Does Ups Deliver on Saturdays

Does Ups Deliver on Saturdays to Residential?

Does UPS deliver on Saturdays? One would wonder, considering it is one of the best shipping brands in our time. Well, this is why we are here. As you read through. We will be showing UPS activities on Saturdays and how they can benefit you as a customer.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturdays?

Certainly, UPS provides Saturday delivery services. UPS’s Saturday delivery initiative commenced in 2019, initially serving only the contiguous United States.

However, it gradually extended its coverage, including Alaska and Hawaii, and eventually encompassed more than 122 countries where UPS operates.

Presently, UPS Saturday delivery stands out as a highly dependable and consistent weekend delivery choice.

While FedEx and USPS also offer similar services, they do not enjoy the same level of trust and recognition that UPS has earned for its Saturday delivery services.


UPS Saturday Delivery Services

Saturday delivery is an option for a select few of the standard UPS delivery services, including:


1. UPS® Ground

2. UPS Next Day Air® Early

3. UPS Next Day Air®

4. UPS 2nd Day Air®

5. UPS 3 Day Select®


1. UPS Worldwide Express

2. Plus®

3. UPS Worldwide Express®

4. UPS Worldwide Express Freight®

These Saturday delivery services are active in significant metropolitan regions across the United States and also apply to international shipments arriving in the US through UPS Worldwide Express®.

International services sending packages to the US from abroad need to include a Saturday Delivery label for this option.

UPS Saturday Delivery Cost

Saturday delivery with UPS is an extra service that comes with an additional cost. For ground commercial deliveries, there is a supplementary charge of $4 per package in addition to the standard shipping rate.

If you opt for a non-ground residential service such as UPS 2nd Day Air®, the Saturday delivery fee is $16.

Eligibility for UPS Saturday Delivery

Several factors should be considered to ascertain whether your package qualifies for Saturday delivery.

UPS provides Saturday delivery options for certain domestic shipments within the United States.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to recognize that not all areas are eligible for this service. UPS concentrates primarily on urban areas and specific ZIP codes when extending Saturday delivery coverage.

To confirm eligibility for your location, you can utilize the UPS online tool or get in touch with their customer support.

How to Schedule a UPS Saturday Delivery

To make use of UPS Saturday delivery, you must follow a straightforward procedure to arrange your shipment. Here’s how to do it:

1. Prepare Your Package: Make certain that your shipment is appropriately prepared, labeled, and in readiness for delivery.

2. Choose the Appropriate Service: Choose a UPS service that provides Saturday delivery and matches the urgency of your shipment.

3. Create a Shipping Label: Create a shipping label either via UPS’s online platform or using UPS’s shipping software.

4. Schedule Your Pickup: Schedule a pickup with UPS by either contacting their customer support or arranging it online.

5. Pay for the Shipment: Cover the shipping expenses, including any extra fees for Saturday delivery services.

6. Track Your Package: Use UPS’s tracking system to keep an eye on your shipment’s status and stay informed about its anticipated delivery date.

Benefits of UPS Saturday Delivery

Utilizing UPS’s Saturday delivery choices offers numerous advantages that can have a favorable impact on your business. Let’s delve into some significant benefits:

1. Faster Order Fulfillment

By utilizing UPS’s Saturday pickup service, you can guarantee prompt order processing, enabling you to ship packages on the very same day.

This leads to quicker order fulfillment, improves the overall customer experience, and encourages repeat business.

2. Competitive Advantage

To outperform your rivals, it’s essential to stay ahead in every facet of your business operations.

By using UPS’s weekend services, you can secure a competitive advantage by presenting convenient and adaptable shipping choices that your competitors might not offer.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

By providing weekend delivery services, you showcase your dedication to outstanding customer service.

Timely and dependable Saturday deliveries can result in elevated customer contentment, an enhanced brand image, and heightened customer allegiance.



UPS provides dependable Saturday delivery services for qualified domestic and international shipments.

By familiarizing yourself with the eligibility requirements and choosing the suitable UPS service, you can arrange your package for Saturday delivery, ensuring a smooth shipping process.

Embracing UPS’s Saturday delivery choices not only grants flexibility to customers but offers so much more.

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