Can I Track an International Package

Can I Track an International Package?

The world has gone digital and international shipping is a frequent occurrence, so people ask, “can I track an international package?” We will explore various methods and tools available to track international packages, along with some challenges you may encounter during the tracking process.

Can I Track an International Package

In today’s interconnected world, it’s common for individuals and businesses to send and receive packages internationally.

Whether it’s a gift, important documents, or a product purchased online, tracking the progress of an international package can provide peace of mind and help ensure its successful delivery.

Tracking an international package involves monitoring its movement from the sender to the recipient. It allows you to stay informed about the package’s location and estimated delivery date.

While tracking domestic packages is relatively straightforward, international package tracking can be more complex due to multiple transit points, customs procedures, and varying tracking systems.


Can I Track an International Package?

While you can track an international package, it can be very stressful and cumbersome because you have to be doubly sure of the international delivery company you want to use.

There are lots of ways you can use to track your international package. Here are some of them.

1. Tracking through Postal Services

Many countries have their national postal services that offer international package tracking. These services provide unique tracking numbers assigned to each package.

By entering the tracking number on the postal service’s website, you can access information about the package’s current status, location, and estimated delivery time.

2. Tracking through Courier Companies

Courier companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS also offer international package tracking services. Similar to postal services, they provide tracking numbers that can be used to monitor the package’s journey.

These companies often have more advanced tracking systems, providing real-time updates and detailed delivery information.

3. Online Tracking Tools and Websites

Several online tools and websites aggregate tracking information from different carriers and provide a centralized platform for tracking international packages.

These platforms allow you to enter the tracking number and retrieve the latest updates from various carriers, saving you time and effort.

4. Tracking through Customs and Border Agencies

During international shipments, packages go through customs and border agencies. While these agencies don’t offer direct tracking services, they play a crucial role in the package’s movement.

In case of delays or issues, contacting the relevant customs agency can provide valuable information and assistance.

Challenges in Tracking International Packages

Tracking international packages can present various challenges that may affect the accuracy and timeliness of the information available.

Understanding these challenges can help manage expectations and take appropriate actions when needed.

1. Delays and Customs Clearance

International packages often go through customs clearance processes, which can cause delays in transit. Customs inspections, documentation requirements, and import/export regulations can lead to extended waiting times.

It’s essential to be aware of the customs clearance procedures in the destination country and factor in potential delays.

2. Lost or Misrouted Packages

Although rare, international packages can occasionally be lost or mis-routed during transit. Factors such as incorrect labeling, mishandling, or errors in the shipping process can contribute to these issues.

In such cases, contacting the relevant shipping carrier or postal service and providing them with the tracking number and details of the package can help initiate an investigation to locate the missing package or rectify any routing errors.

3. Limited Tracking Information

Depending on the carrier and the country of origin and destination, the level of tracking information available for international packages may vary.

Some carriers provide more detailed updates, including checkpoints and delivery milestones, while others may only offer basic tracking information.

It’s important to be aware of the extent of tracking provided by the chosen carrier to set realistic expectations.

Tips for Successful International Package Tracking

While tracking international packages can sometimes be challenging, there are several tips you can follow to enhance the tracking experience and increase the chances of successful delivery:

1. Double-Check the Tracking Number

Ensure that you have the correct tracking number for your international package. Mistyped or incorrect tracking numbers can lead to inaccurate tracking information or no results at all. Double-check the number provided by the sender and enter it correctly when tracking the package.

2. Utilize Online Tracking Tools

Take advantage of online tracking tools and websites that consolidate tracking information from various carriers. These platforms save you the hassle of visiting multiple carrier websites individually and provide a centralized view of the package’s progress.

3. Communicate with the Sender and Recipient

Stay in touch with the sender and recipient of the international package. They can provide additional information or assist in case of any issues that arise during transit. Regular communication helps ensure everyone is on the same page and can address any concerns promptly.


Tracking an international package is crucial for staying informed about its progress and ensuring its successful delivery.

Whether you utilize the tracking services provided by postal services, courier companies, or online tracking tools, being aware of the challenges and following the tips mentioned above can help enhance your tracking experience.

Remember to stay patient and proactive in reaching out to the relevant authorities if any issues arise during the transit of your international package.

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