Amazon Delivery Driver Salary

Amazon Delivery Driver Salary: What to Expect

If you are interested in being an Amazon driver, then it is important that you know the Amazon delivery driver salary. This will either motivate you or cause you to be devoid of the idea. However, we will be sure that we have well informed you as you read through, the matter and help you in the process.

How Much is Amazon Delivery Driver Salary?

Salaries at Amazon exhibit variations across countries and even within different regions of a single country. For instance, drivers working in urban settings tend to earn more than their counterparts in rural areas due to differing demand dynamics.

In general, most Amazon drivers receive compensation ranging from $18 to $25 per hour.

However, the precise earnings hinge on factors such as your location, received tips, delivery duration, and other considerations. Amazon drivers have the ability to monitor their pay through the earnings section of the Amazon Flex app.

Amazon ensures consistent employment and a regular paycheck to its delivery drivers, providing them with a dependable income to cover expenses and fulfill their requirements.

This commitment to sustaining a steady livelihood helps bolster the well-being of delivery drivers.

Furthermore, Amazon provides exceptional job security due to its extensive network, comprising over 200 million Amazon Prime members, and a daily shipment volume of more than 1.6 million packages.

Amazon Delivery Driver Salary According to Regions

Listed below is the average hourly income earned by Amazon drivers across various countries.

1. United States

What is the salary of a Delivery Driver at in the United States? Varied locations such as Richmond, California, and New York provide the highest hourly pay to delivery drivers, spanning from $18.5 to $25. This translates to approximately $150 to $200 for an 8-hour shift.

Distinct cities, like Richmond, California, and New York, present the most elevated hourly remuneration for delivery drivers, ranging from $18.5 to $25.

In the United States, the earnings of delivery drivers may differ based on whether they are employed directly by Amazon or through a delivery service partner (DSP).


2. United Kingdom

Amazon drivers in the United Kingdom receive comparatively lower compensation in comparison to their counterparts in the United States. The hourly pay is contingent on the specific delivery location.

For instance, in Cupar, Scotland, the typical hourly wage for Amazon delivery drivers ranges from £15 to £17. Meanwhile, in Wales, this figure diminishes to £13 to £15 per hour.

3. Australia

When considering the earnings of delivery drivers in the United States and the United Kingdom, Amazon in Australia provides more lucrative earning prospects.

The average income for a delivery driver “down under” is AUD 28.75 per hour, equivalent to $21.61 in U.S. currency.

The earning potential varies based on the delivery location, as evidenced by New South Wales. Here, delivery drivers can earn AUD 27.83, which will increase to $37.80 by July 1, 2025.

However, Amazon’s delivery drivers in Australia also encounter varying significant expenses that they must manage using their earnings.

Factors That Impact an Amazon Delivery Driver’s Salary?

1. Performance

The compensation for Amazon Prime delivery drivers is directly linked to their job performance. Increased working hours directly correlate with higher total earnings.

Amazon grants delivery drivers the freedom to select their preferred delivery timings, a flexibility that can contribute to improving their overall delivery performance and outcomes.

2. Service Area

The geographical region where delivery operations take place also influences the earnings of the delivery driver.

Urban areas provide a more substantial payout in contrast to rural regions. Amazon delivery drivers receive elevated income when there is a heightened demand for deliveries.

3. Experience

The tenure of Amazon delivery drivers plays a significant role in elevating both their earnings and performance. Seasoned Amazon delivery drivers enjoy a higher base pay than newcomers.

Experience equips Amazon delivery drivers with insights into various facets of the company’s operations, enabling them to fine-tune their performance to attain the desired business outcomes.



Amazon provides respectable remuneration to its delivery drivers, with the earnings fluctuating based on delivery demand and the employee’s effort invested.

The delivery role encompasses satisfactory tips, breaks, and additional responsibilities that contribute to enhancing the delivery driver’s skill set.

As independent professional contractors, it’s crucial to possess the skills necessary for managing multi-route deliveries and to exert diligent effort in order to enhance the overall income.

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