How Do I Track a UPS Surepost Package Sent to a P.O. Box

How Do I Track a UPS Surepost Package Sent to a P.O. Box?

Tracking a UPS Surepost package is usually a straightforward process, but when it comes to packages sent to a P.O. Box, there can be some additional considerations. So if you’re asking, “how do I track a UPS Surepost package sent to a P.O box?” Let’s find out how to go about it.

How Do I Track a UPS Surepost Package Sent to a P.O. Box

When it comes to shipping services, UPS Surepost offers a convenient and cost-effective option for many individuals and businesses.

It combines the vast network of UPS with the final delivery being handled by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

However, tracking a UPS Surepost package can sometimes present challenges, especially if it was sent to a P.O. Box.

Before diving into tracking methods, let’s briefly understand UPS Surepost and P.O. Boxes. UPS Surepost is a service that provides economical shipping for lightweight residential packages.

It works by transporting packages through the UPS network until the final stage of delivery, where the USPS takes over to deliver the package to its destination.

On the other hand, P.O. Boxes are secure, privately assigned mailboxes located within a post office. They offer a separate address to receive mail and packages, providing convenience and security for recipients.


How Do I Track a UPS Surepost Package Sent to a P.O. Box?

Tracking a UPS Surepost package sent to a P.O. Box can be more challenging due to certain limitations. P.O. Boxes are typically associated with USPS, which means that tracking information specific to UPS may not be readily available.

Since the USPS manages P.O. Boxes, the tracking capabilities for UPS Surepost packages sent to P.O. Boxes might be limited.

USPS tracking numbers differ from UPS tracking numbers, which can cause confusion and make it difficult to track the package accurately.

Additionally, P.O. Boxes often have limited or no scanning capabilities, which further complicate the tracking process.

So instead of asking “how do I track a UPS Surepost package that was sent to a P.O box?” knowing that it can be very challenging, here’s what you can do.

1. Contact the Sender or Retailer

Reach out to the sender or retailer who shipped the package and inquire about any additional tracking information they may have.

They might be able to provide you with an alternative tracking number or offer assistance in tracking the package.

2. Use USPS Tracking

Although USPS tracking may not provide detailed information about the UPS Surepost package, it can still give you some updates on the delivery status.

Enter the USPS tracking number associated with the package on the USPS website or mobile app to check if there are any updates available.

3. Check Delivery Notifications

If you provided your email address or phone number during the ordering process, keep an eye on your inbox or text messages.

Sometimes, shipping carriers send delivery notifications that provide updates on the package’s progress and estimated delivery date.

Contacting UPS Customer Support

If you have exhausted all other options and still need assistance, tracking your UPS Surepost package sent to a P.O. Box, it’s best to contact UPS customer support directly.

They have access to detailed tracking information and can provide guidance and assistance in locating your package.

Reach out to their customer support helpline or use their online chat service to connect with a representative who can help you.


Tracking a UPS Surepost package that was sent to a P.O. Box can be a bit more challenging due to the limitations of P.O. Box tracking and the involvement of multiple shipping carriers.

Utilizing other tracking methods, contacting the sender or retailer, and getting in touch with UPS customer support can help you track your package and stay informed of its delivery status.

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