CycleBar Indoor Cycling Comes to Naples, Florida

CycleBar Indoor Cycling Comes to Naples, Florida

31, March 2017, posted by TriJake

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Spinning in Naples, Florida is about to change in a big way. CycleBar premium indoor cycling is the amongst the elite premium boutique fitness studios in the the country. Some people know what that is and why it’s exciting to the Naples, Florida area to obtain. Some do not, so let’s break it down.

What is premium indoor cycling compared to spin class or indoor cycling?

Something that is described as premium has a value in excess of that normally expected. In this case, CycleBar premium indoor cycling classes have a value in excess of regular, box gym spin classes based on an overall experience to our riders. That ride is an over-the-top class that hooks you from the moment you walk in the door. Everything we do in a CycleBar class has a distinct purpose. The music, the choreography, lighting, vocal tone, and motivational messaging invoke emotions that drives riders to fitness levels they never knew they had. Premium rides teach heart-pounding, calorie-melting, dance party cycling classes that become addicting. And the more you work out, the better you feel and the better your jeans fit. So, we figure addicting is good.

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What makes CycleBar premium indoor cycling studios so great?

4 things

1.) CycleBar is the only premium indoor cycling brand that offers clear variety. Without variety, exercise is drudgery. With variety and special energy, exercise becomes much more than a workout; it becomes an experience. A compelling, riveting, addictive, emotionally satisfying, fun experience. CycleBar gives CycleStar instructors the freedom of variety and it starts at hiring. All CycleStar instructors need great energy and genuine passion, but in addition we develop a variety of instructors, with a broad range of musical tastes, teaching styles and personalities. Also, CycleBar rides offer 3 standard class types to create more varity.

a. The Performance Ride: The performance ride utilizes the performance data, performance drills along our state of the art audio and visual systems. Performance rides have an upper body workout element utilizing a weighted bar. Also clear-cut numeric goals set the motivation.

b. The Connect Ride: Connect is all about connecting to the music with the use of choreography. Also connecting with your fellow riders and connecting to the instructor. Music and rhythm are in hyper-control in these classes.

c. The Classic Ride: The classic ride combines elements used in our Performance and Connect rides. It’s often our most popular ride.

2.) CycleBar also has a state of the art theatre called a CycleTheatre. The CycleTheatre is a tiered, theater-style studio that holds up to 55 bikes with built-in CycleStats monitors. This is where the real action happens at CycleBar. Studios feature high definition video, enhanced lighting options and state-of-the-art sound systems.

3.) CycleBar Amenities feature premium, concierge-level amenities and services for every single guest. Online sign-ups, payments and Pick-a-Bike reservations are easy. Guests can personalize their data and get accurate CycleStats performance results. The concierge staff provides custom bike fitting for all of our guests.

At every visit, CycleBar riders receive 33 complimentary amenities. Water bottles, clip-in shoes, a towel, purified water, mints, hair ties, filtered water, fresh fruit, ear plugs and access to locker rooms with combination locks and showers are just a few examples of what is included in the CycleBar studio experience. Just show up, you don’t even need a good attitude. Just show up, your attitude adjustment is the 34th amenity.

4.) The CycleBar Community is driven by the variety of rides, and by like-minded guests experiencing an emotional, multisensory experience. We find our guests love sharing in our community area after experiencing our memorable rides. The CycleBar studio is a supportive, intimate, and inclusive environment where both beginners and experienced riders can benefit from a tremendous workout that is fun, fulfilling and gratifying on all levels.

This is a unique, powerful and integral part of the CYCLEBAR brand. Charity rides are an amazing way for local to get involved, and for the studio to connect in a meaningful way to their community. Through our CycleGiving™ program, schools, churches, local charities and other special groups can access the studio facilities and instructors to raise money for important local causes.

CycleBar premium indoor cycling is the best thing that could happen to the Naples, Florida fitness market. We are excited to begin rocking your ride come 2018.

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