What Restaurants Accept Cash for Delivery

Discover what restaurants accept cash for delivery, including Papa John’s, Chipotle, Pizza Hut, KFC, Subway, Dominos, and McDonald’s. Find out how you can enjoy delicious meals without the hassle of online payments.

In today’s digital age, online ordering and delivery services have become increasingly popular, providing convenient options for people to enjoy their favorite meals from the comfort of their homes. 

While many restaurants have embraced the digital revolution and offer cashless transactions through various payment methods, there are still those that accept cash for delivery. 

For individuals who prefer to pay with physical currency or do not have access to digital payment options, these restaurants provide a valuable alternative. 

Read on to discover some of the restaurants that still accept cash for delivery, ensuring that customers can satisfy their cravings without the need for electronic transactions.

What Restaurants Accept Cash for Delivery

When it comes to satiating your cravings for delectable dishes without leaving your home, several renowned restaurant chains provide the convenience of cash payments for deliveries. 

Let’s dive into the details of these establishments:

1. Papa John’s

Papa John’s, known for its mouth watering pizzas and signature dipping sauces, understands the importance of offering diverse payment options

Whether you’re craving a classic pepperoni pie or a customized creation, you can rest assured that Papa John’s allows cash payments for your doorstep-delivered feast.

2. Chipotle

Chipotle, the go-to destination for flavorful burritos and bowls, embraces the desire for simplicity in payments. 

As you indulge in the combination of fresh ingredients and bold flavors, remember that Chipotle also caters to cash payments for your convenient dining experience.

3. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, a household name synonymous with pizza perfection, ensures that your preferred mode of payment is respected. 

From their iconic stuffed crust to innovative toppings, you can enjoy your favorite pizzas with the added comfort of cash transactions.

4. KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), renowned for its finger-lickin’ good fried chicken, understands that satisfying your cravings should be hassle-free. 

As you relish their secret blend of herbs and spices, take comfort in the knowledge that KFC accommodates cash payments for your delivery orders.

5. Subway

Subway, the destination for customizable sandwiches and salads, recognizes that variety extends beyond their menu offerings. 

Whether you’re a fan of footlong subs or delectable wraps, Subway ensures that your payment preferences are met, including the option for cash transactions.

6. Dominos

Dominos, a global pizza giant known for its speedy deliveries and innovative menu items, aims to provide a seamless dining experience. 

As you savor each cheesy bite of their pizzas, remember that Dominos accepts cash as a mode of payment for your convenience.

7. McDonald’s

McDonald’s, the iconic fast-food chain beloved for its classic Big Macs and crispy fries, believes that enjoying your favorite meals should be uncomplicated. 

Amidst the joy of unwrapping your Happy Meal, know that McDonald’s welcomes cash payments to enhance your delivery experience.


What Delivery Services Accept Cash for Delivery?

When it comes to enjoying a delectable meal without leaving your home, various food delivery platforms offer the option to pay with cash. Let’s explore these platforms and the exciting restaurants they bring to your doorstep:

1. GrubHub

GrubHub, one of the pioneers in the food delivery industry, understands the importance of catering to diverse payment preferences. It allows you to enjoy your favorite dishes from local eateries without the need for a credit card. 

Whether you’re craving pizza, sushi, or comfort food, GrubHub has you covered. Simply choose the “cash on delivery” option at checkout, and your taste buds will thank you.

2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats, the food delivery arm of the renowned ride-sharing service, has revolutionized the way we experience dining. 

With the option to pay in cash, you can explore a world of culinary delights without worrying about electronic transactions. 

From gourmet burgers to exotic cuisine, UberEats brings an array of restaurants to your fingertips.

3. Delivery.com

Delivery.com takes convenience to a new level by offering cash payment options for your deliveries. Craving Chinese takeout or perhaps some Italian pasta? 

Delivery.com partners with local restaurants to bring you the flavors you desire. Choose cash as your preferred payment method and savor every bite without the hassle.

4. Seamless

True to its name, Seamless provides a seamless experience for ordering your favorite meals. This platform lets you enjoy the goodness of cash payment along with a vast selection of restaurants. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a late-night snack, Seamless ensures your dining desires are met.

5. Deliveroo

Deliveroo takes pride in offering a diverse range of restaurants and cuisines for your enjoyment. When it comes to payment, cash is a welcome option. 

Indulge in a delectable culinary journey and pay conveniently using cash upon delivery. The combination of choice and payment flexibility makes Deliveroo a standout choice.

6. Swiggy

Swiggy, a popular food delivery service, caters to your cravings with an extensive selection of eateries. Whether you’re in the mood for local flavors or international delights, Swiggy has a restaurant to match. 

By accepting cash payments, Swiggy ensures that your dining experience is tailored to your preferences.

7. Railrestro

For those on the move, Railrestro brings the convenience of cash payments to train travelers. Enjoy restaurant-style meals delivered to your train seat, and pay with cash for a hassle-free experience. 

Railrestro’s commitment to serving delectable dishes along with diverse payment options makes train travel a delightful culinary journey.


Why Some Food Delivery Services Don’t Accept Cash

In an era marked by technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors, the food delivery industry has undergone a remarkable evolution. 

The convenience of ordering meals through apps and websites has led to an increased demand for digital payment methods

As a result, an interesting trend has emerged: some food delivery services no longer accept cash as a form of payment. This shift may leave some customers wondering why cash is no longer an option. 

Let’s delve into the factors that have contributed to this change and explore its implications.

1. Embracing the Digital Age

In today’s fast-paced world, the digital age has ushered in an era of rapid technological innovation. 

Food delivery services are no exception to this trend, with platforms leveraging digital payment methods to streamline the ordering process

By accepting digital payments, food delivery services can offer customers a seamless experience, reducing the need for physical cash transactions that can slow down the process.

2. Enhanced Security and Transparency

One of the key reasons why some food delivery services have shifted away from cash payments is the enhanced security and transparency offered by digital transactions. 

Digital payments leave a clear and traceable trail, reducing the risk of errors and disputes. 

This level of transparency benefits both customers and delivery personnel, ensuring that payments are accurately recorded and processed.

3. Minimizing Risk and Theft

Handling cash comes with inherent risks, such as the potential for theft, misplacement, or mishandling. 

Food delivery services often operate on tight schedules, and the need to manage cash can introduce unnecessary complications. 

By exclusively accepting digital payments, these services can minimize the risk of theft and alleviate the burden of managing physical currency.

4. Efficiency and Order Accuracy

Accepting cash payments can sometimes lead to challenges in maintaining order accuracy and efficiency. 

Counting and verifying cash payments may result in errors that disrupt the smooth flow of operations. 

In contrast, digital payments are automatically processed, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and ensuring that orders are fulfilled accurately and promptly.

5. Encouraging Contactless Transactions

The recent global health concerns have highlighted the importance of contactless transactions. 

By transitioning away from cash payments, food delivery services can contribute to minimizing physical contact between customers and delivery personnel

This shift aligns with public health recommendations and provides an added layer of safety and reassurance.

6. Customer Convenience and Rewards

While the shift away from cash may raise questions for some customers, many find that digital payment methods offer unparalleled convenience. 

The ability to pay with a few taps on a smartphone provides a hassle-free experience that fits seamlessly into modern lifestyles. 

Additionally, several food delivery services offer exclusive rewards and discounts for customers who opt for digital payments, further incentivizing their use.

7. Business Viability and Cost Savings

From a business perspective, the decision to discontinue cash payments is often driven by cost savings and operational efficiency. 

Handling cash requires resources, including secure storage, transportation, and manual processing. 

By eliminating cash transactions, food delivery services can allocate these resources elsewhere, potentially leading to reduced operational costs and improved overall viability.

8. Consumer Education and Transition

As food delivery services make the transition to exclusively digital payments, consumer education becomes a crucial aspect of the process. 

Companies must effectively communicate the reasons behind this shift to customers and provide guidance on how to navigate the new payment methods. 

Clear instructions and user-friendly interfaces contribute to a smoother transition and a positive customer experience.


In a world that continues to evolve, the dining landscape adapts to cater to various preferences, including payment methods. As technology advances, some individuals still find comfort in the simplicity of cash transactions. 

Fortunately, the restaurants mentioned acknowledge and respect this preference. Their commitment to providing diverse payment options ensures that you can enjoy your favorite dishes without any hassle. 

So, the next time you’re craving a pizza, a burrito, or a juicy burger, rest assured that these establishments will deliver not only culinary delights but also a seamless and convenient payment experience.

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