Uber Eats Driver App

Uber Eats Driver App: How to Complete Orders

Are you familiar with the Uber Eats Driver App? if so, then here is your chance to learn how to use it. As a driver of course. As you read through, our aim is to get you familiar with the Uber Eats driver App, what it offers, and how to use it.

Uber Eats Driver App

UberEats offers an application that you can download from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

For drivers, the Uber Drive App serves as a tool to view available job opportunities. You always retain the choice to disregard or decline incoming requests.

On the Uber Eats side of things, you can view accessible delivery orders along with any potential additional earnings.

To locate the Uber Driver App in online app stores, conduct a search using the term “Uber Driver App.” This should yield the relevant results.

You might also encounter distinct applications such as the Uber Eats app and Uber Eats Orders app. However, it’s important not to download these as they are intended for consumers, not drivers.

Downloading and using the Uber Driver App is completely free of charge.


How Does the UberEats  App Work for Drivers?

Here is how the UberEats App works:

1. Download the App and Meet the Requirements

To start, you must initiate an application to become an Uber driver and successfully clear a background evaluation. This procedure necessitates uploading specific personal identification documents and a photograph.

Upon conducting the background check and granting you driver status, Uber will present you with the delivery terms for your review.

It’s essential to acknowledge and agree to these terms, followed by selecting your preferred method of order delivery. The available options include utilizing a car, scooter, bicycle, or even delivering on foot.

You maintain the flexibility to enable or disable delivery requests as needed, based on your availability and personal preferences.

The next thing is logging in, let’s look at it in detail.

2. Logging In

When you’re prepared to begin your work shift, you can access the app by logging into your driver account.

After successfully signing in, you’ll gain visibility into the nearby available requests and orders. Drivers have the freedom to choose and accept the assignments they are interested in.

There’s no obligation to exceed your desired workload or commit to a specific quantity of orders to remain active.

3. Accepting Orders

Upon identifying an Uber Eats delivery that piques your interest, just tap on it. Subsequently, comprehensive GPS driving directions will be provided.

These instructions will lead you to both the restaurant and the customer’s destination.

In case you encounter any discrepancies in the directions, restaurant information, or drop-off locations, you have the option to contact Support directly through the app.

Additionally, the Uber Eats Driver app will monitor the mileage you cover during deliveries.

4. Picking Up Restaurant Orders

Upon arrival at the restaurant, your task involves confirming the order number displayed in the app by comparing it with the number on the ticket.

It’s important to ensure that the quantity of items aligns with the details specified in the order. Each time you pick up an order from a restaurant, you earn compensation.

Even if the order is canceled prior to your arrival at the restaurant, you will still receive a minimum payment for making the trip.

5. Delivering to Customers

Once you’re in possession of the freshly prepared food, your next task is to transport it to the designated customer.

The app will provide directions for the dropoff, and completing this delivery adds to your earnings. Additionally, customers have the option to leave a tip, which contributes to your overall income.

Every Uber driver receives compensation based on a per-mile rate. However, drivers operating in certain cities may also qualify for an additional per-minute rate.

6. Earnings

The application monitors your earnings, which can be accessed through your dashboard. You have the option to expedite your payment by selecting Instant Pay.

Nevertheless, the majority of drivers typically opt to receive their earnings through regular, scheduled deposits.

For instance, if you accumulate $1,000 during a month of working with Uber Eats, and your regular pay or withdrawal day is set for the last Friday of each month, your earnings of $1,000 will be deposited into your bank account on that specific date.

How to Set Up Uber Eats Orders

The procedure for setting up to accept Uber Eats orders can differ based on your existing status. Those who are already established as Uber drivers will encounter a slightly different setup compared to new contractors.

For Existing Uber Drivers

1. Navigate to the menu in the Driver App.

2. Access “Account,” then proceed to “Work Hub,” and finally select “Deliver food with Uber Eats.”

3. At this point, you will be required to review and agree to the terms presented.

4. Following this step, you will be all set to start accepting orders.

For New Uber Drivers

Aspiring drivers who are new to the platform must meet specific prerequisites and successfully pass a background check.

For individuals looking to become an Uber Eats delivery driver, the minimum age requirement is 16, aligning with the minimum driving age in most cities, including places like New York and San Francisco.

However, if you aim to be a delivery person using a scooter, the minimum age is set at 19. Alternatively, if you plan to earn as an Uber delivery service provider on foot, you must be at least 18 years old.

Although the default mode of transportation involves using a vehicle or car, it’s worth noting that being a food delivery driver does not necessitate owning a car. When signing up in the delivery app, you have the option to select “scooter” or “bicycle/by foot” as your transportation method.

How to Accept an Order

Once you’ve been granted authorization to participate in the gig economy, access the app and observe the pending orders awaiting a delivery driver. Choose the orders you are interested in delivering.

How to Complete an Order

Upon reaching the restaurant and collecting the order, press the “confirm” option within the Uber Eats app.

In the case of an Order and Pay delivery, utilize the Uber Plus Card. Subsequently, click on “Start Delivery” within the Uber app.



Embarking on a journey as a delivery driver for Uber Eats offers a straightforward and gratifying experience.

Begin by downloading the Uber Driver app, establishing an account, and submitting your personal details for verification.

Enjoy the flexibility to determine your own workload, witnessing your supplementary income flourish.

Particularly in more extensive locales such as Los Angeles, engaging with Uber Eats can even serve as your primary occupation. Commence your adventure in food delivery today!

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