TriJake Method

TriJake Method

8, November 2013, posted by TriJake

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The TriJake Method adopts the best training principles dating back to Hippocrates in 460 B.C. when Greeks would move heavy round stones above their heads and around their bodies for medicinal reasons. Hippocrates is known as the Father of Medicine and proved that fitness activities improve over all health. Since these ancient times many other strength and conditioning programs have been developed. I have adopted several of them to the practice of the TriJake Method. TriJake Fitness is natural training fitness. I position your body to allow it to utilize its natural strength and elasticity, creating power and growth in strength. The three pillars of the Trijake Method are Balance-Endurance-Power. These are the three pillars that make up the “Tri” in TriJake. I use all three pillars to advance my clients of all levels to greater fitness peaks. The next few paragraphs will break down each pillar.

Balance – As I have often talked about, when a sculptor is sculpting a statue of a person they do not start with the arms or the legs, they start with the core. A center rod on which they can build a solid foundation to build out with clay to the rest of the body parts. In a way, when we work out, we are sculpting our own bodies. So at TriJake we do as the sculptors do. When I say balance, you think core. When you think core, think more than just those six pack abs you’re trying to get for beach season. Your body’s core is a cylinder, it has no sides, and it is the base foundation upon which all strength and endurance can grow to create power. I use special core exercises to target the key areas of your core cylinder. I also stabilize your locomotion by utilizing agility ladder drills, hexagon agility drills, and other plyo-agility jumps. I’d like to quickly point out the difference between speed and agility. Speed, is the amount of time it takes to get from one point to another. Agility, is how quickly one can change directions during locomotion. Part of your TriJake fitness evaluation will be certain agility time trials. This lets me know where your balance and stability rate. You never graduate from balance, stability, and agility work. There’s always room for improvement. The balance stage at TriJake is ever evolving, and you are too. Vigilant work in the balance stage will result in you being more agile, better balanced, and a lean midsection which is perfect for those beach days.

Endurance – I am an endurance athlete. I run marathons, triathlons, and cycle great distances. But endurance is more than just the ability to endure. Endurance is the strength and conditioning phase at TriJake. You will not find heavy lifting machines in my studio. I use all free weights, and bodyweight to develop strength and endurance. Utilizing TRX resistant training straps, dumbbells, and Olympic barbells we will grow your strength capacity and increase your endurance capability. I love the endurance phase. It combines the two things I love most about fitness. Weightlifting and aerobic training. Whether it be on a row machine, stationary bike, or running I love aerobic training. I believe in, and incorporate, all different types of aerobic training. Behind my studio in Wellesley, I have trails and hills perfect for doing some all natural aerobic fitness training. I also utilize indoor equipment in the studio of course. But sometimes it’s fun to challenge the elements of the outdoors. Just ask Rocky. Getting back to weightlifting, bringing the elements of strength and endurance training by way of free weights, bodyweight, and TRX resistant straps is the way to go. I have clients go through circuits using all three components. It is a lot of fun, the people I work with love it, and you get stronger. A lot stronger. Some people are fearful to work with heavy free weights because they might get hurt, this is understandable. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt either, however it’s proven that heavy resistance training strengthens bone density. An often overlooked realm of the fitness world. Bones atrophy just as muscles atrophy. If we do not put a certain amount of stress on our bones they will become brittle, weekend, and be more susceptible to breaking as we get older. It is crucial that some form of heavy resistance training, I prefer using free weights. My expertise and experience will guide you through weight training. The endurance phase can be summed up by saying you will practice using your own bodyweight, free weights, and aerobic training to become stronger and have a greater aerobic capacity. Putting you in an excellent position to create power.

Power – The power phase is my most favorite phase. I love the power phase because it kind of combines the balance and the endurance phase. The power phase is when we really start to throw our weight around. At TriJake I use kettle bells and medicine balls to let clients perform power movements. A power movement is explosive, it’s quick, and it takes strength and balance to perform. This is Sexy fitness, this is what attracts people to programs like CrossFit, sponsored by Reebok. The main problem I have with CrossFit instructors is nobody talks about true balance, few talk about endurance, and of the instructors who talk about recovery rarely practice it. By the time you will be doing power exercises at TriJake on a regular basis, your body will already be in very good condition. You will be ready to perform these activities without fear of injury. And once completing these exercises you will feel very good and confident about being you in the fitness world. That’s what it’s all about from me. I want people to feel confident walking into any gym, anywhere, and do anything. If you talk to my clients they will tell you that they have the confidence to take down any challenge, anytime, anywhere. That is a tremendous freedom that people get from working with me. At TriJake I try to teach beyond the body. I use fitness as a tangible vehicle to let people grow esteem, feel strength, and have a breakthrough of empowerment by the end. Nothing, absolutely nothing can stop you. TriJake is for everyone. Say yes to TriJake and say yes to life. Your world will get bigger if you follow these methods.

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