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About Jake

Jake is a personal trainer and health enthusiast. He founded TriJake Fitness, and is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal fitness and health goals.

Come visit Jake at his studio in Wellesley Square, 555 Washington Street, or call 617.756.6866

Press And Media

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    Host, Jake Maulin, talks about “right” action leading to “right” thinking. At TriJake


  • Hi My name is Patty. A few years ago I ran my very first marathon; in St. Louis, MO (the GO St. Louis Marathon) and around mile 21 you (Jake) inspired me to keep going, as I was thinking I would not finish. At the finish line you congratulated me, even stopped and took the [...]

    (TriJake . 18,December 2013)
  • I trained with Jake for several months and think that he’s a great personal trainer. I used to think that I couldn’t run more than a mile but after training with him, within 2 months, I ran my first sprint triathlon and then did it again a month after. He helped me get to a [...]

    (TriJake . 29,November 2013)
  • Jake is amazing! I went to TriJake because I felt stuck with the exercise routines I had been doing and I was looking for change. I ended up getting so much more. Jake has transformed the way I approach exercise and over all wellness. Jake’s high energy, high impact, results driven exercise programs that are [...]

    (TriJake . 28,November 2013)
  • I have worked with other personal trainers and I benefitted most from working with Jake. He had a good plan for how he would progress me to the next level. I really enjoyed learning from him and I still use the techniques he gave me. Jake is passionate about what he does, receptive to feedback, [...]

    (TriJake . 26,November 2013)
  • Jake is someone you can’t categorize as just a personal trainer. First session, most trainers will ask you what your goals are. Jake on the other hand examines how you walk, how you move and really looks at ways he can improve your athletic ability, flexibility and all around well being. With Jake he’s not [...]

    (TriJake . 10,November 2013)
  • I don’t even know where to begin, Jake has played an instrumental role in changing my life. After ” letting myself go ” and using all of my medical “conditions” (Thyroid, PCOS, etc) as an excuse Jake made me feel confident again, like the athlete I was/am. I was terrified to get back into the [...]

    (TriJake . 7,November 2013)
  • Jake has an energy that is truly contagious! I took a few of his spin classes and knew he would be a great trainer. He has turned me into a runner (which I never thought possible) and has cranked up my motivation and overall desire to stay and keep fit. He is a great coach [...]

    (TriJake . 6,September 2013)
  • Jake is not an ordinary personal trainer; he is a gifted one, He is an outstanding motivator and has an inconsumable energy which he uses enthusiastically for his client’s well being. Whether it is good nutrition, fitness, running, spinning, you are in good and caring hands. He not only helps with what you are interested [...]

    (TriJake . )
  • Wanted to let you know I just ran a mile outside in 8:35 and didn’t wanna die. That means I shaved almost 2 minutes off my pace! Thanks so much for all the things you taught me and good luck with trijake!

    (TriJake . 19,August 2013)
  • Signing up with TriJake has completely changed the way I view staying fit. I now “stay” active instead of always “trying to be active.” The way Jake designed programs for me lets me be free from gyms, fads, and a lot of other bull the fitness industry tries to push on us. I’m telling you [...]

    (TriJake . 20,June 2013)
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