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About TriJake Fitness

Jake is a personal trainer and health enthusiast. He founded TriJake Fitness, and is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal fitness and health goals.

Come visit The TriJake Fitness Tribe at our studio in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Located at 555 Washington St or Call us at 617.756.6866


Donations will benefit charities that support Boston and Metro-west schools, hospital research, and adolescent physical education programs. Thank you for your generosity.

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    Jake Maulin is fired up about taking action, breaking through goals, and empowering

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    Running in the winter can be gratifying and heroic. Please be careful. Always4ward.

  • Winter-Fitness-Activities

    As colder months approach now is the time to find your winter routines.

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TriJake Fitness is the official fitness provider " The Street ? " Summer Series in Chestnut Hill. Come join our Free Bootcamp every Tuesday at 6:00pm-7:00pm Starting June 8th


  • Jake Maulin helped me get myself back to a healthy mindset when it came to fitness. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer. His enthusiasm & dedication to his passion for helping others with their fitness goals is beyond compare. Call him today!!! What are you waiting for?! (Megan H.)

    (TriJake . 22,September 2014)
  • I have been working out with Jake for 5+ months to get back into shape and to look my best for our upcoming wedding. Jake has really pushed me, but always kept me safe and injury free. He is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend him to all! (Meagan P.)

    (TriJake . 16,September 2014)
  • I just had THE BEST Workout!!! Jake Maulin’s method has completely transformed how I workout, how my mind works during the workout, AND the bonus…..I LOVE how my body looks after 30 days of using his method! I HIGHLY Recommend Jake Maulin & His TriJake Method! You Will Not Regret It!

    (TriJake . 11,June 2014)
  • As an ex-personal trainer, it took a lot to humble myself and accept how out of shape I had gotten.  I hired Jake because there was no question that he not only loves what he does, but he walks the talk and knows training.  You won’t just pump iron, you will train like an athlete […]

    (TriJake . 23,April 2014)
  • “There is absolutely no way someone can go from literally sitting on their couch in the worst shape of their life on January 5th to running the Boston Marathon on April 21, especially at 42 years old,” I said to Jake Maulin  on the first Monday, January 6, of 2014.  Jake replied, “you can, if you want […]

    (TriJake . )
  • Hi My name is Patty. A few years ago I ran my very first marathon; in St. Louis, MO (the GO St. Louis Marathon) and around mile 21 you (Jake) inspired me to keep going, as I was thinking I would not finish. At the finish line you congratulated me, even stopped and took the […]

    (TriJake . 18,December 2013)
  • I trained with Jake for several months and think that he’s a great personal trainer. I used to think that I couldn’t run more than a mile but after training with him, within 2 months, I ran my first sprint triathlon and then did it again a month after. He helped me get to a […]

    (TriJake . 29,November 2013)
  • Jake is amazing! I went to TriJake because I felt stuck with the exercise routines I had been doing and I was looking for change. I ended up getting so much more. Jake has transformed the way I approach exercise and over all wellness. Jake’s high energy, high impact, results driven exercise programs that are […]

    (TriJake . 28,November 2013)
  • I have worked with other personal trainers and I benefitted most from working with Jake. He had a good plan for how he would progress me to the next level. I really enjoyed learning from him and I still use the techniques he gave me. Jake is passionate about what he does, receptive to feedback, […]

    (TriJake . 26,November 2013)
  • Jake is someone you can’t categorize as just a personal trainer. First session, most trainers will ask you what your goals are. Jake on the other hand examines how you walk, how you move and really looks at ways he can improve your athletic ability, flexibility and all around well being. With Jake he’s not […]

    (TriJake . 10,November 2013)

The TriJake Method©

Balance Endurance Power
Apply special core exercises to stabilize locomotion and grow a greater capacity for strength and endurance development. Strength and conditioning training TriJake uses resistance straps, dumbbells, and olympic barbells to build a stronger more efficient body. Create momentum and speed. Really throw your weight around. Using kettlebells, medicine balls, and plyometric movements; the TriJake Method blasts you to the next level.
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