” within the “Your Orders” section. Alternatively, you can find the “Track Package” link in the email confirmation you’ll receive for the delivery.

3. Can You Track Amazon Trucks?

Certainly, utilizing the Amazon package tracker allows you to observe the driver nearing your designated delivery location on the day of shipment.

4. What Happens if I Am Not at Home During Amazon’s Delivery?

In the event that no one is present at home during the scheduled delivery, the delivery driver will leave the package in a secure spot.

If a secure delivery location is unavailable, Amazon will refrain from leaving your package unattended unless someone is available to receive it. The company will undertake three delivery attempts over three consecutive days.

Following multiple unsuccessful delivery endeavors, Amazon (or its third-party courier) will return the package to its warehouse for a refund.

If the tracking information indicates that your package has been delivered, yet you have not received it, it’s advisable to inquire with your receptionist or neighboring residents.

You can effectively manage and prevent missed deliveries by familiarizing yourself with Amazon’s delivery schedule.

5. Why Can’t I See the Amazon Tracking Map?

In cases where Amazon delivers a package to a private address (such as a wish list or gift destination), the map tracking feature is deactivated to safeguard the recipient’s privacy.

Similarly, you won’t have access to a tracking map if a carrier doesn’t employ one.


Tracking an Amazon package in real-time using Amazon Map Tracking or other methods grants customers immediate updates and a sense of reassurance.

The convenience of tracing packages through options like Amazon Map Tracking, Your Orders, the Amazon Tracking website, or the Amazon app allows customers to effortlessly monitor their package’s journey until it arrives at their doorstep.

It’s important to acknowledge that not all packages qualify for Amazon Map Tracking, especially those delivered by UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

Nevertheless, customers can still remain well-informed about their package’s status by utilizing alternative tracking services offered by these carriers or third-party delivery apps.

In the end, live tracking of Amazon packages has become remarkably simplified, eliminating the need for guesswork and ensuring a seamless delivery experience.

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