5 Most Common Muscle-Buliding Mistakes

5 Most Common Muscle-Buliding Mistakes

4, May 2013, posted by TriJake

Mistake 1: You don’t eat enough food.

Surprised? If you’re not as muscular as you want to be, you aren’t eating nearly enough.Most skinny guys have a metabolism faster than a hummingbird hooked on caffeine. To combat a crazy-fast metabolism and put some muscle onto your frame, you simply have to eat more food than you’re eating now.Take a closer look at what you are consuming. You’ll probably have to eat a whole lot more. Just make sure that you consume healthy foods, particularly lean proteins.

Mistake 2: You’re not consistent with your workout program.

Skinny guys take the old bodybuilding saying, “keep your body guessing” to crazy lengths. But guys who get great results understand they only have to do two simple things:

1. Pick a program that’s made for them (a guy who wants to add muscle)

2. Follow the program for at least two months

Most skinny guys never build muscle because they’re too impatient to actually stick with a workout routine. Pick a program with compound movements and heavy lifting, and stick to it for at least two months. During each week of the program, make sure you find a way to work harder or do better every workout. I suggest lifting heavier weights, doing more repetitions and shortening your rest periods.

Mistake 3: You collect too much information.

Do you read a couple articles on working out and nutrition every day, but routinely skip the gym? We call this “analysis paralysis”. You get so used to reading fitness articles you forget to actually do what the articles suggest. And there’s a very simple way to fix it. Start by going on a one-week fitness media diet. No reading fitness magazines, books, or online articles for a full 7 days. You probably already know enough of the basics to make your time in the gym worthwhile. After that, try to set aside a specific amount of time dedicated to reading fitness articles per week. That way, most of your time won’t be spent reading but rather working out.

Mistake 4: You don’t measure progress.

The easiest way to stay skinny is to never track your stats or measure your progress. That’s why successful guys measure how much weight they lifted in the gym and how many meals they eat. The more things you measure, the more progress you’ll see. Measuring your progress and keeping track of your workout, measurements and nutrition stats helps show you what you need to do to keep getting results. Get a training journal, and write down the basics: sets, reps, and how much weight you used. Also, make it a weekly habit to step on the scale to see if you are gaining weight and take your measurement.

Mistake 5: You don’t have a coach or social support.

You don’t get thrown into a calculus class and expect to pass, especially if you don’t know the subject matter. Instead, you have a teacher and with his help you figure out how to do the work and ace the class. That’s why guys who don’t know how to build muscle will save themselves months of frustration by finding a coach/trainer to help show them the way. Having a coach will help you go to the gym consistently, and they will get you to push yourself harder on tough exercises. Hire a personal trainer  and ask for their advice. See what kind of habits they believe, and then do the exact same thing.


Avoid these five mistakes, and you’ll be ahead of 99% of guys who try to build muscle and get in shape.

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